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The US is going to do 'diversity initiatives' to make sure more POCs appraise homes, and they're definitely doing this to avoid a housing market crash and disguising it as woke crap.
It's so fucking transparent; they hire some 'diversity' who will then appraise homes higher and artificially inflate the costs to avoid a depression and recession. It's genuinely socialist crap, a bullet on a bandaid sound to 'fix' the economy.


Yell at the TV a little more, boomer man, and I'm sure it'll go away.


It won't go away. It'll get worse, unironically when I'm an actual boomer.


You're getting mad watching Fox News like my 58 year old father is what I'm saying. Stop cargo culting American boomers.


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>58 year old father
My dad is 78.


Is there like, a company that makes these flags or did he get them custom printed for the photo?


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I can't, I'm a homeowner and Australians copy every dumb American bullshit idea. I'm cargo culting an American boomer by default.


You and your WIFE visited the states.

Did you both get along with the americans, okay?!


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Please internalize this. It's not in the president's power to do much even if they wanted to. A lot of people claim to recognize this, but then a switch flips in their brain every election.


This thread is only tangentially related to electoral politics, but yes, I am personally sick of the impotent raging, which is why I never talk about the news anymore. The news exists only to plant seeds in your mind for what they want you to think about. If you can do something about it, then you should do something about it. If you can't do anything about it, then it's best left ignored so that you can keep your thoughts as organic as possible. When your head is filled with external narratives they consume other ideas that you might have had otherwise.
Also don't copy me, fag!


The fuck are you talking about? Whats a news?


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