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File: 1682436213088.jpg (50.03 KB, 465x600, Panam Palmer.jpg)


Anyone else here lust after mixed race women? I personally love mystery meat.


Not particularly.




Bad example in OP but there are beautiful mixed women out there


Aryan Chad locknar spreading his seed!


No I love South Asian women though. Ask me why if u want


I'm curious why. In my opinion they're among the most unappealing-at least physically. They're like black chicks without the cartoonishly exagerrated sexual anatomy heh


I mean, is it their personalities or culture? Because I think that's as valid a reason as any.


>being a race traitor
Gross bro. Aubrey Plaza was pretty great.


She is hot and yes I do


Its very psychological but mixed with the physical, its that they're so DTF to White men (Just Be White). And I see them as being so alien its almost like beastiality. Reminds me a bit of the fantasy you get of just pulling down your pants and fucking/raping a woman in public, like what you do in dreams, or its what I do anyway.


File: 1682458951307-0.mp4 (6.63 MB, 1280x720, mixed pale nigger girl.mp4)

Some hapas are really hot and other assorted types




Is that demi lovato


No. That's jenna Ortega.





nice digits


Nice digits


File: 1682701602689.jpg (1.25 MB, 2878x3839, 1682696638029662.jpg)


What kind of person puts fake freckles on their face?


I think its cute


File: 1682709581799.mp4 (1.56 MB, 1280x720, crazy pills.mp4)

They're fake.


I was a 22yo chav and took roids a stumpy turk sold me out the trunk of his s-class lol


Would impregnate


you have a wife, degenerate


let the man have two wives, bigot



Women are property. I cannot cheat upon my wife with an unmarried woman. The only violation of God's law is sex with another man's wife (theft)


Okay, Mr. Tuesday. Whatever you say, Mr Tuesday!


eurree eurreee eurrr


File: 1682792908927.jpeg (5.71 KB, 300x168, images.jpeg)


This niggah wants me to contact him. I swear.


No he doesnt




Let the delusion/trolling dissipate. Don't feed it.


drake campana wants you to suck his boner?


Who is this woman? I like her mouth


File: 1683419763762.webp (72.96 KB, 1440x2220, Screenshot_20230506-193539.webp)


File: 1683419830191.jpg (282.16 KB, 854x954, Screenshot_20230507_013702_….jpg)


I don't think that it is so simple lol, I'll find a way though


You'll find a way to suck his boner.


File: 1683420421669.mp4 (46.02 KB, 640x360, Ba dum tss.mp4)


If you want to suck drake campana YOU NEED JESUS!


I want someone to suck my boner


Suck your own boner.


drake sucks whipits out of a balloon while paparazzi take pictures of him.


I have done that since I read this post thank you for the advice


Based behaviour


Drake is the gayest man alive


not black, cant suck.
simple as


not black like me?


we are all black


File: 1711818950832.png (191.64 KB, 703x985, clownmeme-concept.png)

We're all stardust.


black stardust



File: 1711823294541.webp (177.36 KB, 1440x2677, Screenshot_20240330-132740.webp)


File: 1711823812217.gif (362.18 KB, 421x201, 171182370147122730.gif)


that's existist


Tbqh they would if they could. Goddamn noggers.


umm yikes sweety yikes this is really heckin' intolerant!! Do. Better. :)


File: 1711825823451.webp (18.64 KB, 1079x1079, Screenshot_20240223_184611….webp)


do what better?


OKAY its not my job to educate you!! Paypal me


i cant I am poor, I also got banned from PayPal


Yeah, I refuse to use them. Uber-kiked company


File: 1711981154571.webp (69.12 KB, 830x501, Screenshot_4.webp)

I wanna know who this absolute babe was and what race she is



Turn off vid after 30 sec mark it will lower ur IQ


>fagsan piker


File: 1712000736582.webp (58.32 KB, 1440x974, Screenshot_20240401-144505.webp)

She's a flip.


Was thinking Indo but idk, never really seen someone who looks like her...


shmystery shmeat


the penisman situation is insane huh


File: 1712078681116.jpg (262.04 KB, 835x800, 1712062034810322.jpg)





haven't u heard? it's insane

it's nuts


and its honestly as bad as mr shit in 2019 id never have thought of ngl


File: 1712315579774.jpg (143.7 KB, 828x1018, 1712272359414200.jpg)


I cringe hard at so much of that. It's such content slop. Like "critical drinker". Half baked thoughts or takes over edited Hollywood or video game montages. It SUCKS!


video essays are good if you don't want to spend time researching shit


File: 1712468741372-0.png (230.06 KB, 362x448, Screenshot_9.png)

File: 1712468741372-1.jpg (60.1 KB, 1280x720, GFiJG6ZXgAAcVSa.jpg)

File: 1712468741372-2.png (519.03 KB, 433x592, Screenshot_8.png)

I want to FUCK Massilia Aili

>Blue eyes

And the sheer top is suss


>sheer top

yeah what's up with that shit?


Believe it or not, 80 IQ sandshitters aren't all hecking based noble celibates who only have sex for prcreation and righteous corrective rape.
Your expectations are far too high, or you're too fed up on memes.
W*men are whores that trade in tits, shitholes and flaps, no matter the race or the place. Do not give them the benefit of a doubt


I was actually shocked because this is the first instance I've seen of a Muslim woman wearing a hijab AND a sheer top, it has nothing to do with memes or whatever else your retard brain typed to me


Yes it does


I think next time she should wear blackface and claim that she's being a nigger to represent all diversity.


how exactly?

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