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On May 17th, much-beloved 4chon alum Giraf had passed away after having suffered a stroke on the 8th the week prior. He was 29.

I believe he'd spent more of his recent years on Kohlchan and the 4chon Telegram group-but those who'd known him know well what a good fella he was-far better than most-and gone far too soon.

The 4chon Telegram group chat (which he'd founded along with Dynd and some others) will be streaming a film in his honor at an as-of-yet undetermined date and time in the near future.

For further details, please see the venerable 4chon Steam group page.


My condolences.


The vax takes another.


rest in peace


>he was-far better than most
I resent that!


Sorry man, you really need to step your game up. You might be able to get on his level if you put your mind to it, though!


The family shrinks further. RIP.


Can we get confirmation he poisoned himself?


What does it matter? We probably all know the answer and I think it's kind of unfortunate to even consider prying at this point after the fact. If he wasn't it's not completely unheard of that these things happen but, I have experienced too much-thank goodness primarily vicarious-loss in my personal life to doubt what the culprit very well could be.

He is either a victim of a rogue medical condition or medical experiment that only the hardiest schizos and our pet boomers were able to resist in the end. Giraf always came across as a pretty normal guy on a very abnormal website so I could easily imagine him getting pressured into it through various channels, but if not it still sucks. From what I recall he always seemed to be a nice guy who was along for the ride and didn't really have anything too negative to say about anyone or anything.


My condolences.


File: 1684792298792.webm (2.15 MB, 854x720, 1684791270519335.webm)

Just because you didn't take the-clot-shots doesn't make you immortal. You're going to die someday too. Keep coping tho.


Yeah he was a nice guy from what I remember. He will be missed.


My condolences.


4chon death cult



File: 1684798086353.webp (189.82 KB, 1440x2542, Screenshot_20230522-18271….webp)


I miss Dyndposting lmoa


I was focusing on him a lot. I hope I didn't accidentally kill him in minecraft with my mind powers. Oops.


>Stroke at 29


File: 1684802581286.jpg (48 KB, 480x600, 1684779432845627.jpg)

I'm just imagining his sodium intake.


File: 1684804209592.png (223.78 KB, 2000x1600, 1684599858063.png)

If you don't want to be alone, don't be!

THEME: Digital/Virtual/Artificial Pets

THEME: no theme/shitposting

THEME: vent/horror
1. Artistic nudity is fine but no coomer tier nsfw drawings
2. There is a layer limit. It’s recommended that you merge your layers after you're done drawing or you may be prevented from creating more layers

Basic shortcuts for non-artfags:
B - brush
E - eraser
hold Z to zoom
hold spacebar to pan
Enter to access chat
Hold shift and click the eye icon next to a layer to hide it for yourself.

Come draw!


Source: https://lolcow.farm/ot/res/1575241.html


File: 1684804623002.webp (153.67 KB, 1439x2612, Screenshot_20230522-20145….webp)



Let me tell you something, there's no imageboard on earth that has the kind of body count 4chon has. Not a single one. You go there once and you've got one foot in the grave already.


File: 1684807420900.jpeg (19.97 KB, 529x580, images - 2023-05-23T12024….jpeg)

>He is either a victim of a rogue medical condition or medical experiment that only the hardiest schizos...were able to resist in the end

It's been four, and they've forgotten about me. I am too angry to die.


File: 1684807666327.webp (95.62 KB, 1440x1985, Screenshot_20230522-21052….webp)

I'm here for all of the chon. My condolences.






WRONG! You can' throw a stick on 4chon without hitting a corpse. There are no living people on 4chon at all as a matter of fact. Nothing against the dead of course. We love our zombies. Some of my best friends are dead. No one is more pro-ghost than me.


File: 1684809242799.jpg (34.08 KB, 599x585, 1684720376944753.jpg)

I'm not dead, yet.


Hello, and welcome to the scenic Democratic Socialist Republic of Victoria, where debt is to exceed 200 billion dollars, and you have been locked down seven times, and you will be happy about it, and you will take mRNa vaccines every 3-6 months if you want to keep your job and swore a Hippocratic oath. Oh, it turns out those vaccines don't work unless you're very old and infirm, have no longitudinal studies, have side effects that every journal is saying have been swept under the rug, don't stop transmission and caused Pfizer to have record profits? Well, we're just going to have you stop taking them, quietly, after you have four lots changing your DNA transcription forever. Do you have a history of heart conditions in the family? Too bad, Chud. You can't work or help others unless you get it. We're all in this together, two weeks to stop the spread.

