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Wh*toids are disgusting


so is my little pony


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dogs have more humanity than nonwhites


shut the fuck up you whiny cunt


your brain has holes in it or something


your brain is a hole


They're shit eating scavengers. They crawl into the beds of wh*toids with their assholes covered in shit and sleep next to their cuckold adoptive parent


this. a dog is there to be outside at all times somewhere around the barn to detract the 4 and 2 legged undesirables from roaming around an enclosed plot of landowner's land.

y-pipo put them in houses and apartments for some reason to create that unmistakable dinginess enclosed fecal piss aroma that gets picked up by their clothing.

all beasts are covered in shit and grime attract parasites and drop their hair that's why you have to have a clothes changing shack or utility room where you change before and after being in contact with them.

unless you are a modern y-person then you have to have them be in ur living room.


seething shitskin

germophobic queer


>if you don't like dirty dog assholes in your bed you're a shitskin


>dogs are dirty
and so are shitskins, and they're also still devoid of human character, so dogs are still better


Neither belong in the house


It's unfortunate that there was never a nigger haulicost.


ok boomer


are you the pinnacle of achievement to say this without hesitation?

my guess is no


File: 1713574037670.webm 711.35 KB, 262x480, 2f7ae4457b3d8066d669115440….webm


if you cant even train a dog correctly, you have no business procreating. you will be an utter failure of a parent and create one more tranny/faggot/dyke/feminist for the pile. the fact you think dogs shitting and pissing all over the house is the default says more about you and the people you know. cry harder brownoids.


File: 1713576894097.jpg 78.1 KB, 686x599, gm_morans_png.jpg

Are you comparing people to dogs? Are you really doing that and telling others not to procreate? Have you looked in a mirror lately?



guys I think this is probably the funniest webm I've ever seen


you essentially are worse than a dog in every way, yes. you are a mutt/a total mudgolem-shitnigger. keep trying the whole dusty "no u" shtick, you decrepit mongrel faggot. you absolutely disgusting moron with strong resemblance to feces.



File: 1713593266479.mp4 739.02 KB, 1080x1920, Snapinsta.app_video_3212006….mp4


was that sound effect added


File: 1713609758487.png 211.89 KB, 932x1300, Untitled.png


how the fuck am I supposed to know


not funny shit and reddit tier


FoKy can't into humorous memes because he's a shrimp dicked manlet faggot


I thought it was funny


It's funny. Ignore the haters.


>only shitskins thought it was funny


>only meds didn't get consumed


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Reset my phone and I'm back to posting.




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Philippe Vasaljew
12 Donmeh St
Apt 69
(not saying what country cuz I don't dox people)(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


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File: 1714088325490.webp 161.76 KB, 1440x2659, Screenshot_20240425-183803.webp


not funny, stop shitting up the site with your pointless garbage


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