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Good morning,

White women are worthless nigger whores.
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check that mans hard drives!


File: 1694746133356.webp (95.54 KB, 700x909, vomit.webp)

look at that hideous, ugly piece of shit niglet abomination.


File: 1695826335612.jpg (34.88 KB, 631x890, 20230927_094923.jpg)


File: 1695828513878.jpeg (3.98 KB, 299x169, download (2).jpeg)

those women are both mid, not a loss, the second one isnt even white lol

stay mad fake christian goblin faget LOL


>nazi incel gets cucked
<it's actually not that bad, they are mid
Lol dumb incel


you are a gay homosexual


You are a kiss less virgin.


i am yes


File: 1696439444627.webp (49.95 KB, 651x580, 1696436147162213.webp)


File: 1696440032521.webp (123.54 KB, 1004x1022, 1696438899085843.webp)



File: 1696441497408.webp (93.5 KB, 1440x1474, Screenshot_20231004-12304….webp)

That nigger looks like he came straight outtah whoville.


It took me a long time to overcome my german guilt. What a dumb bitch.


File: 1696441787722.webp (8.92 KB, 514x910, Screenshot_20231004-12485….webp)

The look on her boyfriends face.


File: 1696441911284.png (69.1 KB, 1420x134, Screenshot_20231004-125016….png)


File: 1696444083920.jpg (14.15 KB, 250x250, tattoo.jpg)

Tattoos are like warning colors in animals. That is, she is not long-term relationship material for having poor enough judgment to brand herself with an ugly tattoo.


File: 1696446565752.webp (22.24 KB, 1440x622, Screenshot_20231004-14081….webp)

H'what it means?


File: 1696446921643.webp (130.65 KB, 1440x2016, Screenshot_20231004-14145….webp)


10 • 12 • 60 5
X • XVll • LX V


File: 1696447327159.png (58.43 KB, 734x864, chatgpt.png)


File: 1696447355515.webp (17.05 KB, 1440x901, Screenshot_20231004-14220….webp)

lol she's dumb


A date format maybe?


I don't know, are they?


Mark of the Beast
Women are breeding sows, nothing more.


Nothing but cons, yet they do amazing work for the personal connections sector. Without the niggers shooting pigs, what room is left for me to have for fun? Now that's a con!


File: 1696693541831.webp (118.19 KB, 1440x1408, Screenshot_20231007-10444….webp)


File: 1696727921463.webp (114.32 KB, 1440x1983, Screenshot_20231007-18034….webp)


File: 1696973562342.webm (1.23 MB, 727x800, 1696969680209243.webm)


Westerners are so lazy they forgot how to make their own coffee


File: 1696976819334.webp (87.03 KB, 783x1571, Screenshot_20231010-17262….webp)

She buys starfucks because it's a status symbol.


File: 1696977182336.webp (99.22 KB, 1440x663, Screenshot_20231010-17324….webp)


File: 1696977664465.webp (104.9 KB, 1440x1407, Screenshot_20231010-17401….webp)


that was the fashion like 12 years ago.


only the best for our virtual angels


File: 1697038367802.jpg (44.5 KB, 634x426, 76426057.jpg)

I'm infertile and I had a threesome with my wife and another man. Then she fell pregnant with twins. Several years later, I want to disown the kids


>A man has successfully disowned his twin daughters and proven himself 'sexually free' after his ex-wife was impregnated during a threesome.

>The New Zealand man won the court battle earlier this year but documents from the unusual case were only revealed by the Family Court this week.
>The court heard the former couple separated around two years ago but were only officially divorced three months ago.
>After their divorce, the man sought to remove his name from the twins' birth certificate.
>Their mother claimed he was trying to avoid any child support obligations while the man said he wanted to 'defend his honour'.
>They had previously adopted children together but the man had undergone a vasectomy some 12 years before the girls, who are now teenagers, were born.
>At the time of the twins' conception, the ex-couple were having regular threesomes with another man - believed to be the twins' biological father.
>Despite not believing he was the father, the twins took the ex-husband's surname and his name was listed on the birth certificate - which he sought to remove.
>He explained the couple had led an 'unconventional' home life with him living in a separate part of the home to his wife and the children since 2018.
>He added he didn't really participate in the threesome and mostly 'just watched' but was under the assumption his ex-wife and the other man were 'safe' and using birth control.

Why are white people like this?


they're easily excited with butt-hash, morocco black, blame their proud mothers >>68036 we stand with the blue


File: 1697068217777.webm (2.94 MB, 480x270, 1697057051137903.webm)


>"a man"
>no name given
>all pics are stock photos
for all we know this could have been a jewish man, his chinese wife and their maori bull


I think I have that brand of lube


File: 1697298409750.jpg (160.44 KB, 703x792, 1697291779094682.jpg)


File: 1700528304406.webm (2.77 MB, 480x480, simpmerica.webm)

Reason #1057 why I hate white "people." Anywhere else in the world people would just ignore this, as people instinctually know it's best not to get involved in other people's affairs. White "men" on the other hand have to be the white knight in every situation, like it's their religion. Other countries also don't have busybody nonsense like "child protective services" which kidnap a child from one household whose parenting style or ideology the state disagrees with so they can get raped in the ass by their new foster parents. White people are busybodies, they view themselves as the world police for their satanic religion of judeo-gynocracy of forcing every country on the planet to be gynocratic ("equal rights for women") and pro-faggotry ("LGBTQIA+ rights").


Pretty true. The non-White hoards might be dumb as rocks, but they have better instincts. Modern Whites might have a higher IQ than bronze age peasants, but they have absolutely no wisdom. They love sophistry, while rejecting obvious, in-your-face cause and effect.


Looks like high school kids and they wanted an excuse to punch out the white shirt guy


>posts on my onlyfans without permission


America is a cuckold society. Woman been running everything for decades and you see just a boy of mommy boys.


I'm sorry your mothers abused you but boys with nurturing mothers grow up to be "white knights". It's the same in any society that has intact families. If you go to some tribal village and put your hands on a woman; the men of the tribe will attack and possibly kill you.

niggers suddenly understand cause and effect when it's time to fight or steal


So what you be saying is mothers turn boys into sissy mommys boys? And perhaps they need a male role model to allow them to grow out of it?

Really shocking findings anon.


>fighting a nigger is sissy behavior
>standing back and watching him rampage is alpha
t. incels


I'd defend my momma, but not some random foid. The incentive to do so is nonexistent at this time.


Couldn't be more wrong.
>If you go to some tribal village and put your hands on a woman
Has no relevance to a couple quarreling especially if she started the fighting. Very Jewey to reframe it like that.

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