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File: 1688003316008.png (1.58 MB, 1724x975, Untitled.png)


Opinions on the current status of AVGN's hairline?


N*gga should have never taken off the hat. At some point it really is legitimately better to shave it off unless you're willing to go full hulk hogan "Chad Embrace" mode heh


He wore the MK hat for so long it was probably dirty and smelly.


Can't you wash hats or nah?


They shrink in the dryer. I would like to believe he never took it off for months on end due to shame and embarrassment, even sleeping and showering with it on. The condition of the hat had also noticeably declined after years of wear and tear. I probably would not pick on him, except he still has hair in all his promotional material and sometimes for skits he pretends to be his younger self. It's just not gonna fly.


Oh my god. What happened to the man?


I chuck mine in the wash sometimes.


File: 1688022161893.png (429.79 KB, 620x400, nteu-elections-new-620x400.png)

Dead ringer for one of my old profs at uni on the right


Why doesn't he just get hair transplant, he's probably got enough cash


He is in his mid-40s.
That image makes them look like evil villains lording over the school, is this accurate?
Due to many bad business decisions throughout his internet career and making a movie that bombed, I doubt he has that much money. On top of getting screwed constantly he doesn't know how to be a shameless grifter. The ones who make the real money have subscription services or live stream for super chats.


They are Jewish so probably


>evil Jews menacingly lording over the school with their faces in the sky
>security officer stands out in the foreground watching a crowd of students, who look like ants in the background
Truly dystopian imagery. They're not even trying to hide it.


the wall comes for us all. don't be ashamed of your hair loss. hair loss shame is a tool of the JEWS


His hairline is in one of the worst positions possible, and it looks stupid! He can't keep pretending his character looks almost the same after 20 years! He should shave his head and do a skit where he rips his hair out playing a shitty game, is that so hard?


Nigger its like a grand for a hair treatment in Turkey, how much did you think it was lmao


He chooses to look like this in the mirror every morning
Literally anything else would look better
Full bald, full hairy
But no
Let me shave absolutely everything except this tiny fringe of zombie hair


File: 1688049362621.jpg (1.18 MB, 2399x3000, Official_Portrait_of_Presid….jpg)

>Full head of hair at 70

How did he do it?


I am fast approaching my 40s and still have my hair. It doesn't just fall out for no reason. Avgn has some problems in life I guess.


He looks better than if he shaved his head. Shaving your head and growing a beard is the ultimate redditor cope move.


You are a lazy Jew, George Costanza wannabe.


Dogisaga you choose to look how you look, glass house stones


Not dogisaga
I am radiant, like the sun


Prove it


My light shines regardless of your awareness


File: 1688070520333.jpeg (106.2 KB, 811x984, игрушка-расизм-неигрушки-5….jpeg)

We've got a literal glownigger here, boys!


Prove it


File: 1688078189949-0.jpg (75.58 KB, 800x800, 1397957631858.jpg)

File: 1688078189949-1.jpg (40.86 KB, 1100x636, an-infographic-of-the-norwo….jpg)

I started taking Finasteride at 23 when I had about a norwood 1 with slight recession at temples. Then I realized it was a TRANNY drug and stopped taking it. Now I'm 33 and I stopped taking it around 27 and my recession slowed massively or virtually stopped. So my hairlines about a 1.5 now.


File: 1688079115096.jpg (293.91 KB, 1500x1500, 819 -KLReAL._SL1500_.jpg)

I never used finastride, but that's pretty much me. I'm 33 and my hairline hasn't really moved since my mid-20s. I do use this shampoo though. While I can say it's probably can been effective, I don't how if it's sissfying me. What I do know is if you want to keep your hair don't ever use a shampoo with sulfates, and don't ever wear anything that restricts blood-flow to your head, including head phones.


a receding hairline does nothing to harm his image as a nerd

if anything being uglier is a plus in that role


Imagine caring about another man's anything lmaooo


File: 1688307496046.jpg (109.02 KB, 736x1104, 1684797173732801.jpg)


don't care as I'm not gay, AVGN vids are based as fuck aswell


File: 1712266829415-0.png (449.18 KB, 640x668, Doug_Walker_Comic_Con_2022.png)

File: 1712266829415-1.jpg (102.63 KB, 1400x1050, nappa.jpg)

he drank a lot of kike semen when he was an actor

nice trips but you're wrong

avid cares deeply about other men's willies


Why does every dude have a fade or undercut hairstyle these days? They make themselves look like punchable dweebs.


you can't seriously be expecting an answer for this question, how the FUCK is anyone here supposed to realistically answer this


To see which dweeb will take the bait.


Why do (you) have the hitler youth hair cut and say everyone has it?


you've never punched anyone, queermo



so drop to your knees and suck this dick


File: 1712609108083.jpeg (8.49 KB, 230x219, images (3).jpeg)

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