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I discovered the cure to inceldom, lads! It's gay sex!!!!

Later, virgins!


Don't lwt da DOOR "hitcha on da ASS" on da way out, Nerd!!!!!!!!


I genuinely wonder if that's what governments have in mind in order to deal with excess single males. If you put yourself in a Civ mindset, it makes sense.


File: 1684981076005.webp 105.09 KB, 1439x1593, Screenshot_20230524-211731.webp

Lmao pretty sure that I'm going to wind up in the hospital sometime in the near future-for having a nervous breakdown.

Later normies.

Catch ya later.

P.s I'm trying to hold it all together-as best as I can.


wat r u so nervous about


File: 1684985145628.jpg 278.8 KB, 1280x1920, 67198d9d163da29d823092024e6….jpg

Long story but I took a couple of black weed pills,a vallum, one other anti-anxiety med and am eating food and drinking beer IM MINECRAFT. Everything is happening at warp speed and it's all too much tbqh. This is how meltdowns and such happen. I just don't know how long I can hold it all together before I crash and I just have a feeling that I'll end up in a hospital bed.


File: 1684985234280.jpg 36.03 KB, 324x500, s-l500.jpg

*in minecraft


What have you done?


Fuck off
You can put yourself in not a CIA mindset
Get well, now, you can do it, breathe
Breathe cmon now, its all OK, you control your thoughts, nothing bad is going to happen ok?


You ever took lorazepam fast acting those are mint theyre like sensu beads, here but stay away from booze though with meds obviously ye nutter that stuff is horrible stuff makes ye feel like shit the next day and that, but here I don't know your situation mate hope you get well soon anyway


I tought you were moving to Sad Fagsicko to suck a bunch of dongas?!?! why ARE you still heRE??


Avid is a UK(united kingdom) dong swallower. He is not a San Francisco zombie Armageddon apocalypse enjoyer and liver-walking amongst the heroin needled street shitter streets.


dose he live in Brighton?


I'm not gay
I'm incredibly stoned this post took me a while to read ive had 4 edibles


youre missin out... PEwds got a house tere



I know



dose HONEYZ got me HORNEY

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