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File: 1658280939107.png (358.35 KB, 955x537, _86138689_brainscans.png)

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saw what seems to be a GS squad car, cowardice models inside, probably logging and shitting on each other

or dead

who even cares anymore

i wake up and the cunts are there within 5 minutes


the normie hum is in full effect on account of the high temperatures


if you like the color orange better than the color green you're a schizo?


orange green white, theyre all the same


File: 1658314082017.jpg (219.29 KB, 1075x1224, Screenshot_20220720-114740….jpg)


wifi calling opens in its own, GS fagfolk charge campaign excedrin


ive never done acid



File: 1658325287169.jpg (277.59 KB, 1600x900, doyouknowhereyouare.jpg)

this is a skizo thread

brankling buckwash
the ternip mafia
various excedrins
something about oily food


someone redpill me on the wifi calling

it shows up whenever i have my headphones plugged in
also when i leave my house the find my mobile shit is open

i once caught the wifi calling icon lit up but it went off as soon as i scrolled to it from the top drop down menu


I got some medicine for you... it's in my cock! why don't you come suck it out?


the fag GS scumcunt is in the thread

commence collapse of doctrines


stopped weed today, the voices are not as bad, still i screamed into a pillow earlier and it felt good

fuck normoids btw




good idea. quitting weed is good for you.


guys im stoned again, i have failed
good bud though, one of the mac strains
i just hate the smell is all, ruins my buzz


no! stop. i don't like you getting all rainbow brained on this forum.


rainbow brained?
nigger i run on petroleum
i am a diesel brain if anything

you doing your gay fag shit again son?

sweet little newfag, you need your diapey changed?


anyone heard any good voices lately


I hear avid's voice talking about willies constantly


agent aids is on the case


the voice tells me it won't stop until the original avid is dead



fuck that avid nigga frfr no 🧢

kill the nigga with internet words like a real badass eh


he refususes to die

the cocks sustain him!



the GS slaveminds are 'working' on something outside


File: 1658766147788.jpg (197.97 KB, 958x960, 1658764266652464.jpg)


my good fren f*nfriend died from schizo
rest in peace, bro







These things don’t necessarily mean someone consciously directed events and used mass rituals to do it, although it’s possible, I tend to believe there is a poetic nature to all things and you could find things tied together that absolutely couldn’t be planned by men.

We are obviously all partly the pawns of various deities aka collective unconsciousness archetypes that act on each other thru us.


I deleted the video, not enough evidence

weird as fuck though, the 'council' have been working on this sewer pipe for nearly a week, no reports of any major blockages on local facebook groups, no disruption to my water supply or anything either, sus as fuck tbh, im going to wait til tomorrow and get a good closeup of them


File: 1658904914055.png (1.69 MB, 1478x806, DXM LSD 2.png)

Old oc heh


Anyone skitzo here? post delusions


they got their coach and said it theirself, "put team fugmen on me, immediately"


next week then they told me to take one up the ass for the fugmen, and if i refused, there would be serious consequences.


redpill me on this


File: 1659662665917.jpeg (140.25 KB, 1280x800, R (14).jpeg)


homosexuality would run rampant. the guards were permitted to play a game with thorazine and the referral subject, in order to count the minutes until the subject would pass out.


is this happening underneath a living space?


the power conduits and steam pipes would only lead to one place: the power plant. and the power plant was outside.


on all three counts, not guilty, by reason of insanity.


$50,000,000 dollars to get your dick straightened out, pig?


why are you being so cryptic, i can just hand in this phone


File: 1660011741274.jpg (84.14 KB, 634x490, ShecameforCWC_(200803).jpg)


theyre all being cryptic

its cringe


redpill me on whatever the fuck this means


GS squad whogivesafuck right now giggling on upstairs from me

>tldr neighbour is out, he ALWAYS locks the front door, because people want to kick the shit out of him, i can hear people upstairs now, hes not in

how do i solve this conundrum? i heard them yesterday, went up and knocked on the door and heard nothing

should i piss through his letterbox?


they cant respond


i am willing to doxx myself


stalkerfag cunt is ddosing my phone whenever I watch attractive female streamers (one in particular)


the gossip drones are out i can hear them

i feel like pouring handwash through the letterbox


the tryhard gcunt pagan is one hit wonder posting shit noone cares about


retard insurance carrier passcard. the chip that gets ya thru the gate. it's not the same thing as the chip that lets u watch animaniacs.


whatever this means doesnt matter


Went on a walk, followed the magnetic forces for 5 seconds, practiced my low growls to a WORM record (never heard them, theyre pretty good) lifted some rocks, got some sunlight, some thoughts of "you look like a cunt right now" but im working on that atm.


