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File: 1642221175522.gif (975.15 KB, 467x200, 200 (2).gif)


why do girls call you daddy?

is it some weird freudian thing?
father figure issues?
something about how they want to turn you into a literal dad with offspring?

maybe i'm autismo for looking this deeply into this but it makes me think
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File: 1642282766542.jpg (64.58 KB, 500x502, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

Baby wants to fuck



Tbh there are many men that want a gf to be a mom figure. Prolly more prevalent from infantilization partly, the current situation encourages regressive behavior. Also never been in the position of being called that myself :[



I'm just saying there are no grils on 4chon and by the looks of it very little people who get called daddy and even those who wouldnt appreciate it but OP raised his question as "why do gilrs call YOU" instead of "why do grils call the guy they love (who will never be YOU)…"

>why do females do X?

Because collectively, as a society, we let them. And yes that's probably a bad thing. That should answer all your questions about the species also known as coitus refusus.



because women love their fathers instinctively as their first male love. it's why those without fathers grow to be so fucked up.



oh piss off will you

File: 1642221636229.png (794.92 KB, 750x496, freethenipple (4).png)


If you people are so smart, tell me, why do I get such massive boners when I see a hot girl IRL vs on a screen, whats the difference? I know it's the higher resolution, the novelty, unexpectedness maybe, or perhaps its my monkey brain getting me excited because it thinks its seeing a prospective hole
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14 year old girls on the beach give me heart palpitations. It's like I can smell them from metres away or something



>If you people are so smart



you wouldn't fuck a loli… would you?



dwarf tits on a wee slappy flappy lass, nice flat dugs.



No. That would be illegal!

File: 1642479541836.jpeg (1.11 MB, 2000x1324, E80BE7B3-D532-4E28-8371-4….jpeg)


did you ever go to summer camp? what was it like?
was it fun or lame?

File: 1642442767434.png (331.6 KB, 700x524, 20211222_224742.png)


been for walk was good dick cold now idk


thought I saw belle delphine yday walking about, was cool but probably not her lol



Sometimes when I walk my dog in 0f temps my bell end would get cold as heck lol heh

File: 1642306486588.png (204.02 KB, 800x670, 0626_-_QtybiHx.png)


I got 2 followers on Twitter - started about 2 months ago or so. What have you losers been doing since then?


i had a tw*tter account with thousands of followers, many highly influential crypto figures and financial hedge fund manager types

then they nuked my account and despite emailing them a few times its remained suspended




File: 1642402407485.png (214.13 KB, 569x531, 1417795287217.png)

Mfw someone just "retweeted" one of my Tweets. Still getting the hang of Twitter really. The 300 char limit or whatever was annoying at first, seems to limit discussion.

File: 1642391881357.jpg (191.29 KB, 644x853, Screenshot_20220115-154339….jpg)


fucking hell this site is dead

someone post


>he wasn't able to delete it
heh, get owned dude



Everyone's probably waiting for things to port over tbh. Everything is going to be deleted soon after all.



Yeah this shit sux

I woulda posted sum nus yesterday but held off on it due to this thang going on (mainly at least)

File: 1642385070392.jpg (333.47 KB, 959x1081, 20220115_154320.jpg)











File: 1642306288418.gif (1.64 MB, 280x294, 1397176772348.gif)


The guy at the checkout counter of my local supermarket spews like 15 lines of small talk at me every time I see him. I'm tempted to ask how many ssri's he's on. Fyi I like a bit of small talk but this guy takes it to the extreme. And he keeps talking despite what I say. He asks how I am and I say fine and he says "I'm good thank you" (I never asked…) - he's done that at least twice. Also he never did this when he started a year ago.


Maybe if you stopped being a faggot men would stop hitting on you.



he wants to cum in your bum.



It's your fault for talking to those subhumans.


> Chris Langan - The End of the Bankers

worlds high iq man alive on the (((banking system)))




wonder if his book is very good? I remember he claimed it was a pretty important system and devoted himself to it totally as a passion project which i can respect



only if you're into 300iq theory of everything writings and are willing to parse thru it

not entirely a walk in the park so to speak

but could be fun to do if you like intellectual challenges

i'm fascinated by everything langan does



the (((partnership)))



his daughter Ivanka and his son in-law. they will throw them into bankruptcy.

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