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Do you guys stick to older media now? I think i've finally reached that age. Don't bother finding new music, I reread the same manga, watch the same anime, how do you break this cycle or is it over?


I consume far less media, but it's a mix of old and new stuff.




LOL why, anime is perfect world scenario wankery, its too clean clinical and pruned in order to allow weaklings to escape into a fake world of stupid superhero or tfwnogf bullshit



The only older media i consume is ur mum LOL



mostly yeah. sometimes it pains me to listen to old music as i have heard it so often, feels like it feeds my brain tumour. i got mri but they found nothing. i take cbd oil to make the cancer feeling go away



I still read new manga, but I don't watch that much anime in general anymore. Too time consuming.
>how do you break this cycle or is it over?
You start making your own stuff. I think the crux of the issue is consooming is inherently unproductive, and most people don't care about what they make. It is no longer art, just product for consoomer.
There is a lot of what you describe, but there's also a lot of variety in manga.



I've been consuming the same products, music, games, and movies for 10 years straight



do you have the same hobbies as well?



Abandoned vidya for the most part



Based, did you can anime too because that shits even worse, anime fans are fucked in the head, every anime watcher ive meet or seen online has been an immature adhd headcase



Test test nigger

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