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Loli♥ta fu♥ck colle♥ction


File: 1676792728403.jpg (30.79 KB, 600x363, Hitler_and_Bernile_2.jpg)


Respect everyone.
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Leave avid alone, he is ASEXUAL


dwerf needs to rape him to cure him


Asexualism doesn't exist! Retard!


No thanks not interested at all, for any reason, ever

Yes it does dipshit


Nah. I looked into it. They all admit to masturbating or having some sexual desire. Its bullshit.

SEXUALITY itself is bullshit, there's just normality and abnormality.

File: 1686200585980-0.jpg (60.73 KB, 620x372, covid_lockdowns.jpg)

File: 1686200585980-1.jpg (121.46 KB, 700x420, BLM.jpg)


It's strange that they have had an absolutely minimal contemporary and cultural impact. Nobody mentions them, even those weird fanatics that mentioned nothing else all at once moved on. I remember when we all first started being locked up, all the memes people were making about how we'd remember these months where we stayed at home and how things were locked down. But it wasn't like that at all, it was just instantly forgotten.

Lots of people speculated about the cause of them. Mass hysteria, genuine concern about the death toll, some seizure of power by state actors. But I think the fact most overlooked is that people, large portions of the general public, just wanted to feel powerful and influential. They felt alienated and powerless, and when an excuse came for a cause and reason to reorder society abruptly, they all fell behind it.

The BLM protests and the tearing down of statues happening at the same time supports this theory. Nobody really gives a shit about niggers, but it gave people what they wanted, an excuse to feel powerful. Those milquetoast conservatives that stood on the sidelines pointing out the hypocrisy of it missed the point, part of holding power is the ability to be a hypocrite.

With all said and done, and with those two years with that massive display and outpouring of passion, it was really only fiscal limitations and some new distraction with the Russian/Ukrainian war ending it all. If you look closely, you'll see those same people obsessed about covid are now obsessed about this war. They have their new Manichean struggle and they're happy to live vicariously through it, as if it functionally matters which corrupt slavic shithole controls the donbas region or not.

But this Covid experience serves as evidence of some unspoken upper limit on wealth and development. The closer we get to utopia, the more likely we are to have members of the public willing to squander all that wealth in order to pay for a feeling of power. I don't think we can ever pass the level of accumulated wealth of 2019, the second we hit that point, we'll see some sort of mass hysteria arise and destroy it all.


that last point about reduced wealth (e.g. reduced purchasing power relative to the rest of the world) has more to do with global de-dollarization (outside the jewSA satellite states) as a response to the weaponization of SWIFT and countries seeing the sanctions being ineffective against russia. the jewkraine war is not just a distraction, you forget that the value of fiat currencies, like the jewSA dollar being the global reserve currency, is backed by projection of power (e.g. NATO will sanction and/or invade your ass if you threaten their hegemony a la Libya which tried to create a gold-backed pan-African alternative to the dollar). china, a rising power and 2nd largest economy (unlike during the cold war when it was poorer than most of africa), is implicitly backing russia in this conflict by not sanctioning them, the russians are largely unaffected by the "mother of all sanctions", and the saudis see this and even they are tired of being "partners" with jewSA and i$rael by backing the petro-dollar arrangement and have announced wanting to join the chinese-led economic block BRICS, have normalized relations with iran and welcomed assad back in the arab league.


It's all fake and gay shit, but one thing you're forgetting is that there was also a lot of monetary incentive for a significant amount of people to keep it going. I just wanted an excuse to stay home and collect obscene amounts of unemployment. People were bitching left and right about MUH LOCKDOWNS, which were practically nonexistent here in Florida by the way, while I was perfectly happy making more than three times my paycheck doing nothing. It significantly helped me to get my life back on track. Some people were just blind to the opportunity they had. My application was bullshit too, but they couldn't keep up with the paperwork. The only reason I stopped collecting is because they eventually started demanding dated paperwork from your employer, which I knew would never fly. I would be more than happy to shill masks and occupancy requirements if the government wants to pay me again. I also won't shed a tear for all these Dave Ramsey-tier boomers who lost their business. A lot of wagecucks were disillusioned when they were let go and it gave them the time to reevaluate their priorities in life. And before some fag mentions it I was never vaxed, and this was before there even was a vax. People were only bitching that stores were closing earlier, that nobody wanted to work, and that the poor saps who still had a job asked them to wear masks and not stand too close together. Is MUH MUZZLE worth an extra 2400 dollars a month? I think so, pal. I really do.

File: 1681505767172.jpg (109.81 KB, 711x389, Screenshot_20210714-145153.jpg)


Who isn't a degenerate here?

Speak about how not degenerate your life is ITT
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its from a music video I don't know the sauce


The music video is thrvst by plebeian grandstand, it only shows for a half second so it took a minute to get that screenshot


Spooky image


Why are there so many fucking cumbrains about these days

Not regular cumbrains, the loud cunts who never shut the fuck up, how come those people haven't been ostracised yet


I have;t jaked off en over 99 MINUTES

File: 1685583619675.jpg (2.23 MB, 1752x2400, 5f5.jpg)


dead bort




nice asukka

File: 1685108088000.webm (3.5 MB, 768x576, 1679340565435753.webm)


I have just found out that there are "seven" colors. Somehow, for who knows what reason, indigo is now a color. Not a shade, but a color. Fucking what the fuck is this. Red, yellow, and blue are primary colors and orange, green, and purple are secondary, this is not even debatable, so WHO IN THE HELL came up with indigo as any part of that. You look at indigo and you tell me it's not a shade of purple, I dare you, there's no way you can without being a god DAMN liar. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, you don't see crimson and say "hmmm, this sure is different from red". The Jews have to be behind this. Who else would it be. Indigo. INDIGO. This is like teaching kids that Pluto isn't a planet anymore, it's all part of this common core muh gender 1984 reality-reshaping newspeak antichrist nightmare atrocity zeitgeist. Reject indigo. Indigo is the enemy. Accepting indigo is accepting Bezos to come fuck your free range chickens at night. Unacceptable.
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He lived to be 84, how bad could it be?


