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why did He do it?
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lush gag knows the size of everybody's dick because he's sucked them all


oh, that's just a big slavemonkey statue.

(ol' jordan peterson probably likes to have that backdrop of being rooted in the old-money wasp academic intellectualism out of rebellious nobles and industrialists in the new world, having 'em slavemonkeys around)


the postwar marxist drivel on the backdrop of victorian and turn of the 20th century industrial americana in the nmh songwriting and choice of the imagery has kind of a similar allusion huh, how else can you look smart


and legit.


good one retard, how long did that take you to think of?

File: 1712710847804-0.png 332.13 KB, 395x445, Screenshot_2.png

File: 1712710847804-1.webp 9.42 KB, 300x300, o-connor-alex-image.webp

File: 1712710847804-2.jpg 33.56 KB, 686x386, hq720.jpg

File: 1712710847804-3.webp 15.23 KB, 796x379, facepulling-headgear.webp


You'll never get taken seriously with a face like this. Imagine getting mogged that hard by Shapiro - he looks like a hawk compared to him. He (first guy) looks like he'd get knocked out with a light punch. He needs to lie in some kind of face pulling contraption for a few week.
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Pull open a cup of natural water.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


Mikey Cyrus flowers parody lyrics. Retard.


I'm down for that.


That's H'what those were.


I do feel it's cringe that Alex O'Connor takes on such big topics at a young age. Makes him seem/look like a pseud. Topics like god/religion/monarchy, maybe morality. I don't see how you could have well-formed opinions at 25 or under.


Post about upcoming films, videos and any other related media ITT, post about what you are hyped for, reviews, and so on

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga trailer 1 (releasing mid-May 24)
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File: 1716563110720.mp4 2.19 MB, 360x640, kek.mp4

Honest trailers are so good.


File: 1716581681222.mp4 6.72 MB, 630x262, ezgif-1-e244904997.mp4


movies are dead


The Furiosa film centers on how Furiosa becomes a badass imperator. The Hemsworth/Dementus character is the 2nd lead, not Joe. But I felt and others said Dementus is really the lead. Almost a spoiler.


Kinomaster explains all.

Though I'm kinda over MM for now and otherwise glad nothing big is coming out afaik until Deadpool & Wolverine in late July.

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HDV and dwarf should have sex

like and retweet if you agree
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I want to fuck them both

I'll make her real with my cum


nobody wants to fuck goblinsaga, nice try, goblinsaga, dwarf reigns supreme, goblinsaga perma-jealous and seething


>[ - ]


every red-blooded aryan man wants to suck eithne's juicy funbags


goblinsaga you are UGLY


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This is the /comf-v/ vidya thread #4

>Low bit
>High bit

OST's welcome.

Wrap up and post some nostalgia based or comfy based video game materials ITT.
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>She gets paid twice as much as Phagtasm lmao
Today at work I had to call someone because they missed their appointment and they might genuinely die from their issue if I can't have a look at it.

But what she does is important too. She had like, three whole meetings today.


File: 1716548683644.png 206.71 KB, 654x550, oah.png

>then I did some work on deep learning

ch. I & II not visited, well, she must be very privacy aware deleting the browser history or deep into the ch. III of the 700 page pdf book, good girl, so hard working & dedicated, i should send her money or immigrate from third world to work for microsoft, she'll marry me


cry about it manchild


File: 1716772240740.jpg 158.82 KB, 1125x1005, jewgle.jpg

I can't wait for the AI bubble to pop, it's worse than NFTs because at least NFTs were relegated to the latest AAA games which I don't give a shit about or Twitter spam, whereas this AI cancer has spread in all tech


it's so shit that ANY verifiable crap text, image, video "human-information" post-2023 may have monetary value attached to it and will be locked behind paywals

why spend years reading conversations and creating an information site like https://c-faq.com/ when you can generate similarly sounding plausible gibberish site in 10 minutes and fill it with ads and SEO-poo it to the top

dey also got public forum spam where dey quote something replying existing posts with a plausible contextual gibberish linking adsites

