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File: 1599965535064.png (373.9 KB, 1218x1215, DNA - Ancient.png)


Where my western hunter gatherer niggers at?
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File: 1600113908724.png (720.7 KB, 1399x757, floki germanic.PNG)

Mytruancestry updated my shit again the other day heh

(Not OP btw)



File: 1600114000376.png (201.55 KB, 1401x735, my ancestor2.PNG)

I am alemannic



Made a mistake there onna rite with the caption, those are the closest modern population samples compared to the alemannic germanic sample heh



File: 1600114249461.png (247.52 KB, 1405x666, muh celtic viking ancestor.PNG)



File: 1600114336369.png (500.91 KB, 1345x833, updated.PNG)

Scythoids are eastern germanics

File: 1598047810398.jpg (301.19 KB, 1000x800, 675.jpg)


im feeling pretty non-depersonalised this morning, though i still have some pretty big emotional blockages in some areas.

Thank you magnesium, iron, vitamin d, vitamin b-complex and the quitting coffee.
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Yeah… """Magnesium"""…. Heh…





I bought some magnesium fizzies the other day. what is it supposed to do for me?



Don't those just make you shit?



haven't me yet. they are tasty and refreshing at least.
been using them when I'm hungover.

File: 1595302318602.png (62.59 KB, 717x125, logo.png)



free imageboards 4 all!
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File: 1597133183802.jpg (59.46 KB, 331x402, lol-elsahurt.jpg)

LOL nice projection



wow this shit didn't even make it a full MONTH



>For various reasons I will, but why does everyone else get to shamelessly shill their website without consequence except for 4chon?

That's actually a good question.



File: 1598621938712.jpg (509.16 KB, 1515x1913, Увлеченная читательница (1….jpg)



The website is down OP

File: 1598809619289.jpg (320.96 KB, 1080x595, Screenshot_20200830-184412….jpg)


She looks nice


An ass made for sniffing



Twitch / Melina

File: 1597349314971.jpg (46.35 KB, 1280x640, Untitled.jpg)


i love linux its so good
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File: 1598699360087.jpg (1.3 MB, 3076x1662, I am saxo-danube german v4.jpg)

My eastern germanic brother :)





people buy macs because windows interface is an assault on user's mind four hours on end. it's not that much about being rich or having (((premium))) hardware or some shit. notion of smugness may come from not being able to verbalize that.

windong stagnated in 90s with a blue fisher price skin added in 2001, then management boomers using power-point designed a ui from squares that had to replicate ipad. that turned it even more repulsive clusterfuck despite sincere efforts from nokia win mobile team.

imagine using ui that is irritating at all times and has candy crush ads and where win32 empty loading bar may be mistaken for an input field or a button. this is what normies think but maybe are not able to verbalize when they proudly pick macos over windows.



File: 1597982145016.png (1.3 KB, 125x125, avatar-blue-square-1so mea….png)


File: 1597580583184.png (304.98 KB, 840x859, frog.png)


I'm not depersonalised, my brain wants to make me think i am, i felt normal for some of today. It was hella good.

idk if ill be able to feel normal tomorrow or not though, i may need another long walk.


I went for another 4 mile run with doggerbreh today. I didn't realize it was nearly 80f out though otherwise I may not have, that's hot enough for a human let alone a furry feller



I haven't been on a run/jog for decades. I was never into it because I'm too tall and it feels so unnatural when I'm doing it. it feels good afterwards though.
when the covaids started to lockdown I was riding my exercise bike several times a week but it hurts my taint so fucking bad. after 30 mins the seat (even with extra padding) feels like I'm sitting on the point of a shovel handle. I started drinking everyday and the rest is history.



Post pic of ur doggerfeller laddo

File: 1596866659119.jpg (203.49 KB, 823x1024, 1594920895176m.jpg)


