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Everything gets recycled, so we're staying right here, dawg.


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HDV. Sir. Sir.


for the record, i randomly picked a page and saw that, i have no idea what else is in this PERVERSE webcomic


I didn't mean to post this particular content it was just a series of several misinputs aha


Also uh...I'm not that far into this comic aha

This scene is wildly unrepresentative of the content therein taken as a whole. Well, probably. I mean, not that I'd know either way, because I haven't read that far into it, you see. In fact I stopped at pretty much the first panel-no reason to investigate further! This is all just a simple misunderstanding, I assure you.


I wholeheartedly believe you


Biggest fanboy.


yoooouuuuuuuuu weirdo



File: 1688138372700.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.85 MB, 720x1280, How'd she fit it.webm)


sex based excursions are not talents nor achievements, sexuality is the basest of human emotions, its at the core of a humans physiognomy, literally everyone has urges, fisting your shit pipe and gaping your arse or cunt is a giant attention seeking act and a kind of degenerate grandstand I'm just simply disgusted by, until we are able to transfer feelings through a screen I will continue to not register horny people doing stupid horny shit in my mind at all


into recycle bin ready for admin to right click empty


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We go to equestria.

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