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What are some stupid things you believed or misunderstandings you had as a child? I used to think spinning around like the Tasmanian devil was an effective fighting tactic and it really confused my karate teacher.


I thought that if I didn't tell about my brother abusing me, that he'd abuse me less. I thought that an appropriate place to suicide was my mother's closet because she cared more about her clothing than me. I thought that if I could get my parents to stop fighting that they wouldn't separate. I thought I caused my parents divorce.

And so forth and so on




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I thought commercials for pads were for premature babies, because they were little versions of nappies.
I was both clever and retarded at the same time.


I used to think that I'd find a girlfriend and be happy


>premature babies
My brother was a premature baby. That also explains your abortio- hey let's not go there! Whoo hoo!


Shut up, loser.


abortions aren't a big deal


Don't say that to phantasm.


but they aren't, they are a frequent enough occurance in society at this point, its obviously not a big deal to
930,160 last year, phantasm may have a problem and my initial point may be of garnerance but that doesn't stop me get wait is that a UFO!!!!!!


I use to think that fertilizing an egg to make a baby meant you were supposed to piss inside a kids pussy. I thought it made sense because my piss spots at home were always lush, growing and green. I got in some trouble doing that to girls.


A sensible conclusion considering the advertising promotes the same selling points. "Locks in moisture", ect.


I hope english is not your first language and that you have no idea what the hell you said BECAUSE WTF


... being a child is terrifying


I used to think that and still do after a few joints that every person's shit not processed in a sewage treatment plant floated out to sea and eventually joined this shit 'island' and I had the maddest nightmares about it, a giant shit mountain crashing into ships and into shore smelling the place up and shit

also thought japs were real


I am typing English. I thought to make a baby or fertilize a woman's egg meant you peed on or in her vagina and that fertilized the egg that would make the baby grow just like urine and manure put on plants makes plants grow.

Not that difficult a concept. I put my dick up to two separate little girls pussys that I convinced that was how you were to make a baby and tried to pee on it.


Ayo mind introDOOSIN ME!?!?


I used to think that humans were hollow and that food filled it when you ate starting at your feet and when you reached the head you died


I thought you could get pregnant from hugging, only really figured out what sex was around 11-12 I think. Been wanting to ask if others had the same experience.


I learned about seggs when I was 10, because my friend explained it, but he was under the impression that cum was some kind of solid, pellet-like substance. Sounded painful like you'd be passing kidney stones. Can't remember if I thought about reproduction before then.


My first experience was in first school, like the 2nd day I was there some girl expressed an interest in kissing me, so we met up outside and kissed for a while, she showed me her vagina and we lay on top of each other, fully clothed, I was the 1st year of first school


My parents didn't tell me about sex and I didn't have anywhere to learn about it when I was a little kid. In 3rd grade we learned the basics of the reproductive system, but it was taught briefly and in a very vague way, so I didn't know that to reproduce you had to stick your penis inside a vagina and thrust it until semen came out, and I had imagined a very different and bizarre version, where you the penis didn't enter the vagina, and you could shoot individual sperms on command, and you had to aim for the vagina and shoot the sperms there, like a game of darts or some shit. Only later (after ~2 years) I learned from somewhere that the penis had to be inserted in the vagina, but I still didn't know about semen and thought the sperms would come out by themselves, and only after another ~2 years I learned about semen and the fact that you had to thrust your penis for it to come out (I used to think that this was just some sort of exaggerated kinky thing that only existed in porn).


My parents told me the warehouse raid scene in Robocop with the cocaine exploding everywhere was a lightbulb factory and because I never watched the movie again until many years later I went on believing that for quite some time heh


I hope you convinced other kids that too.


Did your parents let u watch the whole film?



Your parents are cool.


yea I bet his mom has big tits and his dad has a big cock


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I bet their parents scored.


heehhehehheeh yea yea yea yea


The scene where the guy gets his body bits blown off? Why let you watch that


I thought "pay-per-view" was "paper view", and was a channel about paper-related office stuff that adults watched.



You sweet innocent summer child.


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I believed the world wasn't full of kane and abel's


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why do u always do dis


There are some people who can't see jewtube videos posted, retard.


Fun exercise. Try thinking about people other than yourself, narcissist.


like who? no one here said they're unable to watch youtube




Example, people in germany.


if you're talking about this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blocking_of_YouTube_videos_in_Germany it was settled years ago


It was an example.


2015 was just yesterday.


Yesterday was 650,000 years ago


650,000 years ago was 65,000,000 years ago


Never gets easier nigga


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