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for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities


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anyone know of a cheaper alternative to this?


I'm also on the prowl for a good price to quality ratio 1 man tent, I can get the rest elsewhere.


>sleeping bag

Need all of these for cheap or ebay 2nd hand, any brands that seem shit but actually aren't, I know trespass is cheap some places


Anon, no.


Fuck off


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U gun die


Tell me how, most importantly though, tell me why


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What's the best sourced stove? Wood burner?


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The shittest item to find is going to be the bag


Your shit poop covered dildo?




bought a bunch of camping gear online during covid lockdown
single person tent, lightweight mattress, sleeping bag (down) cooking stuff, headlamp and dry sacks

needed to get a pack and some shoes and a pole but never did
never used any of it once
tbh i think a tent is excessive, a tarp would be fine in summer


Tent is better because of bugs.


And many other things. Hobos around here sometimes wake up with snakes on their chest. That it apparently happened more than once probably means it's a bad idea to sleep outside without proper shelter.


What do you mean "sourced"? A little propane burner is probably the most convenient if trying to save on pack space.


How it runs, I could cut up wood on site, de bark and use that


If using this

I'll just need some paper and a tiny bottle of petrol



Those are great heh. Tempted to replace my electric stove at home with one.


I know but I don't want to really use a fuel source, I'd rather get a nice smoke to whatever I cook, carbon and all that

I'm gonna calculate how much this camp out set is altogether


That's good, stove could do with being cheaper, may actually consider a gas stove if they're so cheap, I'll also have a look on Facebook at 2nd hand stuff, I figure the bag doesn't have to be big, I actually already have one, as I'll be carrying the tent because it won't be too far from me anyway, I need now a pillow, I have one here but it's one of those donut ones


Who has done anything /out/side if so what?


Grill, chill, drink some alcohol, and go for a walk.


Need a good bowl cup, plate and cutlery set (1 knife 1 fork 1 spoon)

I can't wait to do this, I may even scout out the area and clear some vegetation tomorrow, all I need is a stick and a gardening glove, which my mother has I think, I don't know whether to opt for a space with open sky or closed off, rain pending.



I have 5 cans here that my mate left me that I could down and play gears of War on for sure but fuck walking around drunk that's how you lose stuff


I hope I meet an SCP when I eventually do this

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