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imperative of every other layman pieceofshit is to keep a kittycat or few and sometimes even a shitty dog in their apartment pod for life fulfillment and companionship

sometimes the kittycat was never trained to pee and shit in a litterbox so every surface including the loggia of the rental flat is the toilet, every surface and material of someone else property is there to soak up rancid pissypiss

scent of kittycat pissypiss and shit mixed with cleaning agents / food / cigarettes pervades the section of apartment block from the door, the loggia and open windows

sometimes the guy and his sister, one of them or both are alcoholic and legitimately special needs mentally impaired or deadend so it's not that they will figure out that they need to get rid of the kittycat, and of course it's that every one else whos given them a chance is mean to them and a horriblest person eeever but only behind their backs


File: 1691877534444.webp (151.4 KB, 1031x2048, women-age-1-1031x2048.webp)

Dwarfschizonarc garbage spam
( - )


do you like the kittycat smell, /longe/ ???


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File: 1691884343247.mp4 (646.17 KB, 320x338, 1691852093120.mp4)


They get an animal as a surrogate child after many years of voluntarily choosing the pod. They do it to themselves


K*ll all p*t owners!




their knees must be fucked


i wonder hwat it's like to be an "advertising agency" grunt tasked with creating bizzare fictional online identities and associated youtube tiktok stories in vein of (((jerry springer))) for aging millenial wageslave two-room apartment audience

>internal email: lets get these 2 hwite thottes i linked sorted out with the biggest tits and tell them to show up on the airbnb location on the tuesday, or we could just film at the camera-man's place, what do you think, may look more natural, also don't forget to pick up the inventory from pet store


OP is schizophrenic and gay


File: 1694974227419.jpg (57.55 KB, 1000x1000, st,small,845x845-pad,1000x….jpg)

retards are smart.

if you are sort of retarded loud cartoons on tv watching morbidly obese 45 year old woman on disability pension due to your partial mental and physical disability you can hold an unhealthy looking cat that shits everywhere but the litterbox.

and you can also find people who are typically out of town and will let you live in apartments they don't use as long as you can cover the utilities from the gov. gibs, and as long as they don't know about the cat shitting everywhere (the neighbors will).

when a neighbor you always knew calmly asks you if that cat is ok and actually knows how to shit in the litterbox, is the cat vaccinated, what's with the smell every day etc., IMMEDIATELY SHUT DOWN, turn around and IMMEDIATELY STOP TALKING to the person. DO NOT GREET them anymore going forward.

they know what you are doing, THEY WANT TO RUIN your scheme of living for free for the next few years out someone's pity. and the neighbours are not acting as TIMID and UNCONFRONTATIVE as you expected. you wanted them to feel perpetually uncomfortable to confront an INVALID. THIS IS WAR ok.

and also make sure you do everything you can to drag the name of some hardworking local guy who politely said "no" on accommodation request on their property knowing about the cat situation through the shit behind their backs.


this is how poor & disabled people think, that's what they evolve into.


i just got lots of energy.


the LV stands for las vegas


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File: 1695081377404-1.jpg (124.28 KB, 1080x323, Screenshot_20230814_185500….jpg)


I use more commas and use capital letters to begin sentences etc


What's the problem?


File: 1695114238779.jpg (274.43 KB, 1000x665, shutterstock_128038661.jpg)

get in the oven


You reek. You reek of...shit. Do you know that?
Goddammit, Al-look at me and stop crying like some kind of
faggot. Al...I'm sorry.

Bateman carefully puts the money back in his wallet.

It's just that...I don't know I don't have anything in common
with you.

He opens his briefcase and pulls out a long thin knife with
a serrated edge. He pushes up the sleeve of his jacket to
protect it.

Do you know what a fucking loser ,you are?

HOMELESS MAN'S POV as Bateman lunges at him with the knife.

EXTREME WIDE SHOT of the street. Bateman's shadowed figure
is hunched over the Homeless Man, stabbing him in the stomach.
The dog barks wildly and Bateman stomps on it until it is

LOW ANGLE shot of Bateman as he throws a quarter on the ground.

There's a quarter. Go buy some gum.

Bateman walks calmly into the empty caverns of Wall Street.
Cars drift past, their headlights momentarily illuminating the
body left twitching on the ground.


Guys I am thinking about getting a cat as a companion since I'm extremely lonely and can't get a woman. Should I do it?


File: 1695185655931.jpg (164.62 KB, 1098x1098, subliminal message.jpg)

what happened to ur ex?


File: 1695190916896.png (519.48 KB, 1200x1200, best-pet-turtle-and-tortoi….png)

get a turtle theyre cooler, dont reek the place out with harmful ammonia fumes and you dont have to spend a shitload on catfood, all you really need is an old fishtank and some sand


Get a dog and take him for long runs in the morning, he will change your life and be a true friend as well heh


move to a farm

hold cattle and birds for lots of company

be some sort of every 5s self affirming tradcath grifter on youtube reeking of celibacy while filming your day to day shitshoweling tasks pretending it's an easy and exciting and fully self-sustaining lifestyle to incels working in IT at computers / neets who have never worked for anything. livestream digging mud and showeling shit. demand donations in return.

also all the (70 year old) ladies in the church love that shit

then talk about christianity and finally go to eastern europe out of desperation to be recruited by fsb in return of a trad nastya waifu who probably lost her virginity at 9 to her proud orhtodox tractor repairman uncle bronislav alkanovich


Don't force animals to provide you with companionship


get a pair of chocolate covered wing tips


I had a cat come around our house, my brother kind of just walked in with it but he thought someone must've dropped it off somewhere, it was maybe 6 months old or something idk, it was quite okay with being around humans unlike a wild (?) cat.

I fed him quite a bit and enjoyed him being around but eventually didn't want to spend money on feeding him, and the time and effort, and plus cats destroy wildlife or local fauna etc, so I stopped feeding him over time. Sometimes he disapeared for like a week or 2 weeks, sometimes a month or more, I have no idea where he went, he must've been getting food from someone I guess. Now its been 2 years since I've seen him. Sorry dude, maybe, its a brutal world


if you live in the same building you're also poor and unfortunate; if you don't live in that building you're a retard for caring what goes on in there


it's a random cookie-cutter apartment building. semi-rural and with a nice view. i get to pay a very low rent while rapidly saving up enough to buy land and a house without a mortgage. it's modest and peaceful normally, no crime. tenants come and go.

problem is that since it's not hustelbustle city, and the regional social care is dysfunctional and underfunded/underemployed, they basically allow retards the apartment destroyers with 5 cats and a dog to exist here for a while after destroying and not paying bills on the previous apartment 1 town over and people send their elderly parents to die here (the stronger one gets to clean up the shit of the weaker one).


File: 1695494577633.webm (3.34 MB, 364x572, 1695487243158145.webm)

animals and electronics don't go well together


File: 1695529537522.gif (1.9 MB, 468x360, 1695528007564214.gif)

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