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How do you reconcile your belief in the afterlife if human consciousness can be distilled so easily to a set of easily definable attributes? For example, this person is so common, so definable that they appear to be a set of deterministic neural processes, repeatable across many other individuals like her. How then, could she live on after death?

Does everyone die, and then live on as the same archetype?


I'd say that someone's personality is distinct from consciousness. It's a developed attribute, a way people interface with other people and their environment.

At his core, a person's soul is a creative emptiness, free of any definable attributes or biases.

I personally believe not all people have any consciousness/soul. They appear to be so called "organic portals", just window dressing in the world.


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>How do you reconcile your belief in the afterlife if human consciousness can be distilled so easily to a set of easily definable attributes?

>How then, could she live on after death?

Flesh is temporary. The soul is immortal

>Does everyone die, and then live on as the same archetype?

Bodies, souls and archetypes are three different things. It sounds as though you've never encountered logically consistent theology before. I recommend reading the Bhagavad Gita, but if you can't handle the entire thing just read the second chapter

Consciousness is eternal


The universe is deterministic yes.

I believe in the afterlife because all things are eternal and only change their forms.

Whatever we are is likewise eternal, and it's not the body for every portion of the body is replaced over time but yet we remain conscious of our being the same "I am" that always occupied that body, and we are not the mind either or at least the contents of it for thoughts always change and come and go.

We are simple awareness, and we can experience many minds and bodies, and whatever mysterious process pairs an awareness to a particular mind and body is what will determine what circumstances we reincarnate in. I am not so sure that the incarnation would be Earth-bound or even bound in space or time though, out of all the infinite possible minds and bodies across space and time one could awaken into next after passing out of the one that one has for this life.


>I am not so sure that the incarnation would be Earth-bound or even bound in space or time
I would wager that reincarnation follows similar laws as every other natural process

It probably follows the arrow of time, and therefore space as well. Meaning that one dies and is reborn in the same general time and place of one's death

My soul has probably been in America for a few hundred years now


The real question is how your consciousness inhabited the body you're in right now and how your consciousness exists independently (assuming we're all conscious) at all


I am, as ever, a poor sinner, a captive of eternal love, running by the side of His triumphal chariot, and I have no desire to be anything else as long as I live


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Reality is a hologram projected from a single source. This explains quantum entanglement

We are all different rays of consciousness from the one Sun of Consciousness

Based bhakta


Can you explain more


He's locknar. He too is an Aryan god-like your nephew. You should let locknar guide your mini-chad relative.


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Based on my experience so far I believe that the tantric Shaiva model of reality is the most accurate

In short, there is one infinite and perfect God that is consciousness itself. Nothing exists apart from consciousness

Here's a reading list I made on Kashmiri Shaivism a few years ago. It's still pretty decent



>Pushes Buddhist or Indian philosophy
>Taliban flag
>Imagery combining Vikings and fascism with Buddhist/Indian text
>Seems to be a White man behind the post

Sad bro, get yourself together


I do feel similar though and also its freaky how I keep seeing this idea everywhere now. Also I enter the infinite consciousness sometimes when I redose DXM.


Indra and Thor are the exact same deity


I belieb u, fren.


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Aboriginal people aren't being murdered anywhere here in the present.
Additionally, these people are actually being racist by making Aboriginal people out to be one-sided victims in frontier Australia; they fought insanely well with just spears and didn't take the British's shit.


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Maybe not murdered but they´re pretty much left out in their reservates to die an death.
This movie is breddy good, cozy to watch and doesn´t feel like outright libshit propaganda


they should have genocided them


genocide abos


I think I'd rather live on the res than in victoria/melbourne, where the cops break down your door if you don't post a selfie every 20 minutes to prove you've locked yourself in your house.


Camera holder is cucked. The correct response to the question of whether genocide is good is that it depends entirely upon whether it's good for the people who are doing it.

E.g. if colonising Australia was good for the Brits (future Aussies) then it was good for them. Colonisation and genocide and slavery being similar stuff ofcourse.

Basically cultural relativism or maybe perspectivism


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How does this shit not terrify you people

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