I think 440,000,000 cosmic people would think it matters.


ok what are you talking about?


I believe you are hearing voices.


yes, and? are you my mother?


Suppose I was. How would you feel?


redpill me on what is going on around my general area and behind my back


Tell me how would I feel if I bought your company's insurance products. What would you like to do after work today?


imbecile state workers with a conspiracy. they laid their eggs next to the water tower.


I'm a state worker ama




Our organization does not own cockroaches


Humanism FTW!!!


read my dossier

getting ready for the big shift


i fucked a cockroach once got spicy dick had to call the fire brigade rescue to pry my dick away


File: 1660414038073.gif (78.16 KB, 366x305, 166035168034211550.gif)


now playing


found 2 GS torture entrances earlier




the GS hum is now prevalent, damn alcohol to the void imo


the GS can now be heard telling me to stop posting or delete my post or some shit lol

im starting to seethe, may have to put my fan on so i dont hear their beta decisions or high school mindset insults




messed up porn shrink interview


see if you got the porn skills for the porn bills


donation backs the sacred caring mindset


the porn director is a slime covered eel



im going to immediately overthrow the GS cattle today


let them get to know a false you


and then snap them with the real you


My back was in so much pain, I lay down on my bedroom floor on my back to try and ease it and it's worked, I'm no longee thinkimg negative thoughts, I think I've just gotten used to the pain, going to google and save some back specific exercises and bang them out, im not sure how long it will take to fix my prawn-like posture though, I hope it's not a long time.


knowing adversary, or as it is branded by the state itself, overfunded torture



mental patients on video therapy, stretching out on their restraints for some at-home health.


wen I feal liek I'm goin cray cray I eats a picakel n I feal betttare


File: 1660642979432.jpg (1.96 MB, 1080x1863, Screenshot_20220816-104223….jpg)

posting shit i found

weird barrel with flowers in it?


File: 1660643018629.jpg (1.91 MB, 1080x1773, Screenshot_20220816-104233….jpg)

a singular mat, probably used for degenerate purposes


File: 1660643148819.jpg (380.4 KB, 1079x590, Screenshot_20220816-104518….jpg)

potential GS outpost/torture factory


File: 1660683778504.jpg (610.38 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220816-220150.jpg)

more GS attempted implanting


saw two losers today, was cringe, prayed for the old bitch to die and mash the car and kill them


You're gay tho



GS sheltered retards thinking what theyre doing is edgy


the nerd glass faggots think they are not scum


the nerd GS cowards should die


The bitch is just stealing everything, running after me like a dumb fucking pledgie.


get out of my thread


then cover up my threads, you fucking sick queer


File: 1660777968453.jpg (14.5 KB, 390x280, attractive-young-man-blue-….jpg)


the pink hair looks shit
other sperg cunt looks like an average weirdo

they both lack a noticable aura




File: 1660848593963.jpg (19.9 KB, 720x203, 282585137.jpg)

The voices in my head are telling me that avid is a cock sucking faggot. Maybe they're on to something.


GS weirdos are back, constantly talking to me, as of this point im convinced theyre medicinally retarded



they followed me onto OSRS, i called them out and dissolved their meta


File: 1660948994078.jpeg (6.52 KB, 192x263, images.jpeg)

someone redpill me on scanning my android for any potential monitoring?

tits always relevant




involuntary co-op board approval or disapproval


i think it might be location based



how do i make them stop


i will be here https://4chon.me/lounge/res/18109.html
from now on, this thread is annoying to post in

ive heard somewhere that GS hate when you ignore them, going to try this out and hopefully it works, although the GS are majorly sperglike in their passions and behaviours, almost teenagerlike, gossip/drugs/sex, its all rather quite juvenile

i can only hope that cancer eats their lives away or something, im not even a bad person but GS is just too annoying to ignore, my fucking phone is watched for fuck sake, i cant escape, is suicide my only option? or will i have the patience and soundmindedness in order to phase them all out?



