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Is it worth putting money into a laptop when the processor itself is the bottleneck? I just installed some ram into an 11 year old Linux laptop of mine and it did noticeably improve performance. I was considering putting an SSD into it as well because you can get one for <$50 these days, but I guess I'm not sure. Knowing that just typing in [redacted]cord can send my processor into 90%+ usage territory makes me think it's maybe not worth worrying too much about.


No unless it's your only laptop, you're strapped for cash, and can't find any better used laptop on craigslist, local facebook groups, whatever else.


kek, will tweak the anti-cp script so it's a bit less trigger-happy


You're probably right, the startup time being a little long I think is the only performance problem it'd really solve afaik. $50 isn't much but it's maybe not worth dumping into a computer whose days are numbered. Then again...it is my secondary pc that I bring to work sometimes and it might be worth keeping afloat for as long as possible to stave off the need or desire to upgrade.

I suspect I know what triggered it but I feel like vocalizing it might be counter-productive. I feel like I'd rather it be over-active than under-active all things considered. Unless it becomes a regular occurrence it's probably not worth worrying too much about heh


Nah the effectiveness will remain the same. Changed it so it checks whether your IP posted anything else in the past 14 days on this board as opposed to just past 3 days. Your last post on this board with that IP was 12 days ago. SQL COUNT(*)'s are expensive search operations based on how many total records in needs to check which is why I conservatively limited the scope that it searches based on sorting by time. But from a quick test the difference between a COUNT(*) search in 3 days and 14 days (and this script only runs every 15 minutes to check the latest thread) appears to remain on the order of milliseconds which is still imperceivable (and still within margin of error due to caching complexities/quirks).


(in other words it'll ignore whether or not it sees that you typed "[redacted]cord" in your OP because of that past-14-days-post-history condition met)


I would consider an Android drawing tablet like the Tab S6 Lite 64GB, can find it for ~$250 in JewSA, check amazon. It should support the Samsung Official S Pen Stylus which appears to be a proper pen with pressure sensitivity and not a cringe capacitive pen. I think it comes with one. Check reviews on jewtube etc. If you need a notepad-like app for Jewdroid I recommend sideloading/pirating this https://apkdone.com/simple-notes-pro/download which is the premium version instead of the (((cums with ads))) version on Jewgle Play Store. Any Windows tablet that supports non-capacitive pens would cost minimum $800 probably and I think that's a bad investment since they probably don't even have 16GB of RAM which should be the minimum any new Windows machine should have.

Obviously you'd pirate painting apps
Krita I hear is still shit on Android but you can try it


An SSD should help dramatically, and even if you decide to stop using that laptop, it's always good to have a spare drive for when you need it. If you're gonna buy one, I'll tell you I've had bad experiences with Kingston drives failing.


How the hell does Ted get mistaken for CP?


Found another copy of "Ted-Kaczynski-lede.jpg" so this one's easy to restore


File: 1688246326290.jpeg (2.82 MB, 4032x3024, D436F1B9-E7E6-4979-A390-1A….jpeg)

I installed the new harddrive but now I'm getting an "operating system not found" error. I mean, duh there's no OS but it's not acknowledging my Linux boot usb either, and I haven't been able to access the bios despite trying a few different options. AAAAAAAAAAA!

I'm wondering if the HD just isn't compatible. They're both SATA and fit the same form factor but the old one has four pins next to the SATA input that the new one lacks and I'm not certain what they're for heh

>new on left and old on right



I appreciate the info. Actually, I'm kind of against drawing on screens directly because I feel it's worse for posture and health-it isn't all it's cracked up to be with regards to accuracy either but it is an improvement over most flat tablets at least. The reason I want to hold on to this laptop so much is in part because it's got a 17inch display with very good color. Even with its prior performance faults it's made a solid back up heh


You can't access the bios? Have you tried mashing Esc while booting? I assume the live cd just isn't booting, because it's below the SSD in the boot order.


Actually I haven't tried delete or esc yet so here goes nothing


no you have to figure out how to get to bios for your laptop model then boot into your usb from there

which cpu and how much ram do you have? maybe you should install windows 10 ltsc instead, linux kinda sux


Darn, that didn't heckin' workerino either. I think before I do anything desperate like taking three minutes to take the harddrive out again I'll check if the usb itself is working using my other computer.


It's an 11 year old Sony Vaio craptop, I'm uncertain with many if its specifics, all I know is that I haven't been able to access the bios despite trying everything I'm aware of (including the Vaio's proprietary "Assist" button smh).


well you have to know the exact model, what does it say below the laptop


did you press and hold down assist while booting


Yeah tried that heh, and many an F-key

It's a Vaio E-Series model # sve171c11L


Does appear that the USB is functioning properly on a different computer, I just need to access the bios. However I've tried most of the methods I'm aware of to access it. I do wonder if it's a hardware issue in that case but I feel like even if a harddrive wasn't present at all I should still be able to access it smheh


Ope, weirdly pressing the Assist button instead of the power button (I was using Assist button like an F key) seems to have granted me access to the bios. Now I've gotten another weird error. Let's see if I can work around it somehow.


