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Chonpill me on this guy, who is he and why is he famous? I don't want to watch a 76 part, 40 minute video on him (wtf? why would people go to such lengths?). Isn't he literally just a tranny who did tranny stuff?


He is the administrator of 4chon.me


Not in order and leaving a lot out:
>he's autistic
>has a peculiar way of speaking that was very memeable
>would always wear a poorly-made necklace that had the head of his sonic/pikachu character, called "the sonichu medallion"
>would hold signs in public asking for a girlfriend
>got into an argument with his school deen when she told him to stop, which made her his enemy for years
>kicked out of target for doing this while hanging out at the cafeteria all day and bumming free drink refills
>Kicked out of McDonald's for doing this
>kicked out of the only game store in town for being too aggressive toward children during pokemon tournaments
>made an unintentionally hilarious, poorly drawn comic series about a sonic/pikachu hybrid, which would sometimes feature dramatic retellings of events from his life
>kept making vlogs addressing his trolls
>kept telling everyone his personal info in videos
>got into edit wars with ED
>felt the need to assert his straightness constantly
>had odd beliefs such as that staring at his sailor moon poster would help him stay straight
>posted porn he drew of his friend on ED to prove he was straight, which caused a falling-out
>kept falling for obvious pranks
>believes for years that a random picture of a guido is some troll ring leader named Clyde Cash
>believes random trolls are interested women
>believed that he was in talks with Shigeru Miyamoto about making a sonichu game
>showed videos of his house
>house packed full of crap, whole rooms are full of boxes and unusable
>multiple people warned him about fire hazards for years, and as it would turn out his house eventually did burn down

So basically he's famous for being a funny autist, who kept feeding the trolls with constant video uploads for years, while posting too much information about himself online. The icing on the cake was how real life events would be mirrored in his ridiculous comic. Those places he got kicked out of are some examples of this. It gave you his introspection into events as they were happening. He wasn't a tranny until the late 2010s, probably convinced by some faggots pretending to be his friends. I hadn't paid any attention to him for years until I heard he was arrested for fugging his 80 year old senile mother.


Additional information that I forgot to mention but think is funny: He would drink his own cum with fanta, believing he was 'recycling' it.


Heh, I remember that shit. Nostalgic.

Sadly Chris and his family aren't atypical people if you go to small towns in shitty areas of the USA.


So thats why people (once or twice??) have likened me to him, it must be his propensity to posting personal stuff online. You have to admit - you've know if you've ever done it - it's really fun to post things you've done IRL online, stuff like food or a girl sitting alone that you wanted to approach (or did), or I took a photo recently of 4 fat women lumbering up the stairs to the train station blocking my way, such lardasses. It's easy to find attention when you do so. Its easy to be trollish and inflammatory and attention-seeking and otherwise easy to get responses from people, it seems imageboarders especially can relate to the stuff you do and perhaps put themselves in your shoes because they've experienced the same thing. One of the earliest things I did, its a good example of something vaguely personal, was posting pics of something like the USyd Arts (or Law) Society camp, and pointed out how half of them were Asians or Pajeets, I think it was Krautchan and the thread stayed up for days and got so many replies, many of them scathing, it was hilarious. This was probably 2012 maybe 2013.


If I had to guess they probably compare you to CWC, because you go on quests to meet women and have particular requirements most people wouldn't find reasonable that you won't compromise on. The sign would say:
>*18-21 years of age *does _not_ already have a boyfriend *Single
>-Average to Slender Weight/Body Type -White -Lives in Charolettesville or Ruckersville area
>*Does NOT Smoke or Drink Alcohol -Happy, Positive Personality
>*Average/High Income -Drives a vehicle

Going out with the sole purpose of meeting women and asking women if they're vaccinated is why you remind people of CWC. I think it's an unfair comparison though, because he never actually approached women, he would stand around with a sign hoping they would approach him.


