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I think boys are pretty /nice/.

what are some /nice/ things you like?
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you seem to really like this image, you post it often.
to each their own though bro.
if you think that's /nice/ more power to you.



you seem to really like this image, you post it often.
to each their own though bro.
if you think that's /nice/ more power to you.







if you can't love boys what can you love?

File: 1593724724410.jpg (55.38 KB, 571x852, 1593707214632.jpg)


I like jerking off to big tits. The bigger the better. 2d, 3d, 4d, it doesn’t matter. I like when they bounce, I like when she bends forward and you can see em hang. I like when she sucks on her own, or gets them sucked on by another chick. Bonus points if they are full of milk. The best part though, is the slow tease and reveal of big titties coming out to play. Nothing better than a nice view of cleavage that gets bigger and bigger as she slowly pulls down on her shirt. Sometimes I dream about being a mountain climber, but instead of climbing a mountain, I’m scaling a huge pair of tits and I make camp at the nipple, because of course I can’t climb the whole thing in one day. Sometimes I dream about being Atlas and holding up the biggest breasts in the universe.
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i fap into ur mums mouff LOL(USER WAS WARNED FOR THIS POST)



in a nice manner



G-d I want a big fat tits gf



File: 1594280408422.jpg (99.77 KB, 620x1047, 1594274007207.jpg)



File: 1594281223178.jpg (349.38 KB, 1080x1103, trad pickle gf in wheatfie….jpg)

Thanks, very educational

File: 1594017677564.jpg (Spoiler Image, 128.64 KB, 728x893, fail.jpg)


Sometimes the sacrifice for freedom is too great to endure. What silly rodents are we to let our hunger leave us stuck in this pattern.


also check 'em



dat dere squirelfellers bawls are stucc LOL



I hope someone helped him.



I'm guessing that person went back inside to get their camera first. But maybe the squirrel does it all the time. Maybe he does it on purpose. Maybe it's the only way he can get another living creature to touch his balls. Poor thing.

File: 1593725523056.jpg (893.56 KB, 1125x1331, 1566254267291.jpg)


>getting blowjob from girl
>super nervous
>my foreskin gets stuck in her braces
>she freaks out and tries to pull back
>scared she's gonna circumcise me by force
>grab her skull and force her head deep into my pelvis so she can't pull away, cum by accident too
>she starts hitting my legs to let go but I can't
>eventually she stops resisting
>carefully slide my foreskin off her braces
>she flops down unconscious
>freak out start slapping her face and telling her to wake up
>she comes to relatively quickly
>apologize and say I had to get it out
>she's somewhat understanding
>she opens her mouth and I realize I've absolutely torn apart her braces
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File: 1593547177046.png (127.21 KB, 323x356, God I'm so fucking tired.png)


Rate my OC heh


I actually think it's pretty nice.




That faggot frog hasn't been endearing for years.



I disagree he's always been a charming fella



Sorry. Didn't notice this was in /nice/ LOL!

These days pretty much all frogposters are retards, so I've grown to dislike pepe and some of his permutations by association.



File: 1593666657009.jpg (58.27 KB, 407x405, yep-thats-a-butthurt pepe.jpg)

File: 1592365161707.jpg (129.14 KB, 1275x715, sleep snug.jpg)


I am HDV.
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Real HDV here, I give out boards to whoever sends me the prettiest dick picks.



HDV get a trip, or use your admin tag



sry i don't know how to do those things, imma send an email to steesatsu and ask for advice



i am your mum LOL



Make a trip and sticky a thread with your trip as the OP


lmao niggers


What was it



jogger burning itself to death by accident while trying to torch a police car.



File: 1593644376124.jpg (93.58 KB, 426x700, bring-me-the-horizon-elsa-….jpg)

Imma call up the darwin award dept real quick heh

File: 1593516194695.jpg (29.01 KB, 300x311, weird al.jpg)


if chinks can put uighurs in reeducation camps then why can't we put nighurs into reeducation camps?
niggers are uneducable




File: 1592615369638.png (117.8 KB, 568x600, me face.png)


>woke up to run the dog a few miles
>got home and puttered around with PHP and then took a nap

I've had a very /nice/ day so far, how about (You)?
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So I can fug teenage girls without repercussions. That's literally it.



File: 1593391271649.jpg (152.78 KB, 1000x708, 1593107677381.jpg)

Pretty much this. As men we physically and mentally peak in our mid 20s. Why wouldn't we want to be young? I'm still holding out hope for blood transfusion immortality.



me onna rite löl



File: 1593411924018.jpg (463.61 KB, 1080x1350, 104207037_555877478432769_….jpg)

If I were to dump money on a bike to attract teenage poon I'd probably buy a good Indian. They look like everything Harley Davidson wants to be and they haven't cucked to BLM.



They're also even more expensive though iirc

File: 1591763977822.png (514.49 KB, 875x768, a063820d21edd6b2e5f78c44fe….png)


Do you guys remember agatha? I was watching some of her videos on an archive and it struck me how ephemeral they really were looking back. The quality was on point though, she really was genuine, most e-thots wish they could have a drop of that charm in their videos.

I think if I were to pick a couple of videos that stand out to me they would be her tour of her bedroom, her mukbang with elle, and her hairbrusshing video(the first one i ever saw). I think she was the first ASMR "artist" that really turned me into a believer of the genre.

>hair brushing vid - just her humming and brushing her hair, so cute. first vid i saw but deft not her greatest 7/10, mostly cause it' was my intro to her.


>room tour - great insight into a girls room(never seen one before this) and that she had a few interesting hobbies and pasttimes. I like her decorations, ironically this was probably one of her more personal vids even tho she isn't featured at all 10/10


>mukbang with elle - really liked their relationship in this one, the mukbang itself was very tasteful, not them gorging themselves on food like some of the fatasses you see typically doing them, nearly 45 minutes of cute elle and agatha being dainty and insights into what it's like to be a jewish girl raised under the jewish culture, 10/10

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phew I just realised your talking about Agatha heh not Grace



>Why do these YouTubers talk like they're getting paid per word spoken

They are.



>Why do these YouTubers talk like they're getting paid per word spoken
Because in a sense they are. Longer videos get more revenue. That's why videos that only need to be 30 seconds long are stretched out to beyond 10 minutes. THATS' what has changed the most between the youtube of the old and the youtube of now, that's why it feels so different, beyond the edititing and the HD quality.



I watch every video on 2X speed and it still feels too slow.



>posting videos of yourself on imageboards

Red flags abound

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