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i mean, i don't see why he wouldn't have helped. also don't think it is becoming to brag about charity. was just listening to his rally today while playing vidya.


Good video, pretty logically explains why Trump could never have staged it, and that the either the guy was a Patsy they let run amok, or Trump's guards are incompetent.

Or both.


My gaydar is going off... on YOU! Vid is way too wordy, but actually pretty incoherent too


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My RAM problem went away months ago for like a week and a half, then reappeared. I did what you asked, I don't notice any change.

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Latest sudden deaths from healthy young people, all fully vaxxed with the covid vaccine. Not looking too good for the vaxxed...

30 year old Mike Heslin dies ‘unexpectedly’ MSM baffled:

2 star Marine general found dead:

Sheriff policeman died from medical emergency:

16 year old boy in New Zealand:

17 year old chinese sports player:
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FYI, this exact thread template was posted on 8kun's /b/ on the same day and within 3 minutes of it being posted here. https://8kun.top/random/res/110181.html#110181
2 weeks and yall niggas still postin in a bot thread.


I knew. I saw it on zzzchan and ordinarychan.


I see no problem, its basically effortposting, tho I do feel ambivalent about THAT word, as it basically refers to posting effort that would've been much more commonplace 5+ yrs ago



young male died suddenly from a heart condition (the vax has been admitted to cause heart issues, myocarditis):


File: 1721554488576.jpeg 22.88 KB, 738x415, images - 2024-07-21T193100….jpeg


>The boys ends with a seekrit right wing superhero takeover
>Meanwhile in real life the actual far left deep state tried to kill Trump
Has there ever been a writer who has been a bigger hack than Kripke? At this point this is like when people online started influencing Chris Chan's Sonichu plotlines

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Blog thread
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The SEC went after them. The site revolved a lot around crypto. You could get the LBRY tokens by logging in or watching videos like it was an F2P MMO, and you could use said crypto to upload videos to their website. People could also make money by getting views on their videos or having coins donated to them. I don't know specifically what the issue was, but basically they got sued by the government and lost.


were the tokens made by an odysee admin? because im struggling to understand how that could be a problem so much so that the SEC would get involved


>were the tokens made by an odysee admin?


it might have then revolved around the criteria in which the tokens were rewarded


sucked some big willies today

plan to suck a few even bigger willies tomorrow

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what happens if you steal their key lock the doors and throw their belongings out the window?


File: 1721318091022.webm 2.85 MB, 720x1080, when the costume comes off.webm


he looks like LA beast in that thumbnail lol


File: 1721502364162.mp4 1.02 MB, 720x1280, Snapinsta.app_video_D14EE40….mp4


I'll forgive just about anything if his willie's big enough

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This is the /comf-v/ vidya thread #4

>Low bit
>High bit

OST's welcome.

Wrap up and post some nostalgia based or comfy based video game materials ITT.
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I've never seen a component get fried by static in my life. Unless you're deliberately brushing your socks against the carpet while working on you're computer, I wouldn't bet on ESD being the culprit.


if you have two ram sticks try just one each to see if it boots


im going to leave it to a local IT shop to sort it out, im in no rush however the component which i believe to be at fault is a 2tb m2 ssd and replacing that will be expensive


SSDs just spontaneously shit themselves. I've never had an HDD fail on me, even after 15 years, but I've had 2 SSDs die in less than 3 years without any prior sign of there being an issue. One was a kingston and one was a samsung, so brand doesn't seem to be the factor either.


is there a way to fix them or is it a case of once theyre broken theyre broken?

File: 1712778351886.png 55.74 KB, 382x202, madoka1.png


what are some of ur fav animes?? i need some recommendations cuz im bored. my favs are azumanga, demon slayer, madoka and d4dj
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Have you tried nyaa.si?


Everything on this anime stream website also has a direct download option. It's my current anime source



They are remaking Ranma 1/2, and that is a scary thing in 2024 considering its premise.


yep, it's gonna be a shitshow of troonery. i'm about a quarter of the way through the original and i like it a lot.


The fact all the troons I see, and I see at least one or two a day in person, think they look like some glossy anime girl when they actually look like goofy freaks with their unpleasant soy voice makes me laugh hard. LOL

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Thread #1 featuring Sam Suleks RETARDED eating regime
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Where do congoids get their steroids from anyway (Chinese colonizers probably, right)? They can't afford enough food to get anywhere near that jacked naturally smh


Off the internet I guess. The congo actually has better internet than I do.


File: 1700368661280.mp4 5.75 MB, 854x480, niggers.mp4


File: 1721334604125-0.png 473.19 KB, 1080x1012, Screenshot_20240718_212837_….png

File: 1721334604125-1.png 702.19 KB, 1080x1312, Screenshot_20240718_212855_….png

you guys think he was natty or not?


