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I've been able to mostly avoid this by taking the majority of my classes online, but I don't have that option here. Additional information: It's physics, and I just found out that this nigger has the most asinine grading scale I've ever heard of. Get a load of this nonsense: The rubricks are broken down into chucks of 25%, and any grade under 75% is effectively a 0, because he counts anything 50 or lower as a 0, but it's not actually possible to get a grade on anything with a score between 51-74% due to how his rubric works. The only possible grades are anything between 100-75% or 0. This fucker needs to be impaled.


lol STEMvid pwned


manlet kike


>My cousin's kid is an obese, autistic hapa, with a speech impediment, who lives with his mom
>Still has a cute GF because he's 6'3
People still have the nerve to lie and say height doesn't matter.


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Try harder.


I had a boomer who did that and gave us this really awful unit reader, I don't know how it happened but he seemed to keep copying stuff over, over the years, for whatever reason, and anyway it ended up that the reader had like 4-5 different page numbers on the various corners of the page it was incredibly annoying and hard to figure out, the thing became a real Frankenstein 's monster.

Otherwise I was always butthurt having to commute into the city/uni about 1.15-1.5 hours each way and having to see all the nonWhite human being peoeple around


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biked 24 miles today to pickup some original xbox games



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More evidence Christianity is a cuck religion. Israeli children are taught to physically attack Christians. Yet it's Christians who give all their money and military equipment to the Jews and turn a blind eye to their possession of nuclear weapons.


Nitter links to see comments for those without (((Elon)))'s Twitter accounts

Wonder why Lauren Chen isn't fired from Glenn Beck's BlazeTV yet.


B*sed jews rejecting goypoison


little kike cunts
fuck and die kike


fucking neighbours are screaming at each other for the billionth time this morning


My neighbors have been fighting a lot recently. Woman has a black eye jej


My baby sister is going to have a kid and the family expects me to show up to the "gender reveal" party. I refuse. And all this does is cement for me that getting back involved with these people was a mistake. I ditched them back after high school and only got back involved in their lives because /new/ and /pol/ got me into thinking about family. Several years back and all it's done was to confirm how much of a lost cause they all are and how invested they are to dragging me down with them. These are not good feels but these people are already dead. Their kids are already dead. As things get worse over the next few decades, I have zero doubt that any one of them would sell me out to the state.


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Make an excuse and don't go. It's that simple.


Wow. It's too bad that you came down with the flu and can't go red-mage-chan!


File: 1694875240120.jpg (162.98 KB, 736x719, d2e15dc0a8c8b3ccece2af7b0a….jpg)

It is that simple and that's what I did.

If I'm sick of anything, it's over the heckin' JEWS.


>that's what I did


I would've rejected going on the grounds that a gender reveal party is a silly idea thought up by some narcissistic social media-addicted Amerilards in the 21st century and is pushed heavily by the parasitic overpriced celebrations industry and therefore not worth celebrating.


That's the whole crux of it. It's total and complete nonsense, and going validates it in the minds of proles. Both the practice and the improper use of the word "gender" itself. Imagine helping clowns prop up their fake reality. Imagine selling yourself out to the dystopian nightmare. No thank you.


Don't support the concept of gender imo the concept itself is degenerate


Approachin today at Bondi. Sun's out guns out niggers


Back in my day they were called baby showers.


And men weren't invited.


I saw my Swedish oneitis heh. Got some closure, or enough for me anyway


Just did 1 lil approach heh. Nice little chat


File: 1694959271085.jpeg (26.26 KB, 250x189, AE2F7B71-3E90-4038-AA20-D….jpeg)

ive been dealing with issues of feeling my emotions from an 8 year battle of trying to beat depersonalisation when i was meant to be nice to myself instead of fighting myself al the time and now i got to learn self love before i can be in another relationship, my marriage failed but the spouce was a pretty shit person anyway and boring as fuck and a real scrudge

now im trying to learn to be nice to myself i need people to talk to about this


Alternatively: your spouse was fine and the issues stemmed from you being unable to try and meet him on equal ground. He tried to make you make you healthier but you refused to budge from your psychosis.


Alternatively: it would have been great if dogstrailia never found 4chon


nah he got us raided and kept doing dangerous things, once even threatening an innocent person outside with a big kitchen knife


Maybe he was screwed up, maybe you didn't really like him that much, and maybe he wasn't right for you, but I doubt you were always pleasant to deal with too. It's probably good that you're separated either way, but try not to hold too much of a grudge. If you're in a relationship with someone for years you bear some responsibility for keeping that person in your life for so long. You don't have to forgive, but seek wisdom instead of hatred.


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Blender is the most frustrating program ever made. Something gets fucked either with your model or the UI and how to fix it is a complete mystery with no answers to be found for your specific situation. I really love how there's no way to undo UI changes also. They have tons of esoteric hot keys you can press to accidentally screw yourself over, but they don't have one to reset back to the default workspace? It's unreal. For the first time in my life I think a company actually needs to hire some UX faggots to set them straight.


I jus farted and shidd in my pants


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>try to find new job
>get hired
>show up to new job
<oh yeah this is seasonal and we can only have you for one or two days of the week
>return to old job


I wish I had a job like that. I hate working for a second longer than I need to.


Might just be the specific video but I really like this girls commentaries, she is legit funny and has good comedic timing or something etc

This dating talk gets me in the mood to approach and probably gives me some juicy takes or advice or stuff to talk about, including funny or odd stuff



WRONG VID its this one


wow send her money and obsess with her


shes mid and kind of a brainlet


her face resembles ben shapiro's more than his own sister's does.


ben shapiro is a low T betacuck faggot kike


Women are more than their looks, also shes obviously smart

Bad comments


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>First Impressions Blender vs Maya - Animation Workflows!

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