Stands for gay sex. Avid seems to love talking about that stuff everywhere he goes



File: 1661085369080.jpeg (7.42 KB, 205x246, download (1).jpeg)

is being a GS a logical choice in life?

lets find out


homosexuality would run rampant. the only people in The Organization who were allowed to play with him are described as guards. the guards would inject him with thorazine to make bets on the amount of time, in seconds, until he would pass unconscious.



i farted and the fart did a fart sound




i have yet to worldbuild my skitz, its started taking a toll on me


where at?


GS hum picking up here and there, i dont know what they are saying but their tone is always a really low energy sad drone and its annoying as fuck


you shitfucker, why do you keep deleting your shit


No one deleted anything you skitzo. Please take meds you're losing it dude



File: 1661263915638.jpg (341.33 KB, 1080x2158, 20220823_135356.jpg)

someone redpill me on this always being open on my phone


the GS banter is DEAD

like ridiculously dead

just narc cunts thinking theyre cool

theyre the nerd table

one just pulled up and fucked off

i hope they crash and die


i have no time for cowardice and lies


i cannot sometimes describe some of my feelings towards them, i just hope a swift death all day for them, that is my gift to them, i hate them viciously

and they can stay right where they are, we cannot mix, i am handling all of this and i still hold gravitas

GS i command you all to show up at number three, you fucking cowards, i have had enough, i dont care who the fuck you are

i'll waterboard myself and i'll be ascended once more beyond their pale drug addicted lives, this is known, they are worse, they are laughable


peugeot car announced
blue hair cunt minecrafted his own face off

true power is free


im right in the middle of their GS shit


no, pull ups, useless twat at the front didnt do anything


the semitic looking manlet and his semite female slap slave, additionally the ginger shrimp eyed mong yesman are all rent free

the fact that they are so kike in appearance is hilarious to me, anglo btw


File: 1661948528350.jpg (143.3 KB, 628x554, 20220830_072623.jpg)

trips and i post fokys face


who's fokey?


File: 1661987713709.jpeg (1.47 MB, 2800x2800, R (17).jpeg)

Fokey is a shortening of the original phrase: The Four Keys
A legendary artifact that is said to unlock the secrets of the universe. If you're able to find and assemble all four parts that is.


i hear the sounds of various people, in 'unoccupied' places

i wont say their names

cult and underground centric people bent on both leeching and attacking me, its fine because i have ascended, their insults are meek and they themselves are weak

the weed is hitting good and i am grafting now my own skits, i therefore now can slip willingly into lucidity (both bad and good skits now thanks to the shrooms dose)

my muscle condition has me exhausted though




I got a call from a branch of the council today about some 'wiring' that has to be looked at behind my toilet, what the fuck, wires behind a toilet? The woman on the phone initially said that they just needed access to the fuse box, which is outside, i told her it was outside and she fumbled and said they also need access to the inside of my flat, makes fucking no sense and its yet more evidence ive got to prove a gangstalk is taking place, probably more recording gear, said they need 2 hours to 'fix' something.
I might stream them because this situation I'm watching is fucking
I wonder if the person responsible is sound minded and I also wonder if it's even worth it to care, I mean I 'care' but it could be worse, it's more of an irritation if anything, I sense jealousy also, alot of sounds correspond to when I'm being entertaining, I feel the demonic little faggot responsible is a low T beta cuck


Its truly the end times


File: 1670615421259.png (525.98 KB, 708x1093, Screenshot_20221209-194959….png)










Something just flashed on the screen just now and I fear I was too slow to discern anything, it could also be that my right eye twitched in such a way that it just looked like that or something


Fucking digital pixies man starts out harmless then they start raping you during bouts of sleep paralysis


sometimes big willies just appear on my screen


They think i dont know, they also think that i care


shut up you unter


Goodbye weed 👍


Hi avid, suck any big cocks lately?




Took a picture of my dick earlier and its completely gone from my phone when i checked just now

What in the actual fuck chonners

This is NOT a lie, some fucking dirty cunt is looking at my phone what do


take another and post it here, darling

stop being homophobic


Fuck off kike


Thanks so thats 💯 I think 🤔 will do the needful to me ASAP as they


nice dubs... let me suck your cock!!!!


post bewb


Gtfo zoomernewfaggot


Who are you that has become like a reflection of me?


Don't answer that, for answering would create illusion, and it is enough to know that you are another centre, another sun...


Man you even use that word "gravitas" just like me and at the same time.

