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This is the /comf-v/ vidya thread #4

>Low bit
>High bit

OST's welcome.

Wrap up and post some nostalgia based or comfy based video game materials ITT.
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I think it's just how it is that there are these bottom-feeders (reaction video makers).

She reminds me of one particular leftist Western Oriented Gentleman woman I met at uni who I had the hots for and wanted to bang. She prolly would've I just didn't push her. She ran up to me after a history unit on fascism and asked why I said I like Hitler.


Sounds like you dodged a bullet.


File: 1718474794552.webp 53.07 KB, 1125x771, IMG_4154.webp

The chinese devs behind Based Legend Wukong have exposed how Sweet Baby operates. It's an extortion scheme where you hire their DEI consultancy for 7 million dollars (lmfao) or get attacked mercilessly by the cartel of judengaminpresse, players such as Kotaku. It's like how the Mafia operates with "protection money" and the like heh


File: 1718520567299.jpg 4.9 KB, 293x172, images.jpg

I've been going down this rabbit hole of thinking about him, JP and Chris/Good Looking Loser. Chris sounds so much like CLQ, it actually sounds at time like they could be the same person. Both highly intelligent and skilled at their profession/thing.


File: 1717968348476.png 470.62 KB, 540x1059, safe and effective depopula….png


Chon zombies hanging in there?
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>retarded faggot STILL thinks all her detractors are the same person
Heh, I remember my first day on the internet.


Do you want to pretend you didn't make this thread >>64679 too, Avid?
When are you going to apologize for lying about billions dying by late 2023 BTW? I am owed.


not NELvid and didnt make that thread. only thing you are owed is a bag of lead paint chips.


a 4chon post is not a sauce
>strawman arguments
that wasnt me
i didnt make that thread


File: 1718746098355.jpg 59.26 KB, 800x790, 1718742588001536.jpg

All the wealthy people pushing so hard for the vaxx also share the belief that the world is massively overpopulated and we need to reduce population growth.
Pfizer also sells an injection for pigs to make them sterile, called Improvac, and it uses the immune system to do it. Albert Bourla (he's actually a veterinarian) was shilling Improvac long before the covid shots. The point of Improvac is to make male pig meat taste better by reducing male hormones in its body several months before slaughter. Bourla is the CEO of Pfizer btw if you didn't know


File: 1715823808068.mp4 5.6 MB, 576x1024, yellow stimboard.mp4


This is the comfy ASMR thread
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crt monitors were kind of ewaste and weren't so common anymore with pcs in '03 that ran xp, were they?
my dvdrws collected dust and commercial copies of games went to the bin by '05 due nocd cracks and, usb flash and a 150gb firewire hdd.
90s and 2000s software still works in one form or another on current computers.

the nu age digital nostalgia tiktok grift is annoying me, there are older and more obscure things that are legit lost with time, but not so much this stuff.


>crt monitors were kind of ewaste and weren't so common anymore with pcs in '03 that ran xp, were they?
No, because flatscreen monitors were still like 500+ dollars.
>90s and 2000s software still works in one form or another on current computers.
For a lot of old software it's rough. Better to use a VM if it comes to that though. Outside of making your own software as a hobby targeted at these platforms, really old hardware is useless, slow, power-consuming shit. Any quirky thing you could think to use them for could be done better by a micro-controller. Hardware from the late 2000s-early 2010s are still worth keeping though, because they're still functional and free of "smart" bullshit.


File: 1718744405470.jpeg 5.07 KB, 311x162, cringe.jpeg

File: 1714604145694.png 1.53 KB, 350x200, oie_HCrkb3lUIFU3.png


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what are you talking about?


File: 1718737368698.webp 63.75 KB, 1080x1743, ia8bwia58ygc1.webp

dunno just gay glownigger things
twitter is full of pajeets paid to larp as hwite merican nationalists so you never know


i'm sure they've mastered the dark blonde sunglasses and dress-shirt wearing americn a.tate-sque rhetoric texas hwite nationalist character with the help of english-grammar gpt



they are rational dark triads. probably both accounts managed by a small brown 19 year old dominican guy paid by somebody via paypal


ery twitter post is some sort of a psyop i never go there

File: 1716402864428.webp 1.98 MB, 4032x3024, 20240521_165416.webp


Attention all anti-Zog Gardners, I have tons of blackberries growing in my yard. They're not ripe yet, but there are hundreds of fruits already.
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File: 1718315273024.png 54.96 KB, 591x340, 3da182b5bb8aa762b7106620bfd….png

Forgot to post this.


>They are still in this position,
No. Internet was a break in their cloud coverage for a time


The downward slide at the end is the rise of cell phones. Shocking how many people still watch tv honestly. Barely even dented it.

9 hours a day would be essentially every waking second that a person isn't at work.


It's boomers leaving TV on all the time


I harvested my potatoes too early. They're fugging small. Russets take 4 months to mature, going with something else next time.

File: 1714183418959.jpeg 84.24 KB, 1024x451, 7A5AD14C-9C35-4006-8DA3-3D….jpeg


why did He do it?
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magine the smell


File: 1718716045657.mp4 2.62 MB, 540x960, 6087141-9598da102f35b12dc89….mp4


Why is this negro dressed like an anime character?


File: 1718721189822.png 114.71 KB, 837x761, 1707542225070451.png

oh my g_d, so true based black bestie


is that a le heckin token niggerino?! basedpilled!