What's that? The people who promised you a giant suburban rail loop project are abandoning it because there is too much debt involved almost as if they've laundered their money and got out?

You're just a crazy Chud, now let's have drag queens read you books about children transitioning in the Victorian Parliament. There, doesn't that make you feel better? No, well then why do you care about it anyway, Chud?


Are (you) doing okay, fam?!


I'm just waiting for another round of the new corona to come out. I'm getting the same exact feeling as the last one was spreading and about to hit. Buckle up guys. I think it's going to start all over again.


Covid was a once off because it had that unholy, intriguing combo of a Chernobyl-esque cover up with the Wuhan biolab and Pzifer and friends seizing the opportunity for profit by shilling three monthly vaccines.


You'll be okay, fam.


I don't think that word means what you think it means.


Didn't take the shots. I guess you're immortal now. Go play in traffic and live forever.


I can't wait until your internet gets taken away again.


File: 1684856389482.jpg (92.05 KB, 1023x818, e768d7eb76dcb84ae0ce89c10c….jpg)

>if you want to keep your job and swore a Hippocratic oath
So you violated your own oath already, in harming yourself medically and possibly by even injecting other people

Everything in your post is pure cope, rather than the humility and accountability most of the vaxxoids here express

God has already killed all of us, but unless you got placebo your own time likely draws near. Stop repeating cope "m-muh economy", recognize reality for what it is, and make right with God before your own inevitable death



That's literally never happened to me in my life.


That's one of the punishments on sam hyde's fishtank. Are you implying that some of the fishtankers are on the chon NOW?!


You have actual brain damage.


No. I do not.


Hey you have actual autism and can't tell what sarcasm is or simple jokes. You're the actual one with brain damage.


Are you trying to make me actually hate you?


Please don't make me accidentally kill (you) in minecraft with my mind-powers.


You've been hit by, you've been struck by, a loosh criminal.


You're either even dumber than expected or an expert troll.


File: 1684873375275.jpg (54.85 KB, 500x578, FAc5EkiVkAI2pxN.jpg)

That's such a good song. It's now in my skull and I'll have to play it on repeat to get it out!


Do people with autismo have senses of humor?


File: 1684891813884.jpg (358.03 KB, 1200x800, VP-COMP-5G-2.jpg)

Someone post his story about sliding around the floors in his socks going "meep meep!" and getting seen by the mailman.

Also, a 29 year old having stroke (heh) was absolutely unheard of before the kike spike


File: 1684892504402.jpg (121.97 KB, 736x834, 1684881364078629.jpg)

They did this.


>his story about sliding around the floors in his socks going "meep meep!" and getting seen by the mailman.
Damn that's a blast from the past. The things you remember when it's too late.


Too late...

Um excuse I sweaty but that story will be passed down from generation to generation.


File: 1684894183314.jpg (166.07 KB, 900x500, 1992 olympics spain.JPG)


Not 5g, its ackshually the tower of Blickyblocky in west farthington, schizo!

And pic related symbolized Odysseus' quest, or something


I didn't inject anyone with anything, thankfully. I also never wanted to do it. Why then, would I be humble or accountable for medical abuse by a statist shithole? I had to keep helping others, I was no good to anyone fired.

You make no sense. And fortunately, most people aren't going to die of mRNA vaccines; just people who shouldn't have, like what may or may not have happened to Giraf. Don't make up crap, that's exactly what they want you to do; to be a psyoped strawman that thinks everyone's gonna die of them, it lets them off the hook for those people that died, but shouldn't have.


>phantasm killed giraf


File: 1684937651501.webp (78.79 KB, 1440x1063, Screenshot_20230406-23203….webp)

I got all my clot-shots. I'm next.


File: 1684937784937.jpg (41.37 KB, 460x346, amzgz02_460s.jpg)

U sure?


>phantasm injects the vax into your eyeballs for a living


File: 1684947751998.jpg (797.88 KB, 2048x4033, 1640640325832.jpg)

>Don't make up crap, that's exactly what they want you to do; to be a psyoped strawman that thinks everyone's gonna die of them
Ironically you are strawmanning me right now. In my previous post >>56379 I literally acknowledged the fact that not all batches are the same

So far from my distanced perspective, it looks as though there are several main classes of injection-
>blood clots

I think of these common results, we see three general categories-
>fast death
>slow death
>mercifully given placebo

Hopefully you were given placebo but the ultimate truth here is that you do not know what was injected into your body. You chose career over potentially your very life itself. Russian roulette, with even more bullets than usual

I personally will never join your cult and I'll be stacking bodies before anyone injects me


He doesn't support the vax. You are being uppity for no reason. You are however making unsubstantiated claims, and thus "making crap up". I've been though a number of clinical trials and I read the papers they give you about the drugs they're testing. Sometimes people get fucked up or die, and sometimes it's due to a seemingly benign factor. It usually doesn't happen to every participant though. What's happening with the vax is exactly what one would expect from an untested drug. Of course it's not safe, but to claim AEs are a certainty based on nothing is retarded, and to claim that the only reason some people don't have AEs is because they were given placebo in order to fill the holes in your logic is even more retarded.