One time I got drunk and went to jail for stealing tropical fish from this hotel aquarium and violated my parole. But the public defender got my a sentence down to 20 days in jail and 271 hours of community service. They had a nigga hemmed up with that weed wacker, going around them traffic circles in Hollywood, Florida during rush hour. I Used to do that shit in my steel toes, cause there's a gang of syringes in that grass, heard me? When them muthafuckas stick you in the foot you gon' walk around suicidal thinking you got the 'germs'. One time I got hungry, chained up the weed wacker, and ran across the street to grab me some doritos and snapple. Das my muthafuckin snack! When I got over there old Roy rolled up there with that street cart. Dis is when I was first gettin on that health kick, so I decided to get me uh corn dog with a stick, try to get up on them vegetables. Plus, I got tha ketchup, for the tomatoes, and just did it like uh salad. But I still had to go into the store to get my 'mango madness' Snapple, cause he only had them squeezas and bottled waters, and I ain't really in the mood for that cause I was thirsty! As I enter, the clerk was like "TJ, I JUST STOCKED THAT 'MANGO MADNESS' FOR YUH!", clock work my nigga. I'm strollin' past the freezas, for the first time I notice, they got 'berry cherry' Snapple, 'lime green', 'mint', 'rasberry', 'kiwi twist', 'summer peach' and 'snapricot'. Nigga, its lookin like uh gay pride snapple promotion in this bitch. I go to the front counter, and I'm like "Ay man, when y'all get all these other snapples?" Dey was like "We always had 'em." I said "You always had 'apple pie' flavored snapple, right here?" He said "Yeah." I said "Why ain't you tell me?" He says "Cause you like the 'mango madness'." I said "How you know dat!" He said "Nigga, you buy it everday!". You wanna know what they gave us for lunch every fucking day in davie county correctional facility? Mango fuckin snapple!
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>in some cases it just seems like it's obvious whether someone is a piece of sh*t just from a few short conversations.
Often body language itself is enough, or how they dress themselves



File: 1596919024161.jpg (44.79 KB, 1023x571, 1589345317129.jpg)

driving offenses, excess blood alcohol..



Whew that ass. I'm hitting the point in not cooming where even softcore stuff is getting dangerous.



File: 1597133228495.png (Spoiler Image, 622.64 KB, 577x944, wingardium thotiosa.PNG)



>Cesare Lombroso (/lɒmˈbroʊsoʊ/,[2][3] also US: /lɔːmˈ-/,[4] Italian: [ˈtʃeːzare lomˈbroːzo, ˈtʃɛː-, -oːso]; born Ezechia Marco Lombroso; 6 November 1835 – 19 October 1909), was an Italian criminologist, physician, and founder of the Italian School of Positivist Criminology. Lombroso rejected the established classical school, which held that crime was a characteristic trait of human nature. Instead, using concepts drawn from physiognomy, degeneration theory, psychiatry and Social Darwinism, Lombroso's theory of anthropological criminology essentially stated that criminality was inherited, and that someone "born criminal" could be identified by physical (congenital) defects, which confirmed a criminal as savage or atavistic.

Lombroso's general theory suggested that criminals are distinguished from noncriminals by multiple physical anomalies. He postulated that criminals represented a reversion to a primitive or subhuman type of person characterized by physical features reminiscent of apes, lower primates, and early humans and to some extent preserved, he said, in modern "savages". The behavior of these biological "throwbacks" will inevitably be contrary to the rules and expectations of modern civilized society.

>Through years of postmortem examinations and anthropometric studies of criminals, the insane, and normal individuals, Lombroso became convinced that the "born criminal" (reo nato, a term given by Ferri) could be anatomically identified by such items as a sloping forehead, ears of unusual size, asymmetry of the face, prognathism, excessive length of arms, asymmetry of the cranium, and other "physical stigmata". Specific criminals, such as thieves, rapists, and murderers, could be distinguished by specific characteristics, he believed. Lombroso also maintained that criminals had less sensitivity to pain and touch; more acute sight; a lack of moral sense, including an absence of remorse; more vanity, impulsiveness, vindictiveness, and cruelty; and other manifestations, such as a special criminal argot and the excessive use of tattooing.

>Besides the "born criminal", Lombroso also described "criminaloids", or occasional criminals, criminals by passion, moral imbeciles, and criminal epileptics. He recognized the diminished role of organic factors in many habitual offenders and referred to the delicate balance between predisposing factors (organic
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File: 1596978383396.jpg (9.82 KB, 327x239, AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH….jpg)


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Trying to find it. I believe it was posted on 8chan's /fringe/ board about 7 years ago. The internet has changed dramatically since then and it's hard to find quality studies now. There's always a thousand spam articles on the same topic with nothing but noise.



>It's a very potent drug
no doubt
>Within a month you'll feel 90% better
sounds about right
>Within 3 months you'll be 98% better
i guess so
>That last two percent takes a very long time to recover from
very skeptical. how can you even tell that you're underperforming by %2 in some vague and subjective way? i'd even wager that last %12 is psychosomatic for most folks.

t. lifelong on and off caffeine user



IIRC they were testing neurochemical levels, probably adenosine



OP here, i been taking magnesium for a while and it kept my head relatively clear, but the more withdrawn i get from coffee, i feel my head getting more blocked and tight, and got all this anxiety and fatigue.

File: 1596935090418.png (672.41 KB, 588x1005, Untitled.png)


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>here is a detailed study of the races of europe
>megumin avatar




File: 1597104752652.png (921.51 KB, 668x752, jtrjt.PNG)

Did SP post on /azn/?



He's completely right. Quarter asian mixes would be allowed in the ethnostate.



and people who act look and talk white who have a grandparent that was part abo?



Nigs and abbos get the rope

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