>Verification Failed: (0x1a) Security Violation
Not sure what security could be getting violated here, for heaven's sake heh


Oh, nice I got it (it was an internal setting in the bios I just had to disable in bios)


Did you try booting the computer after taking the hard drive out already? If it doesn't boot then maybe you screwed up on making a bootable live cd. Another option might be to use your other computer to install the OS on that drive, and then you can just take it out and put it in your laptop.


ur supose to hold assist b4 powering on


Now everything is going well. If I would have known the Assist key functioned like a power button replacement I'd never have had to come whining here, sorry to bug you-appreciate the assistance so far. I can already tell that despite the aforementioned 11-year-old-processor bottleneck the SSD and additional ram has made its performance in all manner of ways substantially better. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of productivity I can squeeze out of it now.

I'd have hated to discard the whole thing but it was getting to the point that there'd be a lot of time consuming performance issues that made using it pretty frustrating heh


That's what I thought I'd read but when I did it that way the error would persist. When I turned it off and just pressed it it ended up working properly for whatever reason


> Intel Core i7 (3rd Gen) 3632QM / 2.2 GHz
wow wtf ur so spoiled, this not outdated at all, i'm using a 3rd gen i7 too. i thought ur cpu was going to be like some last gen core 2 duo or some shit. how much ram did you have b4 and how much do you have now? you don't need to suffer with linux on this, i'm using win10 ltsc just fine on mine.

and btw discord using high cpu usage is a software problem, it's not ur cpu's fault. a 3rd gen i7 should be able to handle anything. ppl are saying just switch off "hardware acceleration"


Despite the model number mine has different specs somehow. Mine has an i5 dual core and had 6-gigs of off-brand memory (I think up from an initial 4). I'll post it when I get back home in a minute


Using windows 10 is like being the bottom at a bug-catching party.


o ok ic, Sony Vaio E17's base model is i5-3210M, 4GB RAM, 320GB HDD. by far the biggest bottleneck in that is the 4GB of RAM, it's not possible to open a double-digit number of browser tabs or even just a handful of youtube tabs before it hits RAM limit (makes no difference whether you're using linux or windows). 6GB should be a significant improvement. your laptop supports 8GB total, i would've upgraded to that instead. i'm guessing it takes in DDR3-1066 sticks? too late now. but i think you should still use win10 ltsc instead of a cringe generic linux distro, linux abandoned being the low-RAM alternative desktop OS years ago (unless ur ok using cringelord command-line and "tiling WM's" to do everything), i think Lubuntu 18.04 LTS is the last "low-RAM" distro (newer versions abandoned that focus and assume everyone has at least 8GB of RAM) but their software packages are all outdated now including the web browsers


not ltsc, it lacks automatic updates, cortana, etc. and you can remove telemetry with privatezilla https://github.com/builtbybel/privatezilla


I doubt it's a perfect solution. It's crazy how no matter how much I do to mitigate it my firewall still catches Windows trying to phone home.


bcuz windows updates undo your telemetry mitigations. you have to re-run privatezilla every time windows 10 updates. ltsc does not have automatic updates which solves this problem


>your laptop supports 8GB total
I installed 16GB of RAM which seems to have all been acknowledged by the system thankfully (my normal usage is like <2% lmoa), and a 500GB SDD now; it feels like-short of 3D gaming-this computer is as functional for everyday stuff as one I'd have spent many hundreds on so I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out, considering I spent <$80 anyway. I've been talking about doing this since a long time ago and now I'm glad I did. I guess now all that's left to think about is whether I really want to keep using Linux with it. I'm not a Linux guy but it might be good to have on hand to mess around with. I don't feel like I'll be held back too much from what I want to do with this thing if I leave it as-is.



windows iso to bootable usb flash tool

install activation patcher once installed

need 7zip to unzip that 7z file

disable telemetry etc.


Would you guys know why I have some flickering problem with my 2nd monitor? I replace it and I have the same problem. I'm running 2 monitors with duplicated screens, 2nd monitor flickers, I think its a gpu issue but idk.


NVM think I figured it out. I tried extending the display instead and I didn't seem to get the problem.

But extending the screen is a pain in the ass for my use-case (watching films with the 2nd monitor on my bed) so maybe I'll need a new gpu or somethin if I actually want a good image. Or maybe choose to only show display on 1.

Bruh this is not a bot post


Maybe I'm getting the issue where it says my post is automated when I leave the page on for a while


did u bother trying any of the countless troubleshooting steps google/reddit gives u, e.g. making sure their refresh rates are set properly, ctrl+shift+winkey+b to restart gpu driver, updating gpu driver, ruling out cable issues, trying both hdmi and displayport if available, etc.
and booting into a live linux instance off your usb and trying duplicating your monitor on there to rule out it's a driver/software issue on windows. fedora is best for this since it has latest linux gpu drivers ( https://spins.fedoraproject.org/kde/download/index.html ). use unetbootin https://unetbootin.github.io/ to make the bootable flash usb with iso, select diskimage, navigate to your iso, select the usb drive.

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