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Wow, Jeffrey Epstein, the former Prime Minister of Israel and Noam Chomsky are all so talented; they all knew so much about the Israeli Palestine conflict that they met in Epstein's apartment to compare notes
I wish I were as talented as these gentlemen
How did they manage to learn so much about geopolitics, I mean I understand the former PM of Israel knowing but those other guys, their day jobs have nothing to do with politics, that's so cool
Oh my god they also managed to almost meet up with celebrated filmmaker Woody Allen
That's awesome
I bet he knows a lot more about geopolitics too


Geopolitics is so interesting, I might've even become a strategist if it weren't for the KIKES running the world! Or English/History prof


Didn't woody Allen adopt a Chinese child and groom her to be his wife?


Plus other stuff. And nobody did a god damn thing about it.


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>free speech



two retarded faggot nonces


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dead or alive I hope

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