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File: 1653080387181.png (210.03 KB, 854x1006, 91b.png)






had maccys earlier, large fries and 3 double cb, had a slice of meat feast pizza off my mate too


water all day motherfuck


whatever I remember to look at, might check out r/documentaries


some brainlet post hardcore to clear the mind and to have something not as distracting on, taking a break from extreme metal and post rock because it started weighing me down


nowt, ive been getting my shit tossed in Rivals and OSRS so i dont know, might start a new pokemon save but im unsure which gen to play, possibly 2

im going to sit on my arse smoking weed all night, this list is a complete farce


File: 1653082746531.jpg (14.03 KB, 600x800, marques_de_Caceres_Rioja_Cr….jpg)

Lamb roast, roasted potatoes and roasted broccoli




Still deciding, its been gloomy and raining all day so might be looking for a horror kino. Taking recs.




Earlier i started a new new vegas run


>horror kino
begotten if you havent seen it


or if you want to see some kino tier simulated snuff check out


File: 1653099343868.gif (47.5 KB, 400x400, 96e.gif)

picked typhlosion as starter, im not used to the map, will download one from wikia, that is all


File: 1653099582426.jpg (912.16 KB, 1117x1400, 1653000404794.jpg)

eatin - cold supermarket lasagna with cheesecake later

drikin - belarusin vodka and water

wartchin - rpg fudousan, vile porn later

listn - nutting

playn - with my hard cock


A bbq'd cheeseburger
iced tea
better call saul
world of warcraft wotlk


What is this whore suppose to be wearing? What retarded nip couldn't decide on what brand of skimpy garment to throw on his little girl and opted to just fucking everything up entirely?


it's two (very sexy) bikinis


That's stupid.


no, it's twice as erotic


File: 1653183718101.jpg (88.23 KB, 810x810, 1653183306898.jpg)



that's right! now hit your knees and suck this BWC like a good little bitch


No let me instead!!


this dick is big enough for a few twinks to share


File: 1653250095458.jpg (87.01 KB, 965x464, 20220307_171807.jpg)


File: 1653254797330.jpg (47.21 KB, 965x464, FoKy.jpg)


some thai noodles i made
green tea
Wall Street (1987 film)
vid related
videogames bore me now
i feel like i outgrew them
stonk market is ultimate game anyways


File: 1653651100783.jpg (131.75 KB, 989x448, 20220526_122103.jpg)




water fast so nothing
see above
nothing atm, i dont watch much videos/films
drum and bass
nothing, might try at some OSRS


attended my brothers high school graduation, bought some patio furniture, now i'm at the apt again. shit's hella strange.


File: 1653702866481.jpeg (230.35 KB, 1280x752, jw-5d15e69d901954.37506869.jpeg)

cold bacon and egg pie from grocer, precooked tray lasagna room temperature, grocer trifle

two tins of cheap lager, vodka with water

rpg fudousan, vile porn

wizack twizack

with my rock hard cock


how can you have a porch in an apartment


>playin with my rock hard cock
is that like a videogame or something?


File: 1658510038901.jpeg (6.95 KB, 259x195, download (1).jpeg)

guess what day it is..


File: 1658519543452.png (79.8 KB, 593x792, FMVRDxPXEAIVufA.png)

i hope you intend on getting a foreskin replacement


>with my rock hard cock
pics NOW

I aim to get the high score :P


i am foreskinned



sex porn
moaning women earrape
fart porn sim


just had a buritto
had a chocolate milkshake just now, drinking water until tomorrow
nothing, just got done watching an episode of the I.T crowd
nothing, music makes me feel bad now, i have to take a break from the shit


just had some bomb ass fish and chimps
diet arizona tea with ginsing
casino scammer docukino on the youtubes
nothing at the atm
won three out of four games of golf with your frens last night with my internet frens


Up it goes


fucking crackhead upstairs neighbour keeps knocking on my fucking door at retarded hours asking for food and tobacco and weed, hes locked out wanting to sleep in my flat but i told the cunt no because i dont trust him

fridays been alright otherwise i guess, completed some missions in world at war in veteran, did also some james bond goldeneye reloaded on the hardest difficulty, currently drinking water and watching TV, gonna go to bed soon


>let him in
>kill him
>have two apartments until the cops show up


he finagled himself a ladder using the couch in my front garden and climbed through his window

i hate crackheads man




>fuck all
>smoking weed


Avid this cock isn’t gonna suck itself you little whore get over here


File: 1668801303356.jpg (9.29 KB, 252x244, f754730368.jpg)

EATIN Cough drops
>DRINKIN grape soda
>WATCHIN Table Tennis
>LISTENING to nothing
>PLAYIN With myself




File: 1668812994295.webp (102.18 KB, 944x1300, 9989278-veteran-ukrainian-….webp)

memba friday night discqkscord among us



Yeah that was fun for a bit heh


File: 1668880592477.gif (129.61 KB, 448x448, 1668602900998275.gif)




I'm all alone on this Friday night.
Chicken and corn. I have some yogurt that I'll be snacking on too.
Water, tea, orange juice, and coffee.
Probably just going to watch wrestling later maybe start up a new anime. Not sure yet.
Thinking about picking out a Pokemon ROMhack to start up. If not then probably will just play Sparkster.


File: 1670033302406.jpg (2.7 MB, 3264x2448, 1670033036438.jpg)

got trashed and layed down on some empty ground next to a large rock


File: 1670033521263.jpg (142.16 KB, 1200x875, 1669933644066872.jpg)

Be safe, fren.


Every womam who shaves yheir pussy can get it


wew lad :^( lewdd :^(((


Who's foky?
Was't that that weird blogposting mentally ill skinhead kinda dude?


File: 1682684817398.gif (1.82 MB, 321x339, 1670004532730.gif)


When its a kid you don't need to shave!


Doing probably fuck all tonight, hope my neighbours are merry tonight and not too loud if they are drinking

Just basically going to drink water see:
Im thinking about 3 litres over 4 hours should be good, I dont want to feel cold and bloated again

Might look up some GBA games

gripes: i cannot clear the cache from my phone, i have to hook it up to a computer, which is a shame because i really don't understand how it wouldnt work, im sitting on months of cache and i feel it and it hurts 🤪

Probably no music unless I think of or find some good conscious rap

Probably will get more stoned later and play dead rising or something, something will come to mind and ill search it up

Hope yous chonners have a good Friday

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