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All of these people have one very glaring, very obvious thing in common once you point it out.

I shall reveal after ten unsuccessful guesses.


enormous cocks?


File: 1672979124422.jpg (1.42 MB, 3168x4752, 03A103A.jpg)

internet culture




Hey, you got it!
They're a disastrous consequence of the industrial revolution for the human race


File: 1672982136378.png (143.06 KB, 195x398, 2023-01-06 (00_15_12).png)


They are typical Type O Negative fans?


Type O Negative fans are:
>Blown out goth elder millennials that are ready to settle down, usually covered in tattoos and don't know any metal bands past the 90s
>Tik tok zoomer goths that have found the band later in life and think they're cool for using them as #inspo on Instagram
>Metalhead guys that have a massive mancrush on Peter Steele because they look up to him and want his success with the ladies, usually will love Carnivore just as much


guy at work who is kinda like peter steele we call him "the caveman" because he walks around (a building site) in bare feet


File: 1673004416636.jpeg (42.89 KB, 500x500, 5F0FE005-8130-4D31-89DA-8….jpeg)

>K-pop stan
>dream stan
Wtf is Stan?


Use a search engine.


That's for niggers. Is there a book I can check out at the local library?


File: 1673025500607.gif (272.04 KB, 480x366, ezgif-4-e4a3ce42f9.gif)


File: 1673151904133.jpg (104.5 KB, 1080x1219, no wait. she's serious.jpg)

What do the good countries or the bad countries have in common?


Oh, I know this one, I know this one!


let me explain with examples; phantasm is a peter steele stan, hdv is a twilight sparkle stan and avid is a big fat cock stan

hope this helps!


Avid had a gf retard


>>39512 us v. them huh aaaayea hea we go ageeein yea i know wat u be sayin its be like..

top top has decadent universal literacy, geneva convention, electricity and paved roads for the most part that the "trans-kids" and jewish bankers can safely ride their electric "bi-cycles" on to the "liberal-conservative" instagram-furbaby-owner-couple vegan novelty gourmet cafes powered by solar and wind power generators. below mostly exports malaria, pollution, antibiotics resistant illnesses, strong immune systems, softcore and hardcore cp (trad, ok), natural resources, ladyboys, death and a variety of drugs, in a trad and redpilled, ok way.

how did poles upset the twitter xir though?
also twitter users are outwardly more deranged than even imageboard users, like that's not a person but randomized collection of badges, sort of like religious icon/idol worship voodoo of the now with socially externalized element. it is also outright expresses of unfulfillable of desire for being validated as a perfecthuman, i want to see them progress in that for fun, what will they come up by the next year.


>tfw your country is among the bad guys



>Whose opinion matters the most?
Top middle!

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