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steal tshirt-wearing coffee milky sugar syrup slurping white liberal "higher-educated" "intellectual" "professionals" flashy compooters from public places within diverse urban hellholes they adore so much







They broke the first rule, never relax.


hustle the bustle


They're probably all vaxxoids if it makes you feel better


Aren't these apple laptops just bricks without the original user password/code


Also fake
Also fake
Also fake
Also fake


File: 1682552561887.jpg (39.14 KB, 480x314, i.jpg)

yes, but that's not the point

tshirt-wearing coffee milky sugar syrup slurping white liberal "higher-educated" "intellectual" "professionals" who probably listen "oldschool hiphop, ironically" need these loving reminders that they don't live in an ivory tower idyllic high-trust istockphoto-cafeteria-croaissant-moleskine-apple-macbook-developer-hipster-2010 society but something bit closer to a brazilian murdertown


hurstle the burstle


convince the homeless that google is going to give them a free pixel phone and a chromebook at their offices to empower them


Yeah, it was all secretly White people wearing nigger masks! This is all a racist conspiracy!


>yfw thats literally true


File: 1682597143223.webp (105.98 KB, 1080x1722, Screenshot_20230427-07034….webp)

>need these loving reminders that they don't live in an ivory tower idyllic high-trust [area]... but something bit closer to a brazilian murdertown
Just do this


I sometimes forget at least we don't have niggers I. Aus


I was at TAFE doing a uni prep course and I told my teacher in front of everyone that I was having a hard time studying because of noise at home (she asked the class about study issues or somethin) and she told me to consider a cafe. And I replied "a cafe?" with an incredulous look. And I think people laughed a bit. I told my gf at the time about it and it became a little thing sometimes where she brought it up and minimicked the way I said it.

I actually did read in cafes for a while though. Gloria Jeans/Starbucks or whatever, a large flat white or somethin and would read for 45 mins. When I was having caffeine...


Cafes are loud though. What a dumb retard teacher!


A lot of normies enjoy having the white noise blather around them. It helps them feel comfortable I guess.

I've been told by them that it doesn't really sound like anything. It's distracting for me because I always pick out conversations and stuff but they don't do that I guess.


Only a little.


i think it's just people wanting to be surrounded by others while working. as opposed to studying in the silence of yourself.


She harped on about her "think tank" basically once a lesson/class. That became a bit of OUR thing with my classmates. We mocked her for it. This was 2009 so I wasn't so politically aware (19yo) but it was almost no doubt some leftie thing.

It can help because its purposeful, you can treat it like a study session. You sit down and have 20-45 mins or whatever to do your thing. You know its over soon so make the best of it. If I had disruptive people over my house now though I'd probably put on white noise with my noise cancelling headphones - QCII. Though actually I wear those on the bus/train too.

One of the reasons I got into stoner/doom/psych (though less so psych) was because the noise helped to drown out the nonWhite human being people on public transport. Blacks (though I see them rarely) treat public transport like its a party, the other nonWhites/Asians treat it like its their call centre. Or they are playing some bing wahoo candy crush game


>twf no scottish accent


File: 1706549995822.webm (3.68 MB, 720x1280, 1706541842091235.webm)

2024 update: dey are just like us bring them in say no to racism


Sirs...it is of over...


File: 1706572294222.webp (29.5 KB, 587x855, Screenshot_20240129-17505….webp)

office open we
become big bosses


File: 1706577877994.mp4 (9.32 MB, 320x240, videoplayback (5).mp4)


Indian women are secretly sexy. Some of them have huge puffy brown areolas and pointy nipples. Some of them actually have the best tits I've ever seen, except that they're brown and all.

I imagine the only thing you have to do to get an Indian women into bed in the West is not be overtly racist towards her, or otherwise somehow pretend like she isn't Indian (the ones I've met at uni were extremely insecure about their race, so many of them wanted to pursue the fantasy of being - somehow - Western).


>not be overtly racist towards her
Impossible challenge. Pajeets are ridiculous people, it's like they're an entire race of autistic clowns.

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