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Finally got around to playing the Final Fantasy VII remake (sorry for spoilering it years ago HDV heh)

I know I'm a few years too late to this, but just what exactly was Nomura thinking with the Time Jannies? It may be quite literally the stupidest plot choice I've ever seen in an otherwise competent game.

It's just fucking unbelievable how they take away all agency from the characters and tension from the major turning points in the story. What's even more bewildering is when I sought out user reactions, the frickwits on reddit and other forums praised their inclusion and looked forward to seeing their role in the story. During pivotal moments ghosts just flood in and rearrange the characters to fit the scene like they're dolls. CLEAN IT UP TIME JANNIES!

I have mixed feelings about Nomura. He has a certain anime style that people like and can be quite tasteful when done, tasteful in the sense that 14 year old boys will find it cool. He reminds me of Tim Burton in that he has got a bit too far up his own ass as he's aged and needs some producer to tardwrangle him back in a bit.

The game is otherwise really good. It's pure nostalgia bait, the over-the-top extra stuff added in is Nomura, like the weird motorcycle theatricals ripped right out of Advent Children, but the beats from the original are all there. There's so much effort and talent that's gone into balancing realism, anime combat and the feel of the OG game. The combat system is fun and a nice twist on ABT. Zoomers are apparently a bit confused by the game, seeing the story as nothing special. And they're right, you just sort of had to be there as a 13 year old boy in front of a CRT playing it on the original playstation. I think by the time they've finished with the story, after like 4 episodes, we'll be approaching 40 kek.


The remakes were a mistake, at best. Complete cash grab.


>the beats from the original are all there.
No they're not. There's no impact or meaning to anything. It's hard to believe some of the same devs worked on this.
The story is so shit I hope they never make another one. I'm incredulous that nobody in sector 7 dies when the plate falls for example. I thought it would be impossible to fuck things up so badly, but they managed to. Working on Kingdom Hearts for so long must have rotted Noumura's brain.


Sounds terrible ngl. So many good games out there. Why play something mid that sells itself by playing on your nostalgia?



There's a bit of joy in seeing some well designed versions of scenes from the OG, nothing wrong with pure nostalgia bait. It's like the same reason boomers went to see the new Rambo or biopic film I guess.

The starting Bombing Run and the trek to the Sector 5 reactor are pretty on point. But you're right, it's about a 50/50 hit and miss with the beats.


That they bastardized the story isn't just enough, but it isn't even the full game they released. They're dragging this shit out as a trilogy. People paid full price for 1/3 of a game that wasn't even that good outside of the eye candy. It's insulting. The company is outright insulting its fans. It's like seeing people eat shit because they've been pavlov'd into it, it's awful and you try to tell them it's awful but god damn they just can't stop shoving more into their mouths because maybe, just maybe, it'll give them some kind of rush they had back in the day. Drug peddling kikes.


File: 1685786787565.jpg (32.41 KB, 460x496, fragezeichengook.jpg)

I'm pretty out of the loop with decent modern vidya honestly. Every few months I google "New releases 202x" and there seems to be fuck all games, and I can borderline not tell which ones are multiplayer only battle royale things.

It seems AAA video games are increasingly just filling the niche of the visual entertainment industry that film once filled. The actual gameplay loops are so simplistic and easy you often can't call them games, and things like Assassin's Creed and God of War are being carried by their theatrical spectacle rather than the actual gameplay. Button prompts, those weird ass cut-scene things where you can kinda walk around but not really, running forward and the game does intricate jumps for you and you feel like you're doing it. People put these games on in the same way they used to put on a rented video from VideoEzy

Video games might just be a solved art form at this point. Really, the if/else statements that constitute the actual gameplay part of video games have, for the most part, been all worked out by the early 2000s. All the garbing of better graphics has disguised the fact that under the hood, there really isn't anything new. The only advancements that have mattered have come from better enemy AI and the processing power to have more enemies/units on the field at once, and basically no new games utilize that.


>The only advancements that have mattered have come from better enemy AI and the processing power to have more enemies/units on the field at once, and basically no new games utilize that.
Pretty much true. The problem is making more complex games just means more work for less money to these companies. They don't have the luxury of experimenting or targeting a niche audience even if they wanted to. It's why publicly-traded companies are cancer.


All the good games now come from smaller studios. I can't think of any AAA games released recently that are actually good.


Nu AAA games, Hollywood movies and Western TV shows are targeted for normies, i.e. the lowest common denominator. Maybe look beyond just googling SEO-boosted normie-written/AI-generated "Top 10 [...]" and "New Releases" articles that are sponsored by the AAA companies and curated by (((Google))) to show up in the first pages.


Go on steam and find some games with overwhelmingly positive reviews in the category of your choice and you'll find some great games.


>Video games might just be a solved art form at this point. Really, the if/else statements that constitute the actual gameplay part of video games have, for the most part, been all worked out by the early 2000s. All the garbing of better graphics has disguised the fact that under the hood, there really isn't anything new. The only advancements that have mattered have come from better enemy AI and the processing power to have more enemies/units on the field at once, and basically no new games utilize that.
Honestly, I am fine with that. The real problem is the Wokeism and nigger worship. Art direction to say nothing of writing is in the doldrums. There is a pressing need in AAA to make color schemes and characterization as gay and faggy as possible.


Hard to believe I played ff7/8/9/10 when I was a teen, those games are extraordinarily repetitive and slow, though the plots were cool of course. I won't touch this.

I've been looking into interactive horror and it seems cool. Stuff like "The Dark Pictures Anthology" specificially. Haven't played yet though. At least its specifically supposed to be about the plot, unlike the half-half stuff you said like God of War.