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nu thread

last >>19612
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i prefer fart sounds 10 hour




File: 1716753580900.webm 3.02 MB, 640x360, Charlie Puth - Hero (Offic….webm



File: 1714604145694.png 1.53 KB, 350x200, oie_HCrkb3lUIFU3.png


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thas p good


no its not


File: 1716722238214.jpg 150.65 KB, 914x1200, 1716701536674137.jpg


File: 1716746442670.png 356.01 KB, 891x900, 1716729101718009.png


File: 1716751849877.webp 98.59 KB, 1440x932, Screenshot_20240526-143023.webp

File: 1682746606455-0.jpg 39.89 KB, 500x484, pepe bottles.jpg

File: 1682746606455-1.png 37.21 KB, 213x210, is this real life ape mfw.png


When I was doing DXM the other day I held my breath for a few seconds and my heart rate dropped to zero. Was I on the verge of death? I was so curious lol so I kept trying it and it happened again and again, at least a few times. Fuck me the hallucinations were wild though. Almost unbelievable. Puttitn together a list of films to watch while under this state. Was watching Predadator (the first) and at some point Anrold did something fuck I cant remember lol.
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PRETTY PATHETIC! Good inspiration.


File: 1716727859593-0.jpg 264.28 KB, 1600x1600, s-l1600.jpg

File: 1716727859593-1.jpg 287.19 KB, 536x750, 193108.jpg

Yeah so Dimenhydrinate is DPH + a caffeine analogue.

I ended up doing 60mg+60mg DPH (plus Ket and GFJ), which is 6 pills DMH. Apparently a 50mg DMH tab is 30mg DPH, so thats how I count it. I used the brand/thing in the pic but probably with different packaging as I got it about 5 years ago as you can see in the pic. I almost never throw out drugs.

It was really really sedating/tiring, I forgot about that aspect of it. Even with the caffeine analogue it makes you very very tired.

But yes it added to the visuals. It gave me, in the dark, lots of images forming of Berserk-like monster faces - pretty much EXACTLY like in this 2nd pic I'm posting. Though 120mg isn't a lot of DPH as you'd know. I'm guessing you know the exact kind of monster faces I'm talking about. So it is indeed interesting but you're right in that it gives you a withdrawl which makes you dysfunctional for a while. Easy to see why people often combine this with DXM.


Do a 350/350 DPH/DXM if you're 220+, or less depending on your bodyweight

If you're feeling really ballsy do 700 of DPH to join the 700 club. Wait a month first though so your brain can recover from your previous drug abuse


File: 1716736987000.webp 51.59 KB, 1440x956, Screenshot_20240526-102240.webp


I got a lot of enjoyment out of dph at times years ago but no more. It feels like bad news, and I've read things about boosting chances of alzheimers plus being really dangerous past a certain age for the heart. When I did it there lots of interesting things like seeing vines growing out of the walls or talking to ppl who weren't there but it is not so great as it has no meaning beyond the moment it happens, like a dream or something.

Last night I used some morning glory seeds in a cold water extraction and it was decent, just a mild stoned euphoric feeling, neither as psychelicly strong or as physically uncomfortable as I remembered from years ago. It is a lot more potent to just munch the seeds but also very uncomfortable nausea for a bit and vasoconstriction pain in my legs which wasn't there with the extraction. I wasn't just using it to get high but part of a particular shift I was trying to make

I get diminishing returns from dxm big time now after a long time of repeated use. It's still fun but nothing mind blowing beyond feeling weird and if i take it too often between trips nothing at all happens. It is sad bc those early days were some of my best memories and my wildest most frenzied and creative times. It is for the best that I not dwell on them and just appreciate it for what it was. Most ppl don't enjoy this drug but it fills a hole for me and allowed me to enjoy life like I never had before, leading to a change in lifestyle where I can't really go crazy with it anymore.

