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File: 1610319707159.png (471.02 KB, 1796x1389, hornyjail.png)




This is what you look like



File: 1610324276312.jpeg (944.99 KB, 1438x2300, 03812D43-F57B-4062-A7BE-0….jpeg)




if I have to wash my hands after cooming I feel like it was more trouble than it's worth. I can't imagine what post fap guilt that guy has.



File: 1610334470318.png (15.58 KB, 240x240, e23c2f2b418bbab27b239d67ae….png)

Kek i laff

Y are de japaneez liek dis



not jap

File: 1610128757139.jpg (403.78 KB, 2160x3840, w5hua1444iz51.jpg)


Crazy how even .01% of nonwhite ancestry can radically effect a persons facial structure. Post mutts itt
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>The reason autoimmune issues are on the rise is largely due to environmental factors also.
Even if it's epigenetic it's still a shitty gene LOL!



File: 1610276956326.png (36.85 KB, 500x500, 6e1a10f0c503fbc13f0edf974a….png)

Probably because the bitch is pushing 50 years or something LOL

She's obviously too old to be desirable let alone even bred, what i was getting is that the phenotype itself is something you don't come across particularly often deez days

Prefering neotenic features over robust ones in females is the bigger cope imo

A strong warrior race also produces strong women, and whites *were* originally a warrior race subjugating all the other races



File: 1610294863159.png (235.64 KB, 382x386, IMG_0113.PNG)


Obvious MENA goblin input, but interesting to see such features pop up so far south. Reminds me of this Leb:



File: 1610298092192.jpg (9.37 KB, 220x220, Paraskevi Nomikou.jpg)

MENA components are pretty much a given in southern europe and especially greece

But look at her fuckin skull shape, she's obviously some sort of diluted obscure nordic type with minor input from other races at best

Like i said the nose makes me think it's mainly dinarid w/some arabid/levantid mayhaps



File: 1610300136297.png (304.78 KB, 1202x826, myheritagenu.png)

Got my shit updated for free on myheritage heh

Notice how my genetic groups all lie squarely within the germanic racial borders too

File: 1610296608292.jpg (20.86 KB, 340x255, ABC_Warrior_Robot.jpg)


/r9k/ mascot

File: 1610229536326.jpg (43.87 KB, 540x540, 1534988325190.jpg)


Why Not Failing Is The Greatest Failure Of All



File: 1610229880113.jpg (93.11 KB, 750x353, 1609953821039.jpg)



File: 1610182359666.png (122.75 KB, 1128x1322, 1555186186041.png)


And then the stoner who drew this woke up in his own piss and vomit

File: 1609394791252.jpg (189.8 KB, 852x1024, 1569294483207.jpg)


Post NYE shit in here idk
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it seems immoral to me to sleep with the slaves.



File: 1609631356571.jpg (1.09 MB, 2482x2504, 2020-REVIEW.jpg)

Sperglin's 2020 Review



This is bizarre as FUCK



File: 1609688559273.png (208.84 KB, 534x536, Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at ….png)

Where's AWM posting his new cartoons? He used to have his own bort on 8chaim but I don't remember it coming back after the downtime.



File: 1610174843595.jpg (126.43 KB, 960x950, 1610174430210.jpg)

heh lol ich laffn

File: 1610171340508.png (14.54 KB, 79x80, Screenshot_2.png)


Exercise = Stress. Stress is bad. Stress ages and kills you. We've all been conned into thinking exercise is good for us when its another Jewish trick.

Note that sport can be very fun (e.g. surfing, snowboarding, kayaking) but that's different. Its fun because the activity is fun, being in nature is nice, socialising and competition etc etc…

Almost nobody can stick to an exercise regime because it sucks and is boring. It is so because it damages our health.


A trve aristrocrat of the soul stuffs himself w/food all day heh


Fresh nu Bald & Bankrupt

>The Orgasmatron Woman Of Sinaloa



The Road To Karabakh



Heh, i like how he lampshaded his own constant sovietboo memery at 9m20s



File: 1610115551535.jpg (25.52 KB, 485x319, 7a9e253c28c20c3487684a6496….jpg)

Fuck that ending was kino



>tfw no street massage from a questionably aged cartel slave
im ngmi bros



File: 1610163638672.png (110.9 KB, 640x480, 1568047729897.png)

Lolwut she look adult to me

File: 1610111754160.jpg (18.29 KB, 314x342, unnamed.jpg)


>traded all my LINK for BTC when it crashed down to 13
>BTC was at like 10.5k at the time so link had huge buying power
thought i made it big last time heh. holy shit lads considering cashing out if it ever dips below 30k heh.

also am*rica is a shithole and i miss living in japan. fuggin hell loud ass niggers literally everywhere.
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File: 1610118047444.jpg (141.1 KB, 1024x768, hates the algorithm.jpg)

that's based but i'd think there's cameras in it.

i've basically stopped caring about being tracked. once you look deep enough into the algorithm you realize it's basically fucking everywhere. we've created this inescapable fuckfest and in turn each individual becomes a blip on the radar.

when there's billons of websites but only five that normalfag soys use that fucking pozz the other billion with their spiders and IP tracing targeted ads and fucking apps that listen to you while your phone's asleep - shit like that.

it's not even schizo to assume that landlords are gonna be putting some fucking monitoring device to keep track of their tenants in a few years(they already do with airbnb, sensitive smoke detectors, noise detectors, ring cameras the owners can access and see who comes and goes - all legal too)

we're officially on the the one-way train to hellworld fam.



File: 1610118460685.png (288.63 KB, 717x528, lol.png)

and tbh im unironically considering investing in one of these companies that sell people on a future that isn't ultimately in their best interest. because people are fucking morons that will absolutely pay $1000/mo to live in a bunkbed with zero privacy.

but hey, at least your bed has a flatscreen to play OVERWATCH on these insect-based burgers are HECKIN' LOADED with protein.



Nah, I mean when bitcoin mooned a few years ago those fuckers froze the ability to sell.



What do you mean?



ah. got you fammer. atms are super helpful during that kinda scenario(so is localbitcoins but it's unrealistic to trade on - if that appeals to you start building a rep now)

a lot of these companies pandering to soybois that are willing to live 'communally' are going to be wildly successful. people are already paying out the ass to live in objectively shitty situations especially in urban areas where they're pushing this shit.
slap an 'instagrammable' wooden frame on a shitty hostel setup and you've gone from crackhead flophouse to successful startup with a minimal difference in operating cost. it's a recipe for success.

same with people that wanna eat plant-based and maybe even insect-based foods for similar reasons. shit like impossible meat is making a killing off these people.

File: 1610096645796.jpg (85.79 KB, 612x388, devil tempts christ.jpg)



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Dats wat ur mum say when i fuck her last nite LOL



File: 1610101649623.jpg (81.02 KB, 352x416, redditcucky.jpg)

Oh wow, I just realized 'she' had a dick and was probably a man. Must have been a mistake. You seriously cannot make this up!



File: 1610104460618.jpg (23.82 KB, 300x396, schizophrenia10.jpg)

ur butt hurt lol



It can't be made up, so it must be true.



File: 1610108120710.jpg (62 KB, 600x448, schizophrenic_person_by_Se….jpg)

No it means ur butt hurt lol

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