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i think i might be hooked on cocaine


maybe try pepto bismuth, dumass


Its shite though


My stomach acid has been bothering me and now I wonder how many gallons of pepto bismol I'm going to need. When things are so bad you have to chug Pepto bismol, only to chuck it back up in the comfort of your own home and in a trashcan, unlike degenerates. Jesus fuck.


That salmon pink color, that sweet chalky taste. Just thinking about it right now.


I'm a stress thrower-upper. I am just barely holding it together. The other night I felt like I was having a mental breakdown but I'll be honest, lol what else is new.


Try drinking more water bro, or even try different types of water, try to stay away from sugar and caffeine and I hope your situation is solved by the time you get done reading this post


What's wrong?


File: 1684840149945.gif (1.94 MB, 400x228, paul-rudd-computer.gif)

Everything and nothing and everything and nothing.


File: 1684840192307.jpg (356.89 KB, 1393x783, 05onfire1_xp-videoSixteenB….jpg)


I know you probably don't want to go into specifics but I'd like to know specifics so I can potentially help you
Breathe in and hold it for 10 seconds, drink some water, maybe get something small to eat if you haven't, could be low blood sugar, consider downing a lot of water and lying in bed, you'll feel a bit meh for 20 minutes but you'll definitely feel better



File: 1684840957327.gif (482.62 KB, 500x250, giphy.gif)

Oh I'm not pukey atm. I do appreciate you trying to help.


Good stuff, could be your tongue, I used to fold my tongue in such a way that would make me wretch, could be nerves, unless its illness, in that case I hope you are well while reading this.


I'm glad I'm not the OP of this conspicuously timely thread. I tried that sh*t once l*terally a month ago or so and I can't understand how anybody would come to get addicted to it unless it had some wild additives or something heh


I hope that you're well too, fam.


How much do you do? Like how often when you do it too, I'd like to know this so I can potentially help


Do you feel better today?


We're not going to date anon. Not even e-date.
Thanks for asking but it's never ending.


Stims are the easiest drugs to quit. OP is a melodramatic fag who can't stop doing expensive drugs for a few days. Even for habitual users It won't kill you to quit coke cold turkey like with benzos or opioids, or even alcohol. Just sleep it off for a few days, pussy. That is literally all you need to do.


i'm unable to quit caffeine since i don't have multiple days in a row with no (mental) work where i can just "sleep it off". but my instant coffee jar has like 1/3 remaining and i'm not buying any more so i'll be forced to quit next month probably


>were not going to date not even e date
That wasn't my goal you thick cunt


I'm avid.


No you're not retard I AM


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what jedi is THIS??


Terminator 5 xbox 360 editio


kewl B)


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