>may 1: a 'lean' cool college muscle car surf dood, the future is bright
>may 29: tutsy toddler babyman who probably can't straighten his arms and stomps and waddles around, gets a nasty rash from friction of his inflated thighs


retard nigger spic tranny faggot kike spammed first one well past bump limit
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bumping because other one is anchored for real this time


This is genuinely really really good, also shes a girl


Reminds me of late 60s stuff like this.



ZOMS (Oh My Science) i remember when i first heard this song at the BLACKEDcade. i was heavy into the folk punk scene already but i never heard this absolute gem from AJJ. just wow, they're really sticking it to the establishment with this one. alright i got a date with a jug of this new soylent flavor: bvll milk. toodles for now!
#FreePalestine #SlavaUkraini #DontMissTrumpNextTime

File: 1694901342085.webp 29.61 KB, 800x1015, R.webp


You ever notice fashion trends always involve looking stupid on purpose? Man buns, ear gauges, ripped jeans, tattoos, ect. If you want to be cool just make yourself look as stupid as possible.
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File: 1721121267976.jpg 1.62 MB, 1290x2156, 1720425270311368.jpg

From /ck/ heh


my mom is like that. they still have a big plastic bag of condiment packets stuffed into a corner of the fridge at their house.


Same heh


she got an onlyfans? I'd love to tip her!!!!




Good new surf vid. Also there was quite a bit of good surf on the east coast of oz in the last 2 weeks.
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he's avid?



It does look like the deepthroat style gives the best footage. And I'm not doing that. I'll look more into the head-mounted or headband style here >>82314

In this vid the guy talks about how water droplets on the "action camera"(?) are one of the biggest issues and the cameras are all different in that some prevent it while others don't (the GoPro line doesn't I think).


The deepthroat camera made me laugh irl. What the actual fuck.

>I really really wouldn't want to hold a camera in my mouth

Yeah no kidding.


Oh dude, u realize he isn't putting the whole stick in his mouth right? LOLS!


Not disabling this >>83392 is like putting the whole stick in your mouth, dork.

File: 1720404413413.png 257.31 KB, 630x756, wojak71767686.png


Its total bullshit that society is burning to the fucking ground and people can get on here and make jokes and post like life is cool and normal HAHAHAHAH well no one's fucking laughing. There's no fucking jobs, there's no fucking money,
no trust
no safety
no love
no forgiveness
no hope
no community
no morality
no God
no thing
Technology fucking sucks and just makes things worse. The industrial revolution has destroyed day-to-day human life.

obliviousfags are worse than faggots, worse than trannies, worse than pedophiles, worse than libtards. Fuck you.
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i dont know man, new vegas felt like it had more dialogue in it but hardly anywhere to go, even the big ticket locations seemed lackluster, freeside was ok but the strip was bland and everywhere else seemed sparse






found this site that ranks websites terms of services



I read the full Samsung TOS etc stuff for my s23 ultra earlier this year. I think you get easier at reading that stuff with practice. I felt like I was signing my life away through the Activision (COD) stuff.

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vaporwave, retrowave, j-pop, k-pop, canto-pop, anime ost/bgm, japanese shoegaze, j-rock, 80s/90s pop, lo-fi, chillwave, classic hip-hop, chillhop, jazzhop, vgm music thread

plz include artist name & song title or no one will click your embed. spam gets deleted

previous threads:
>>22879 https://web.archive.org/web/20230326173628/https://4chon.me/lounge/res/22879.html

>Sola OP (結城アイラ - colorless wind)
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Just watched this. Looks heated. Full thing will be interesting
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File: 1720843252333.png 36.91 KB, 699x775, 1720733053443.png

New Nazi troll rat bros...


File: 1720874385203.jpg 32.99 KB, 545x593, How to get through hard tim….jpg

>Can't answer the question 'do you believe in God' without filibustering like a psued about what 'do', 'believe', 'in' and 'God' mean
>Would immediately be able to answer whether he supports Israel


Too bad that alt-med treatment his daughter had him take didn't kill him.


My motto: if you are brown, I will frown.


File: 1720055069436-0.png 604.7 KB, 1079x642, Screenshot_20240704_020044_….png

File: 1720055069436-1.png 844.71 KB, 1080x764, Screenshot_20240704_020023_….png


What's with the incessant fearmongering that's going on lately? I'm sick of it.
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The billboard is about right, but they're pretending such temperatures are unusual. The east coast isn't exactly suffering. Have these people in the south-west considered the fact that it's really hot because they live in a fucking desert?


File: 1720078533381.jpg 113.59 KB, 927x912, 95 degrees.jpg

Last time I was in that region this time of the year was late June, 2006 and it was 99º or 98º every day.


yet now they're saying its 'hotter than ever'


Thank you nexrad stations


File: 1720842921589.jpeg 109.93 KB, 880x717, TND.jpeg

Kennedy space center sits at sea level and NASA is currently expanding it massively.
At the same time NASA is also screeching about global warming making sea level rise by 2-4 meters by the end of the century. NASA has no plans to develop an alternative launch site thats further above sea level than Kennedy space center is.
So they pretty much know that they're lying about global warming.

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