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Chicken romance is just the same as in humans
10/10 Gigachad rooster doesn't do courtship dances or rape, females just drop before them
8-9/10 usually dances, sometimes rapes
6-7 roosters are half dance, half rape
5 and below are damned to the rape zone

The one broodcock kills all rival males. He breeds all of the females of the tribe. All of them. Even his own mother, sisters, daughters and granddaughters

This cycle of extreme incest continues for generations until one of the male chicks hits puberty and successfully murders his own father
-and then the cycle begins anew

Pic semi-related


File: 1686680951526.png (245.46 KB, 1017x1184, guard chicken.png)

What the fuck


Where is the chicken anime?


Why was I born in this cursed lesser meat suit, fellas?


Just get in the rape zone, dude!


My current broodcock is an Indio Gigante named All-Might
He has many sons, 20 or more, growing up here right now
Crazy and exotic mixes from the wild stacy jungle whores I keep

His red junglefowl, american gamefowl or azil mixed sons I expect to overthrow the father

There can be only one


File: 1686731050181-0.png (81.18 KB, 878x189, Screenshot_2.png)

File: 1686731050181-1.jpg (32.04 KB, 600x429, gaben laugh.jpg)


I'm thinking about getting chickens for eggs when I get my own place thats suitable for it. I was previously thinking more of a homestead but I'm too lazy and will be too rich for that. I hear chickens for eggs is easy enough.


What ended up happening with those cripple tard chicks by the way?


File: 1686748621356.jpg (1.11 MB, 1836x1067, Allmight and Azula.jpg)

They're incredibly easy to own and use
I could probably leave my chickens for 1000 years and their progeny would still be here, if humans didn't remove them

There were three tard birds originally. Of those three-
>2 have vanished into a huge flock of identical chicks
>not sure if they live or not, good chance they do, because they were the strongest of my tards
>the small black baby that we saved several times outside lived with it's mom for a couple of day
>now it's gone, almost certainly dead

I'm going to stop saving baby birds outside. I have far too many already and natural selection needs to remove the unfit




File: 1686871093214.jpg (2.44 MB, 1836x2779, Dad, mom and babies.jpg)

Some damn animal spilled my feed bin everywhere. Probably a possum


You VILL get vaccinated, chicken raper boy!


Do you just use them for eggs? It sounds way too bothersome to eat them - defeathering etc. That big alpha bird is living out my dreams. I always rape in my dreams, the womans consent is a total non issue.

I WILL own something
I will NOT be happy!!!


Mostly just eggs
I haven't ate a bird in forever but fate will force my hand soon
20+ new roosters on the way


That's gonna take forever. You gotta shove them in boiling water just to make them pluckable.


I can rip feathers out pretty easy. Honesty I've never understood the problem people have with murdering and butchering chickens

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