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I like how they're trying to make it like you're some sort of freaky t*rrorist extremist for not having a TV but I literally would be like this in Britain cos I don't watch free to air and would just use my TV for video games and streaming from my computer...


Surely they pay more money to enforce this than they make from it.


>maybe they have a life
i lol'd


That's how major cities are; they will funnel millions in 'project management' for a job that should cost thousands


File: 1677648628704.jpeg 79.35 KB, 800x1056, 167764826194652850.jpeg



They can do fuck all if you dont let them into your house in the first place


...b-but officer I was just watching MLP friendship is magic

*Officer takes out handcuffs and arrests HDV*


Friendly reminder that knives are illegal in bongland.

You can get sent to jail for using a plastic knife.

Knives are not allowed under any circumstances.


File: 1677693466731.png 72.4 KB, 601x532, eec61e0b452b63ba41ff62da6dd….png

Reminder that the police have limited resources, and the more time they spend fighting people spreading butter on toast or saying mean things on the internet the less they pursue real crimes.

It's never been a better time to be a criminal. Be the nigger you've always wanted to be.


File: 1677693756776.jpg 188.62 KB, 1000x1486, MV5BMzg4MDJhMDMtYmJiMS00ZDZ….jpg


Pretty sure only niggers are going to get a pass though. When Whites commit a crime then they'll crack down. It's a textbook example of "anarcho-tyrranny." There's laws for you, not for them.


It's everyone. I even see it happening in my (white) city. The police go crazy trying to enforce all sorts of stupid shit while muggings and liquor store robberies are practically ignored.

Not everything revolves around niggers.


File: 1677700287975.jpg 52.82 KB, 680x454, NPC flag.jpg


There's truly nothing more terrifying than a bongstanian with a plastic knife!


File: 1677935465405.jpg 43.58 KB, 1024x473, 1677935146420531m.jpg

>Do you rememba da hood, Frokwondo? It be spring soon. Niggas be out der hustlin, da popo sirens be buzzin. Niggas be on da corna sellin some street herb. And eatin some watermelon with chicken. Do you rememba da taste of watermelon ma nigga?


File: 1677971653828.jpg 86.05 KB, 728x546, a9d19b58.jpg

JewSA manages to be even worse than Australia and even China, which no longer require vaccination, when it comes to COVID restrictions, when even Biden admitted "the pandemic is over"

World No.1 Tennis Player Novak Djokovic 'denied US entry by Homeland Security' as Joe Biden called to intervene


i shiteda nd it smell of fsrf


File: 1678042137232.jpg 228.02 KB, 1280x1967, England 2049.jpg



Do you need a loicense if you just use YT? Seems not from what I read


they really need to adjust acceleration curves and speeds of the high speed rail and also the elevators for us gay guys, making them more accessible, sometimes our assholes would just fall out our start or start leaking on their out there in the public places, so you know how it is


Leave Retard Flag Guy Alone...



i think the motor-vehicle manufacturers could also come forward, knowing that on certain resonant frequencies of the car engines running, us gay homosexuals start shitting uncontrollably

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