File: 1684951451167.png (243.47 KB, 882x790, 1675360128158482.png)

Thank you, mysterious man with a medical background, that defends both the clot shot and Phantasm himself

You even copied his writing style, from sheer admiration I assume


File: 1684951547422.png (137.53 KB, 598x704, image0.png)

Make peace with God, vaxxoids


File: 1684955706858.webp (91.8 KB, 1440x1440, Screenshot_20230524-14143….webp)



You're going to die too. Shut up locknar, I don't want to read about our eternal souls atm. Okay.


I don't have a medical background, I've made a living by participating in trials for years, and I didn't defend the clot shot, you absolute retard. Yes sir, all the people who don't agree with your poor reasoning and criticize you for your lack of reading comprehension are Pfizer shills! Don't go online anymore, it isn't safe!


That isn't Locknar.


So many chon losers flopped at the first bit of resistance and gave up on WN principles to larp as semites, it's easy to lose track


I literally have the single highest birthrate of anyone here. 3 so far, all extremely Hyperborean in blood

Honestly, even going as hard as possible, I expect maybe a 10% chance of survival for myself on the dawn of 2030. They're probably gonna send swarms of drones against all non-vaxxoids that survived the first round of culling

Many evils and tribulations ahead. Vax was just the beginning inshallah


In 7 years will you apologize for believing in idiotic depopulation conspiracies when they turn out to be wrong yet again?


Why would they send swarms of drones after you? Have you thought about this?


The herbal jew is turning him into a paranoid schizophrenic. Many such cases.


I have beheld the face of Satan directly


Careful next time (you) look directly at your face in the mirror, m8!


File: 1684978393928.jpg (66.02 KB, 489x650, 1684975678512846.jpg)

This thread is about giraffe, retards.



File: 1684984735111.webp (61.49 KB, 1236x1186, Screenshot_20230524-22135….webp)


Sorry, fren.




Another shit for brains retard that thinks the gay shit, tranny shit, feminist shit, global warming shit is all just "looney liberals."



rent free


I didn't know that's what I thought, thanks for telling me. Where did all these psychics on 4chon come from? Everyone around here has mind-reading powers and they can predict the future without any evidence, which they must be right about, because they're so confident in their assertions and never ask questions.


>government tells everyone to inject mystery juice over the flu
>>seeing this as sussy makes me a psychic
My mind's eye reveals you to me, in Australia, injecting your shegetz juice, so you can keep working as a shabbos goy


Firstly, I'm not phantasm, and while you can call him a bitch for taking it due to being a victim of circumstance, he never claimed to support it, so the dogmatic anti-vax replies are completely unwarranted. And again, I personally don't support the vax, I don't think it's harmless, and I don't think it's a good idea to take it, but the assumption that it always leads to severe medical conditions or death and that any exceptions were secretly given placebo is not a reasonable claim. If you're going to make these kind of claims is it too much to ask that you elaborate on your reasoning? Do I need to live in a world where internet politics enthusiasts can weave whatever fantastical tales they like and just circle-jerk each other without any pushback?


File: 1685113893605.png (206.16 KB, 583x718, 1678046665705341.png)

There's countless data available on the subject. I've already provided multiple images ITT that were all conversationally ignored. Nothing I can show to you or say will ever change your mind, because you can never un-inject yourself

These words are not for you

You are simply a convenience that has stumbled across my path. Perhaps through you and your failed example I can save others here from meeting a similar fate

I am sorry that my words could not save you years ago when I was warning 4chon not to inject themselves with government mystery juice


I've never taken the vax, Mr. Psychic. That the vax can cause issues isn't even under contention, so the charts aren't relevant. The idea that all the people who are still okay after taking the vax must have been secretly given placebo is the part I severely doubt.


>Do I need to live in a world where internet politics enthusiasts can weave whatever fantastical tales they like and just circle-jerk each other without any pushback?