Synchronicity has brought us together in this moment.

Levitas shall be the cure.


Mfw smilemeth thinks he literally the 2nd coming


the fucking faggot is making my phone lag i swear i will minecraft his head right the fuck offf


File: 1672358822096.png (362.49 KB, 1440x731, Screenshot_20221229-180312.png)

He's always believed that he's the second coming tho.


He got plastic surgery, went from having no-chin&jaw -to now being facially transformed by doctors. He believes that he's the ultimate Chad/ubermensch-HE'S JEWISH AF! lol.


File: 1672361130956.jpg (44.19 KB, 640x481, d60446dd3f8ae19d5cfe3980aa….jpg)


Everyone here knows hes a kike, its hilarious that he thinka we here give a single fuck about his degenerate kike life

I hope he OD's


File: 1672399996647.png (717.91 KB, 1418x2383, Screenshot_20221230-052719.png)

He's so fucking retarded!

It's shocking how dumb he is!

He's been promoting this PUBLIC IMAGEBOARD-mintboard that he posts on -FOR AS LONG AS HE'S BEEN POSTING ON IT!








File: 1672400222703.png (1.17 MB, 1440x2603, Screenshot_20221230-053415.png)

He acts like people are stalking him/his privacy is being invaded!!!!

"COme Make PoSts At hTTpS://MiNTBoard.OrG"




File: 1672400520549.mp4 (1.4 MB, 498x370, you-are-dumb-really-dumb.mp4)




>He got plastic surgery
...but he will always remain as Kenneth!



Prt 2/2


>...but he will always remain as Kenneth!



File: 1672410399616.jpg (951.24 KB, 1944x2592, 2020 smiley.jpg)

>He got plastic surgery






Wasnt me, grasp that other people dont like you too, narc faggot


File: 1672428774223.jpg (39.34 KB, 500x500, artworks-000384124311-l82e….jpg)

>other people don't like you

He's fried his brain from huffing jenkem 24/7!


File: 1672430838620.png (1.35 MB, 1440x2429, Screenshot_20221230-140505.png)


It's the same search engine he's used for years. He hasn't changed a bit so...


It's archived too. If the kiwi website goes down or anything happens to his page- it's backed up. lol


File: 1672514482817.jpg (24.42 KB, 375x375, 110000019747094.jpg)

>"I walked past Avid and said nothing"


File: 1672598153395.gif (882.51 KB, 426x213, giphy (1).gif)

No skitz today tf

Pic related me waiting for the skitz to happen


They are speaking to me all of the time i dont know how to get them to stop all they talk about is me what the fuck is some peoples problems


File: 1673716927812.jpeg (99 KB, 1200x673, 1622989150801-tumblr5eba2….jpeg)

>to me
AND change it to...
about me.

... and that's relatable.


Youre right


File: 1673718959210.jpg (169.95 KB, 801x1200, paris_hilton044b-gthumb-gw….jpg)


poster here is a pro degeneracy trans loyalist faggot who is trying to sissy hypno 4chon


File: 1673748417161.png (31.93 KB, 496x250, 1673654221598-0.png)



File: 1673748448956.png (1.34 MB, 910x1280, 1673654221598-1.png)



.. Trann? What?


File: 1673752719186.jpg (33.85 KB, 400x500, 51f8vNqm7cS._AC_SY780_.jpg)



I am going to kill myself in 10 days


Just ate some undercooked chicken 👍


I'm probably going to kill myself next month. Let's goooooooooooooooooooooooo.





Hope everything is ok bro


Jealous gs mongs trying to get me to kill myself

The red car probably someone to do with that


Theyre getting wins in tekken 6 through the bugged xbox 360 which they stole and modified, they seem to think it translates to real life exactly or some shit, i hear them all day coked out babbling on about something

Im almost willing to doxx myself to 4chon in order to doxx somebody else


I might email pitchfork or stereogum




>camera on door?
>was there early hours in morning
>stalked talking shit into phone
>they literally left 10mins later



Microsoft lost stakeholders because of unpredictability


Write another song about those posts you petulant little rat




I h'want to dah




New car bought with fagstalk money

The ugly fucking redheaded cunt needs to be burned at the stake, while the fag rat gargles shit til he dies


They wont leave me alone i just want them to leave me alone and to stop talking to me and to stop driving around near me

