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File: 1610562307574.jpg (105.12 KB, 828x1091, Erauk2pXYAEvgWl.jpg)


This indian with the white hate t-shirt is now a social media superstar.


I find the shirt about as offensive as he should find the Indian head shirt. It's based lol



File: 1610562508299.jpg (149.53 KB, 828x1091, white warriors pwnd 600000….jpg)

he'd have had an equivalent design to the redskins' logo, which had the indian in their best looking battle dress, if he wasn't pushing a white hate agenda.



he should be in a teepee, not a fancy hotel room. who put together the automated loom that produced that fine cotton fabric for pennies? who invented that bright red and yellow dye? the camera? the telephone? wireless electronic communication using invisible frequencies of light sure is some strong magic, could you send a pic like this with smoke signals? hes a savage ape who is jealous of whites because he wishes was born white instead of as a lesser creature.



It's hilarious for a few reasons. They should unironically change the team to this.

Even if they tried to come up with the worst caricature they can think of, what are they going to do? A slave owner? BASED! Some random redneck? Also pretty BASED! The fact of the matter is, there is really nothing inherently negative you can associate with 'Whiteness'. They just paint Whites as all-powerful and metaphysically evil, and there are literally no criticism beyond whining about victimhood.



It's kind of interesting how we tend to romanticize injuns (even Hitler himself had an affinity for them) but almost universally reject africans. As far as tribal cultures go the natives were somewhat developed in that they had animal husbandry and some agriculture iirc.



Native Americans can’t grow facial hair, only some Inuit who are just johnny-come-lately gookers. Dis MUTT has stubble.



Not sure how true that is, but most 'injuns' are just LARPing spics anyway.





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