How and why are you so intimately familiar with the personal details of this man's romantic life and his overall psychological profile?. I've been here since 2011 and I have no fucking clue who this is besides "tardposter"

His standards are also unreasonable

Who are you? Reveal yourself


Because he made multiple threads about finding an unvaxxed GF here and on KC.


he's jesus but also a woman and he cures disease with his massive female cock and sweet sperg seed


File: 1687075885568.png (284.9 KB, 567x503, 1650171516068.png)


I had 10-12 girlfriends before the 2010s when I was a teen, but after that I was at uni in which I had very limited success and a lot of frustration with women, and THEN (or at the same time) I was trying to do day game in shopping centres, but I was too scared to approach, it's extraordinarily cringe. I must've spent like 50-100 hours minimum just walking through the busiest shopping centres looking for women to approach and trying to figure out how, and I did maybe 10 approaches all that time, all of them very weak (you are shit at approaching if you do 1 approach a day or less, regardless of your experience). Maybe it was over 100 hours, it was at least 30 different sessions, maybe 50+, who knows.

It's so cringe particularly because when I got more serious about approaching last Sept, I met some women who legitimately seem to like me right off the bat. I'm obviously a mentalcel, I am decent looking and have had beautiful girlfriends. I'm also autistic but autism is bullshit its just a collection of traits and way to identify people with poor social skills.

How sad, I'm mad about all that time wasted but at the same time I'm over it, you can ultimately look at it as a period of development, plus I'm just more aggressive now and I think that partly comes with age. I'm so over social anxiety or approach anxiety, aside from the brief couple times I get it when I haven't been approaching. When I've been doing approach sessions I get 1-2 or maybe 3 missed approaches due to anxiety, but then when I start approaching it all fades and I feel king. I highly recommend approaching...


Will probably approach less through this winter though because my house is cold and I'm trying to fix my vision so I can see without glasses (and that would make me more attractive as well).


>confidencemaxx (easy when you look good)
>find purebloods

Simple in theory, though admittedly I wouldn't want to be in the dating market right now with 2/3rds of all women being vaxxoid goyim trash


> 2/3rds of all women being vaxxoid goyim trash

I wish it were only 2/3

Otherwise I'm doing all that

You forgot myopiamaxxing heh. I haven't got around to making a writeup on that. Don't all imageboarder incels have myopia/shortsightedness? One of the best theories of it is that its caused by too much close-up work (computers, potentially reading).


This is the real Chris Chandler. You have all been trolled.


he's gettin' away


Now this is a based nigga


My parents totally fucking fried my eyeballs out of my skull by letting me literally press my eyes directly into the TV screen. It was interesting to examine an illusion from as close as possible, because all of the things on the screen suddenly become nothing more than colored dots

I should thank Genndy Tartakovsky for raising me properly


I'd suck his willie


File: 1687781959343.mp4 (2.45 MB, 468x360, the real chrischan timeline.mp4)


Dwarf thinks we're stupid enough to fall for something like this.


File: 1687791397582.jpg (1.12 MB, 1042x8043, Smiley~2.jpg)


Leave me alone, soldier of satan.


What song is that in the background?


Why kiwiniggers find literal r-slurs interesting, I have no idea. Every school had a special needs unit with a Chris Chan shitting his pants and awkwardly hitting on girls. He's the village idiot, and nothing more.

Drachenlord has an IQ of like 70 too, so it's not just Chris, they have a fascination with literal retards in general. They then act bewildered when said retards don't behave normal, take it as some moral affront and then do some mental gymnastics to justify gangstalking him and going through his trash for old school reports.


They're trash eating possums trying to morally justify eating trash


A significant amount of people on KF are in fact also autistic retards.


True and some are worse tbqh.


are you a nigger? can I lick your erection?


we n33d 2 digg up da good cocks on moodeh and maek ihm into teh lulcowzor XD


A very rich person bailed CWC out of jail.


Hit the road dogcunt


I'd rather hit a nigger erection!

was it a nigger? did CWC lick his erection?


Degenerate fuck

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