I think i will gather as much evidence as i can and grass them all/sue them


They came over and the little fagboy got aroused being in my flat so then some sexual relations happened while I was out getting weed

I hate all of those people so fucking much and i wish nothing but the worst for them


I slightly regret ushering away that beautiful female but honestly its come to a point where people are making bad decisions and i must direct them from the path of degeneracy, not that they are degenerate, just that the people they are around are not really worth being around, i will die before i see a pure soul corrupted in such a way


I shouldnt have done that, i hate myself, im sorry, it wont happen again



Going to fart now


Update on the the farting: I did it 3 times


I want to die


I want to did


Its me avid i want to die i want to have a heart attack and fucking die


What the fucks the point


I will never find love


Im just a fucking autistic cunt who has shit banter


I speak like a fucking stupid fucking zombie cunt


I have cancer


anal cancer caused by anal warts caused by taking cum loads in the ass?



Theyre high on drugs constantly chatting about fuck all, all of the fucking time though, its so banal sounding too, like their topics of conversation are always to/about me, its cringe as fuck, just wish theyd fight me IRL and not run away and shit thats all 🤔





I apologise to the females and they can get free oral from me if they want


Jesus Christ give me strength to deal with these evil people


I'll knock yous all out

I dont care if im the evil one

Because i know im not

But i will be the evil, to your subconcious requests


File: 1680897849668.png (1.61 MB, 1080x1230, Screenshot_20230407_210256….png)

Who lives in a house like this?


File: 1680897936026.png (724.77 KB, 770x963, 1665363652803.png)

On way to UK SPIRITS


File: 1680898048262.jpg (31.43 KB, 480x360, colonel borgir.jpg)

mne i do


File: 1680898139034.png (1.54 MB, 982x980, Screenshot_20230407_210757….png)

To enact their evils they must hide in the shadows, for in the dark they blend in


The constant "dont say this" comments are hilarious



Its not doxx if theres no street names retard


File: 1680898306663.jpg (296.83 KB, 1988x896, fillet-o-flurry.jpg)

shh eat up


File: 1680898597041.png (1.05 MB, 1078x812, Screenshot_20230407_211550….png)

Eat up


how u find it...


Drive angry lmao, hope the bastard crashes


Shut the fuck up now


Thats how the nigga bald btw, your guys hair will fall out if you stay around him, he will sympathy vote you if you threaten to not want to be around him, its really quite pathetic




crazy world, huh?


Not as crazy as your bald little potato head


Fuck off back to Africa you little retard




I hate my neighbours, fuck that particular part of the bible



Why is it that also words I say actually IRL and terms and shit are being posted here in a subtle context?


Some fucking retard is dragging their elbows on the floor or some shit





Or is it underneath my flat because I know some of these buildings have spaces underneath them, i just wonder if so then where the entrance would be located


Their building a staircase to your ass instead of heaven.


No they arent, that doesnt make sense because theyd then be into the flat upstairs instead of mine


I realized kissing prostitues and fucking qt trannys are high test power moves confusing my handlers


Ok buddy


He dropped into the flat on the end of my street, used a VPN, posted then fucked off, i saw him, so i broke out and looked for him

Those bangs are the sounds of defilement


They stopped, wonder if the ponderance afterwards os of love or hate


This is all just a deep seated ironic practice


Ive heard them for so long

Their ignorance, their degeneracy

I want it all to disappear


Does anybody want to be my friend?



Nice 😎




I farted twice earlier and now i have farted again and they all stink of shit


I meant to type stinked


Why dont i have any friends


The black car has a low front left tire


the lanterns make it look like the house is on fire


there wasnt a single soul there


I farted twice earlier and then now once and they smell of shit

I might light the deodorant on fire at the ceiling to burn up potential hazardous gasses


I farted twice since this post


Is my life ever going to get better



I have itchy fingers


Constant banal lessons in a narctwisted system

It died that day you are just trying to meme it all back


Yeah right, not when im actively being marytred





Shut up nerd


Hartdftord halll


File: 1681272374562.jpeg (8.12 KB, 190x265, download (5).jpeg)


down by the river




File: 1681272793557.jpeg (5.07 KB, 180x180, Me.jpeg)

Imagine banning a real nigger like me


if avid had a penny for every cock he ever sucked he could buy this property




see me in the outside



Stained sucks.


Git redy


File: 1681328392714.jpg (53.03 KB, 649x366, 5678-63478067895657.jpg)


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