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nu thread

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Is any of this good workout music? I really need some. I lift like once every week or so and I've been pumping myself up with pop mostly but it gets stuck in my head





File: 1705005712463.mp3 (3.22 MB, DJ TRACKSÜIT - CANT STOP T….mp3)







dere is dat archetype of a permanently "amateur" musician on some websites i see sumtimes
>50s rockabilly, steampunk, dark fairytale, gothic, woman slightly over 30 with red lipstick and a chello/violin, possibly trained opera singer, guy over 45 with several electric guitars, leather jacket, jeans and sunglasses "cool" photo, meticulous list of formal musical education and a list of instruments they own, that they are "composer"and are inspired by AC/DC, maybe some synths and "ambient/experimental" "music", repost accounts, photoshop filters-menu artwork, 2004 "fantasy" jpg-crushed deviantart from google images, generally out of touch and not knowing how to computer


and most importantly that they are 100% honest to god giving their best & sincere







dollar general marilyn manson bdsm shite






Not bad
This is good
Also good



I bought a guitar a few months ago and I've used it a total of 3 times


anyone got any recs of artists that sound similar to this?




youre a fucking loser



only winners on chon
stay winning


i fart up youre face


post bellends


eat shit and die you fat cunt



File: 1707730301897-0.mp3 (3.32 MB, chaya-final-4.mp3)

File: 1707730301897-1.jpg (88.7 KB, 500x500, artwork.jpg)




File: 1708389573261.jpg (610.46 KB, 2301x1834, 1708313924746012.jpg)

which level are you?



the femdom-fetisch track



File: 1708805494151.mp4 (13.09 MB, 500x500, roedeersshanghai.mp4)




File: 1708963058719.mp4 (14.66 MB, 500x500, childsplay-rockstar.mp4)


these are fucking trash




no just plebeian as fuck

4chon has some shit music taste


File: 1709050220768.mp4 (11.42 MB, 500x500, melddichdjhenne.mp4)

the most absolutely vapid stupid formulaic vain previous 2 decades npc brainwash american omnipresent ebonics pop-edm-rnb beatz chopped sped up with bass drum kicks added is ze highest aurtistic idlsm (and germanic even) how can anyone see otherwise


it's not, it's grotesque 'music'

get some taste plebeian

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