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Who did it better?

Have people ever pointed out to you that you look like you're thinking, and/or that you're stroking your chin etc?


I have a long wizard beard. Chinfags have nothing on me


I don't know but I farted and it smells like shit


based fellow beard enjoyer



Too itchy and annoying for me and I don't think girls like them either. Even when I get a wife I won't go full Varg beard


My sister thinks well-groomed facial hair is really hot. if you have a pube beard though just give up.


I keep a trim beard and shave a little off the bottom neck area and fade it up to the jawline. I do the same it's my pubes


Is skyrim good? I've been passively playing it for a couple weeks off and on and it's just a bit shit, am I missing something with this game?


>Is skyrim good?
Only after you've installed hundreds of mods.


File: 1687714555740.png (1.07 MB, 848x625, 65bace711cba5639c258f3fe931….png)

Long hair is the secret
The longer it is, the more options you have
My beard almost touches my nipples now
I like to grab the last six inches or so, squish it, and put that into a bunch of hair bands
It gives me both the Herculean chin effect, and a long pirate looking beard that women love
I can even tuck the braid into the beard and suddenly my beard is a third of the normal length

Sasquatch, dashing rogue or humble farmer
Each and every day I choose in the morning
Shortbeardfags and beardlets will never know this glory


It'll be good once the NPC AI mods get working.

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