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My mom is somehow watching a Jesse Lee Peterson zoom debate of some sort, the most frustrating thing is the person he's debating is a total self-righteous midwit faggot (he literally keeps saying "citation!?" lol) with easily btfo'd libtard textbook arguments-but Jesse himself is literally too dumb or uninformed to respond properly.

How can anyone stand to watch anything like this it's just awkward heh


My father loves niggers like Candace Owens, JLP, and some twins on youtube I can't remember the name of. Boomers love how it makes them seem anti-racist, while also validating their luke-waem political opinions.


Ah the Hodget Twins I think they're called; Phantasm used to post them


They used to be funny when they were talking about fitness stuff but now they're such hypocrites.
I hate American conservatives so much almost as much as ours; for example, these same coomers were happy to say they lie about their own body counts, etc, (and whatever, it was funny when they were aware of their own hypocrisy) but now they want to be pro-American values?

What even are those anymore? Just leftism 10 years ago?


>What even are those anymore? Just leftism 10 years ago?
Give or take a few years, it always has been.


America had a genuine conservative party prior to the world wars; it was the Democrats.


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jlp is very wise, so much so that he sort of trolls on purpose and also knows he is dumb. he makes you show your true nature. it's not really his debating skills. it's him himself, him being stupid in front of you is a test itself to see how you react. will you judge him? thats the whole point. but he is not stupid as a plot, he is just him and either you accept it or do not. everything in life is that way, either accept it or do not but the truth is the truth. jlp is secretly very wise or perhaps openly to those with open eyes but maybe not. from what i see he is wise, so wise that just being around him or watching him is a test on who you are to see if you have any negativity inside you










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