Yes lmoa

In all seriousness I do believe I saw a weird article (from a non-tinfoil source, I think it was more like a business journal or something like that) about production of liquid placebo being massively ramped up in conjuction with vaccine production. I am not necessarily saying that this alone means the assertion that every single person who took the actual vaccine will die (well, before they normally would) is true, however little details like that are definitely of interest, and I can see how they might rouse such suspicions.

Anecdotally, I have a fairly large social network in normoid circles and I have seen a lot of suspicious deaths of <60 year olds over the past couple of years that continue to this day.


Leave phantasm alone heh. He'll either be fine or die. Not a damn thing he or anyone else can do about it now.


Heh there was an article addressing why Israel has such a high vaccination rate, yet their data doesn't match vaxxmaxxed European countries

The article explained that Israel received a very high level of placebo compared to other countries, because Israel had already done so much in the creation for the vaccine that they also willingly endanger themselves by taking placebo for the greater good


File: 1685147166536.mp4 (8.76 MB, 1280x720, 600 000 vaxx dead a year U….mp4)



It never ceases to astound me how much evidence one can shove into a person's face and they just refuse to accept it because then they'd have to accept so many other things. Sorry kids, white genocide is real, the bad guys won WWII, space travel is impossible, and we were intentionally poisoned as part of a global depopulation effort. Shit sucks, but it's time to grow up. Life isn't the eternal party you were promised.


File: 1685148928766.png (235.53 KB, 3000x2100, R.png)

>and we were intentionally poisoned as part of a global depopulation effort
When's that happening? You're going to wish depopulation conspiracies were real after you see what your neighborhood looks like when you're a geriatric. Demographic replacement is a real issue , but global depopulation is too good to be true as a matter of fact. Living in a densely populated slum full of niggers and pajeets is a better alternative to you? Are you out of your mind? If depopulation conspiracies are real, good.


Oh sweet summer child. Dear, sweet summer child. You don't see the big picture.


You don't see the big picture, buddy. People like Matthew Yglesias promoting 1 billion Americans is what they actually want for you. I have not see a shred of coherent reasoning for why aggregate depopulation would be a bad thing. It's a stupid and unnecessary deviation from the actual issue of "white genocide". it's kosher nonsense cooked up by christcuck boomers and a popular show from the UK.


BILL GATES literally KILLS NIGERS!!! we have to stop HIM ASAFP


This. The supposed nwo plot to reduce human populations and have everyone live in peace and harmony doesn't sound particularly malicious unless you unironically believe in infinite growth capitalism.


The jews are correct about goyim
However, the issue is that we're also on the depopulation list


this GUY types literely liek he was BORN in ISRAEL


File: 1685216753637.png (6.51 KB, 203x249, yes.png)


File: 1685245638500.jpg (272.51 KB, 594x473, 1685238718605513.jpg)


Fucking sad. I'm beat up over this. I remember us 4chonners playing EUIV together back in the day. Life has been shit since it was gone. Now this. I'll miss him.


File: 1685400127875.jpg (18.7 KB, 255x247, 1470595418958.jpg)

goddamnit. RIP in Peace Giraff. I just saw the message on his steam profile from his cousin.

who's next?


File: 1685403103523.gif (258.73 KB, 306x306, ezgif-1-be4f0005c8.gif)


I didn't know who that guy was



File: 1685422433098.jpg (98.94 KB, 650x596, 338032393_949244702901328_….jpg)

Did they ever release an aetiology of the stroke?


Anyone have the link to the funeral livestream? it's starts in an hour and 20 minutes.


Sad, I blew him off a few months ago because I said I was moving away from online stuff. He was super keen to hang out with me.


you're worse than hitler


File: 1685719715109.gif (1.46 MB, 415x272, 168571966657334520.gif)

>moving away from online stuff
Porn sick coomer not on the Internet, yeah sure.
>keen to hang out
...and yet you're still online and he's now dead.

Good job moody.


File: 1685720280336.gif (394.05 KB, 398x146, 168571966657334520 (1).gif)


File: 1685720779102.webp (97.61 KB, 1379x1368, Screenshot_20230602-10453….webp)


Dwarf! Did you steal her taaaarts?!


tfw no murderous tart-loving demon queen gf


It really do be like that tho


File: 1685745348404.mp4 (4.12 MB, 640x360, videoplayback (6).mp4)

I really fucking hate you. You fake ass bitch.


Bad breakup?


File: 1685752436513.mp4 (14.19 MB, 640x360, videoplayback (7).mp4)


(இ╭╮இ; )



it hurts


I had a few personal run ins with giraf. I hope he found some peace in the end. RIP man.


The Void awaits us all



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