File: 1716402864428.webp 1.98 MB, 4032x3024, 20240521_165416.webp


Attention all anti-Zog Gardners, I have tons of blackberries growing in my yard. They're not ripe yet, but there are hundreds of fruits already.
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The virgin corn vs the chad yam

>dies after bearing seed
>tillcuck needs to hoe the earth endlessly to grow more
>needs to be cooked
>enslaves the owner perpetually to enable it's dysgenic existence
>empty calories

>spreads endlessly
>continually grows
>impossible to kill
>no tilling required
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It's a grass. It sprouted in less than a week and I can presumably just re-plant it in the same spot after they grow in 2-3 months. I've been burying a lot of organic matter in my yard, so I'm not too concerned about my soil's fertility. Also I like corn. I'm already growing potatoes(which are almost done, it's tomatoes that just sprouted), so I don't really see the need to plant yams.


Fair enough. I just like plants that take care of themselves. The less work required, the better


thats gay


> bamboo forest next to it and I used the stuff to build and repair all sorts of things

Pretty cool

File: 1686017757497.webp 45.97 KB, 1080x1304, Screenshot_20230605_221041….webp

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meta thread
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That woman in the pic that isn't [redacted].


yet it is goblintard


hiding this shit thread now


I'm ngl I don't think I even realized this thread exists until now. Did I make a post in this one? lmoa

Sorry lads


try closing the my little pony episode containing VLC window when browsing the chon next time

File: 1683591585369.png 287.15 KB, 512x512, ai generated naked kelly ri….png


A.I versions of your fave celebs. Post em.
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File: 1716501196073.webp 11.25 KB, 657x1014, Screenshot_20240523-165246.webp


is that a tit?


File: 1716642374415.webp 31.13 KB, 1241x939, Screenshot_20240525-080539.webp

AI fucked up.


dont care had sex


How much did the boys pay you?

File: 1712273371100.webm 1.46 MB, 480x848, 1712110931990486.webm


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File: 1716655311541.mp4 1.56 MB, 600x800, ezgif-1-f0dd2bd59b (online-….mp4


File: 1716655576460.mp4 487.81 KB, 600x800, ezgif-3-3e66ee0d12.mp4


File: 1716655903300.mp4 915.82 KB, 600x800, ezgif-3-5500646199.mp4


Shibari / rope bondage is repulsive, it's a fetish only lolcows and psychopaths like


File: 1716658816233.mp4 192.57 KB, 600x800, ezgif-7-ac872dfcf7.mp4

The way she treats books is psychopathic.

File: 1715888375162.jpg 649.03 KB, 801x1297, fa6ce23a76e5acf85be596b8c40….jpg

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File: 1716219810417.webp 187.18 KB, 1416x782, Screenshot_12.webp

Is that a fake article bud. I mean premise seems weird and I can't find the article

He also has a yt but his English isn't that great and speaks pretty slowly lol. Very long vids though the content can be interesting


Is interesting if you want to hear about specific issues/symptoms etc


File: 1716220027272.webp 49.57 KB, 1139x1139, Screenshot_20240520-104633.webp

>fake article
Yeah. They're trolls.


Sounds good. I think periods of true sobriety (we can argue about what that means though! (especially when we think about processed foods...)) are important and helpful.


Isekai was a mistake. Never let kids near it.


Christianity is an isekai


Would Thai-Style Boxing Be Allowed in a White Nationalist Society?
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Everywhere I'm reading says he's being forced to vacate the belt on a technicality-specifically the rematch clause he has with Fury. This is one of the problems with boxing. Way too much bureaucracy heh


We need to go back to the good old bare-knuckle days.


Funny you should mention that heh


Damn, niggers are fragile.


New ONE FC Friday Fights, F*ckers!
Will Bald Australian Warrior Jordan Godtfredsen prevail against the Indo-Aryan Iranian Superstar Parham Gheirati!?

File: 1663717900531.webm 2.47 MB, 432x852, 1663175531646.webm

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This thread will be used to discuss food, cooking, and other related topics.

hdv please delete spam
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you might be retarded


Looks good nigga

The egg I guess




File: 1716668159380.gif 2.19 MB, 374x374, 1716667944555431.gif


Checking if this is bumplocked

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