File: 1645967624079.jpg 123.52 KB, 880x880, ..jpg

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In this thread we will talk about anything related to sleep, dreams, nighttime, etc
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pipedream andy, europa is never going to be a thing that exists outside of your fragile little head


Had a wet dream last night, went like this
>is it in? my ass is so loose
>I just made it past the crust hair barrier and I’m entering the crust hole, feels like I’m poking a breaded chicken cutlet with my dick
>break that fucking crust hymen
>im through, its in, crunchy on the outside soft on the inside
>oh your dick in my ass is making me need to shit
>shit on my dick…
>im shitting *BRAAAAAAAAAALPH*
>fuck shit right into my urethra…
>I did blast the shit-dick spaghetti down my throat!
>im shit-cumming! *long strand of shit from his dick laces his lips*
>the brown stache… i needed this
>im gonna shit, I’m shitting out my ass and dick at the same time


hypnospace outlaw gave me one very long nightmare last night. i was still playing the game, but i had to search through derelict buildings in the dark to find computers to access my open case files.


File: 1718732618664.jpg 243.62 KB, 1200x675, copy.jpg

nice try

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Comfy Vidya Spin-Off Thread: OSTs

In this ITT thread we post video game OST songs that stick in our head and are kino

I'll start

Katana Zero
>Sneaky Driver
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Megaman Zero

>Fake - (vs Copy X, Seraph Battle theme)

"Even though I have no memories, my body seems to remember my friend X.

And now I know for certain: you are not even half the reploid he was"


Kingdom Hearts: re:Chain of Memories

>The Force in You (Replica Riku theme)

"Not a fake! I don't care if you're "real", you're not better! We share the same body and the same talents, but there is one easy way to tell us apart though. Unlike you, I fear nothing."


Remastered MegaMan Zero 3 Tracks ~Mythos~ Cannon Ball -Mythos ver.- Extended

"Your power is extraordinary...for a mere fake. You may be Zero, in a way, but you are still merely a copy. You're no legendary hero at all! You're just a reproduction."



All those games hit my spasticity just right and I get addicted to them.

File: 1718004261921.png 583.64 KB, 826x461, Mokele-mbembe.png


>The komodo dragon
>Giant squid
>even Kangaroos

Which other cryptids are likely actual creatures that will be discovered?
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NELviding much?


you seem upset


its a cool occult site where we worship dogi's fat milkers


drop a link, duder

I wanna tribute my queen



File: 1709328444692.jpeg 1.22 MB, 971x2160, IMG_4515.jpeg


Piggie wants someone to pay her to get fucked
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everyone wants to [redacted] goblinsaga because its ugly and inbred


What a sow bitch


this pig looks like she fucks abos


nah abos have standards


she fucks 'roos

File: 1718585420181-0.jpg 28 KB, 485x489, 1677059975602373.jpg


Trans rights you bigots


gay thread lol


The right for sickos to abuse children and autistics?




You have the right to let me shoot you


File: 1718649641571.jpg 40.69 KB, 614x582, troon reading this thread.jpg

>trans rights

File: 1718208958119.jpg 1.26 MB, 2464x3128, volkischpilled fitmaxxed gi….jpg


Cast him in his biokinomatographique


...so is this how you spend your time in summer school?


I posed for this drawing


>circumcised pen0r
He was so close to perfection bros...


File: 1718441370214.jpeg 35.43 KB, 554x554, images - 2024-06-15T184743….jpeg

>you wanna explain your little drawing to the rest of the class, anon?


File: 1718612151954.png 1.22 MB, 1080x1920, stinky (absolutely).png

reminded me of this time back in primary school year 2001
we had a class imac with a simple painting program on it called kidpix delux
one feature of it was the ability to make a simple slideshow of backgrounds and basically animated sprites

well the premade sprites were kinda boring so i edited them into characters fucking and also being killed with blood and such spurting out
i assembled this into a slideshow with music and a story it took several weeks, for the boys

anyone this other tard in the class made some inappropriate image about another student and had to show the teacher during a quiet reading time in class
so of course to deflect trouble from himself he snitched on my work and the teacher played it right there

i just kept my head down as i heard the music playing and avoided the look of disgust he was giving me
a letter was sent home saying i made an obscene slideshow

wish i had kept a copy of the kidpix file

File: 1717369982005.jpg 95.74 KB, 1024x769, 1717367380824899.jpg


friendly reminder
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Idk what brand that office chair is but I hope there was a recall and pic related of that sued.


That guy was probably bouncing up and down on his chair like a 20 dollar whore.




Mexican cartel execution - a shotgun shell in the chair, brutal.


just like your mother

File: 1715592069832.jpg 120.07 KB, 1488x1488, unfair.jpg


this is extremely unfair
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The mods are fags
Hate the mods lots


CO2 is good for you. More CO2 = bigger plants = more oxygen


Not only are the plants bigger, they're healthier and have stronger immune response, which means theres less need for pesticides.
Bugs btfo, also pesticide merchants.
Plants also need less water when they have access to higher atmospheric CO2 concentrations, which means that farming or ranching in areas that are currently too arid to use effectively will become viable in the future.


I'd like to grow some very large cucumbers to use as anal dilators


File: 1718517897468.png 73.39 KB, 259x309, retard.png


Would Thai-Style Boxing Be Allowed in a White Nationalist Society?
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New* ONE FC Friday Fights, F*CKERS!
How will the fight between whoever the FR*CK these people are go, huh?


New ONE FC Friday Fights, F*ckers!
Will "Kang" Kongchai defeat the Enigmatic Vagine Hamidi, sirs?


I didn't know these were free to watch. I thought it was all PPV lol.


New ONE Friday Fights, F*ckers!

Nakrob vs. Khalilov

Who ya got!?


Maybe I'll watch it live next week. I forgot it existed again.

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