MOBA games still seem okay though tbh the only one I play or like is Dota. Haven't tried Overwatch 2 maybe its okay.


I agree with your assessment for the most part Moody. I enjoyed the game for what it was but there was plenty additions that caused me to roll my eyes as far into the back of my skull as possible, chief among them the Time Ghosts. Admittedly some stuff that was added was actually enjoyable like the Hell House scene among quite a few other things. It would have been a considerable improvement if the game ended like 30 minutes before it does because the fight at the end was completely ridiculous imho

That said, the production values were phenomenal. All of the characters looked, sounded and behaved exactly as I would have imagined in an upscale like this and seeing some of the locales with the power of current generation hardware was wonderful.


Oh yeah that was also really gay kek


Niggers I just read Diablo 4 is getting released like tomorrow and early access is already available with preorder

And I hear it might actually be okay but I'm not sure if its just the 10/10 IGN reviews


I have come to realize online games are all shit, because modern gaymers are shit. The reason I can't stand to play Diablo 2 in 2023 is because it's not 2003. The internet and the player base is completely different now.


Now that I think about it, it took 15 years between KH2 and KH3, but a bunch of side games were made in-between. This helped turn an already retarded plot into an even bigger mess. If I had to guess this is what he's going to do with FF7R, this is why he's inserting all these shitty plot contrivances, and it's ultimately why they probably decided to break the games up. It's not just going to be covering the original game with a bunch of unwanted filler, they're going to expand it as a franchise more than they already have. I'm sure none of the games are going to technically be awful, but it's not what anybody wanted. Calling it "Final Fantasy 7 Remake" is a straight up lie. They were being purposely misleading, and now they can sell spin-off games full of any nonsense they want and pretend it's FF7, so long as it's at least tangentially related.


There's a lot studio interference with this, it's clear because the game alternates between bullseyes for everything minor, and then fumbling the ball entirely when it comes to the serious moments. The plate dropping is the best example. You can tell they were forced to have it be a lighter tone with everyone surviving. The original was hard hitting in how everyone under died and Biggs, Wedge and Jessie were killed off quickly.

My problem with the sequels isn't that they will be adding shit in. It's that the Sephiroth obsession is going to be amped up to 100 and we're never not going to hear about him. Instead of pursuing Sephiroth around the world and looking for clues, it's going to be Cloud spasming in pain and being taunted by Sephiroth every hour, on the hour, for 30 hours. I'm pretty much over him as a villain. In the original he was great because his threat was slowly built up. He was offhand mentioned a few times, then you only see all the blood and mayhem he caused, and then you see the giant snake he impaled. He's been over-saturated with exposure that all his effect is gone.

There's also the unspoken fact that most of his appearance is fanservice for Fujoshits who have wandered in from Kingdom Hearts. Who for some reason set up tent and made Sephiroth/Cloud the ship of choice. The actual reason Sephiroth gangstalks and softly/erotically taunts Cloud while Cloud moans with pleasure/pain is because some nerdy degenerate foid is getting her Uke Semi fix. It makes me sympathize with these same women trying to enjoy Persona 5 and having to endure the Otaku version of this. Having to slog through half the female cast/love-interests present themselves as pathetic, helpless retards constantly venting about their mental problems. That shit must drive women insane kek.

I'm actually enjoying it for the most part tho, ngl. The good outweighs the bad.


They completely blew their wad on Sephiroth, he's constantly in your face and you've already fought him. There is no build-up, and it doesn't even feel like the stakes could be raised much more. It also demolishes tons of other plot points like dominoes. According to interviews they shoved him in there just because you never see him in Midgar otherwise. What's funny is they recreated a lot of scenes that happen later in the game, while they could have easily gotten past Kalm had they just followed the original plot. Speaking of which, it's going to be OC from now on if they continue to make these. There's no way in hell they're going to Kalm and doing the flashback segment, it would be pointless. They have to pull something else out of their ass. The writing for some reason assumes you already know everything about the original game with all it's meta commentary anyway. I can only imagine what people who've never played the original think.

I don't think it is a matter of studio interference either. Nojima and Nomura have worked on a lot of good games, but they've also written some absolute shit. Maybe Sakaguchi was the one keeping the higher-ups in check and people are absolutely correct about the Enix merger killing this company after all. I just looked it up and every other final fantasy game has 1 or 2 writer credits. How many does this one have? Seven. Seven hacks for this sham 7 remake. Having so many writers is never a good sign. It either means the story is compartmentalized like how Elder Scrolls games write quests or it means a lot of people are stepping over each-other's writing, tacking on whatever half-baked ideas they can get in. The aforementioned directer and lead-writer are responsible for allowing this regardless. Mechanically the game isn't bad and for the most part the general characterization is on point, but it's hard to like an RPG that has a poor plot, and it's even harder when the writing seems to be directing spite towards it's audience. We're the time traveling ghosts that don't want things to change as you'll see if you read between the lines in interviews, so Nomura can take his passive-aggressive 2DEEP4U David Lynch bullshit and shove it up his ass.


I'm so fucking glad I never touched this series


da SFM pr0n aloen wuz jutsify it


File: 1686019176803.jpg (125.8 KB, 522x1143, lightning_should_be.jpg)

That horny Jap that animated Scarlet in such vivid detail should get promoted.



File: 1686363887403.png (139.76 KB, 372x220, Screenshot_5.png)

Lel heh


This, I've always thought final fantasy was a cringe franchise, turn based shit music gay anime retard characters and a fan base of anime loving mongs is essentially what it is

There's better TBRPG's out there, most of them indie developed

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