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so it's all jew no matter which religion.



Aryan cosmic christ with prechristian origins is good, Semitic demiurgic one isn't. The normal bible has them jumbled in order to spread the imposter god like a poison pill. Paul was probably part of this to my knowledge



Where can i find out more about aryan cosmic christ with prechristian origins stuff?






In what thing he wrote?



I think his aion covers this subject. I haven't read that one but a few of his others, man and his symbols and liber novus. Miguel serrano was friends with jung and wrote specifically about all this stuff in terms of aryan vs semitic conceptions of god but i dont know if that would be as easy to get into and there is stuff that will sound like nonsense at first. At least according to serrano jung believed and briefly wrote about collective group souls with their own archetype or god but I dont know where.



It's very easy to see what Mr.God wants. Just observe.



You may also be interested in the "Arian" (named after Arius) sect of Christianity which basically got surpressed and destroyed by Rome. For a while it found favor and refuge with the medieval Germanic tribes, especially the Goths who promoted it for a time.






File: 1607953331667.jpg (138.19 KB, 640x441, 20-12-06-08-57-09-043_deco.jpg)

>>888 Chegg
Future lookin' brite



What's strayacunty's 23andme



I would unironically follow Dogstralia into battle. Truly, she is the valkyrie of the chon.



some kinda battle bewteen fedoratards and varg's army of youtube simps would be so cringe that it might put an end to warfare forever by wiping out all the old ideas about the glory to be found in the fray



File: 1608262227159.jpeg (20.77 KB, 500x322, SPpRQ9Zt.jpeg)

You'd let her do this wouldnt you, youd let this scribblebitch demean and humiliate you w9uldnt you

Absolutely fucking laughably cringe



>Implying that wasn't taken right before I kneed her in the face
Gotta lull them into dropping their guard



>knee her in face
You're gonna make her ugly that way though, I'd suggest whipping the soles of her feet or smth

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