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>be me
>out on walk
>see dog turn cprner and start walking toward me
!>cue anxiety
>dog was obviously lost as its 1am and i didnt see anybody
>im being beta af and I'm thinking the dog ks going to bite me
>it was a black labrador, nice dogger
>the fear in me makes me walk off
>i was crippled by fear
>that poor dogs probably still walking around rn

Fear is not /nice/

I need to get rid of the engrams for fucking REAL


File: 1608175060035.jpeg (5.92 KB, 218x231, download.jpeg)

Summoning Smiley to help me with this fear



File: 1608181808585.jpg (25.21 KB, 522x791, 1607738206045.jpg)

You should have figured it wasn't aggressive by the fact it didn't run your ass down even though you were running away and provoking its baser instinct to chase. You should bring him some leftovers next time you go out.



It had a collar on it wasnt a stray, must have got out of someone's house or something, also i didnt run away i slowly backed, i actually tried to get him to come to me but he didnt



File: 1608207817149.jpg (40.84 KB, 420x314, dog_laughing_with_assburge….jpg)


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