Maybe the daoists were onto something. Notice that LIBRULS banned it in schools.


Indigo is blue


File: 1685147395495.jpg (53.03 KB, 649x366, 5678-63478067895657.jpg)

Indigo is a LIE


INDIGLO is baste

File: 1684171032399.png (480.13 KB, 550x532, 1650543035232.png)


This is the real comfy vidya thread


Low bit
High bit

Soundtracks welcome
see: https://youtu.be/kOd5_j0OTQo

wrap up and post some nostalgia based or comfy based video game materia ITT
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altho if even guys with 64GB of RAM are getting crashes, i'm doubtful increasing swapfile (which is used after RAM gets too full) would fix this.


File: 1686066334461.jpg (335.09 KB, 639x1433, im going to stalk.jpg)

Apologies, I actually didn't see your instructions about increasing the swapfile
>Check it
>It's 1 GB


WHY are video games NOT FUN anymore?


I'm not watching it, because I already know his analysis is shit.



File: 1683685021460.png (692.29 KB, 989x720, 1682880972368.png)


what was that reddit alternative site that had like deleted subs and racism on it
cant remember the name
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>literal answer
>leaves thread and doesn't thank



You gave him the answer after he already figured it out, nerd.



Wow smh


I remember Ruqqus as if it was yesterday. It was actually what got me into the 'red pill' thing and all before I got into imageboards. I even had created a community that was kinda semi-active. Shame that the d*scord cabal turned the site to shit and then it shut down. After than I moved to imageboards.



File: 1667030833472.jpg (569.45 KB, 2000x1334, sarah-silverman-1.jpg)


since 4chon is an ironic gay site and HDV is simping for dogisaga lets have a sexy jewess thread
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File: 1685270048289.webp (121.72 KB, 1080x1346, Screenshot_20230528_11335….webp)


Disgusting whore displaying the glory God gave her to lustful strangers on the internet

She should be forced into prostitution or stoned to death


">dude I'm Muslim lole"

We get it nigga damn


>glory hole god gave her
That's how my brain read it.


I wana RAAAAEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

File: 1646888150293.webm (867.26 KB, 640x800, 1646592034010.webm)

 No.3961[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Would Black Women with Big Boobies Be Allowed in a h'White Nationalist Society?
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Nothing is more invigorating to the Aryan soul than a rumble in the jungle


You're a faggot with a couple livestock and a 'wife' what the FUCK do you know about Islam

You're living the 'life of an Islam kid' that would be a cringe show featured on E channel you fucking hippy cunt


Coomerfuck thread


What is Islam?


a jenra of dubstepp


vaporwave, retrowave, j-pop, k-pop, canto-pop, anime ost/bgm, japanese shoegaze, j-rock, 80s/90s pop, lo-fi, chillwave, classic hip-hop, chillhop, jazzhop, vgm music thread

plz include artist name & song title or no one will click your embed. spam gets deleted

previous threads:
>>22879 https://web.archive.org/web/20230326173628/https://4chon.me/lounge/res/22879.html

>Sola OP (結城アイラ - colorless wind)
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shoegaze k-pop synthwave


experimental italo k-pop synthwave

File: 1686176278216.webp (15.77 KB, 465x279, 2998.webp)


I predict an 80/80 rt score and that Ezra Miller's reputation will be restored because normies like a good comeback story. Thats it really. I'm excited to see it with reservations ofc


File: 1686180546466.jpg (103.72 KB, 1080x438, Noncetard.jpg)

Fuck off nonce


I'm not a nonce. 14-16yo is prime imo but it depends


True. You'd get lynched in the US for telling that obvious truth though. They in fact would equate you with a baby-fucker and would like to see you killed. 2 decades ago a lot of people would consider dating teenagers immoral to varying degrees, but nobody would claim you were a literal pedophile. Soyciety has gone way off the rails.

File: 1686123707320.jpg (64.11 KB, 448x700, 2708be84f89cc3131a9da56c03….jpg)


Dead bort


File: 1686136447352.jpg (106.29 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Take me back


Comfy times #interaction


DOIN CPR rigth nwo

File: 1684380748619.gif (5.92 KB, 72x72, keiji01.gif)


Got a cheap shortwave radio and all I've found so far is christcuckery, conspiracy shows, and stuff in Spanish.
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Shootout with the police after killing a politician.


I second this in Minecraft.


Dwarf finally found a committed boyfriend and no longer wishes to shitpost here.


is it avid?


File: 1683728238436.png (43.46 KB, 243x255, merimutt.png)


any merimutts
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That's how they all walk around like lost souls, because their happiness is blood of the Indian dependant






niggers and pigs are most equivocal


the slop providers

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