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'magine doing this erry day


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The work itself isn't so bad, it's the complete lack of respect, stuck-living-with-shitty-roommates-or-parents wages and no say/predictability in work schedule that sucks.


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'magine doing this erry day


weird he doesn't appear to be spitting into each one
is this truly a mcdonalds


whats your point? do you you think it would be fun? boring? what?

could you at least put a bit more detail into your OP


Why do American women all speak the same with that god awful inflection its so annoying


Wtf that job sounds good

A kitchenhand role in fast food was my first job and actually my favourite, it was fun to get good and fast at it. Washing the dishes sucked

I cummed in a plastic container once and put it in the freezer for some laughs, a girl told me off and I got a warning :DDD


File: 1692286412921.png 443.27 KB, 1156x593, McDonalds_worker.png

I guess that's just the McDonald's employee standard.


It's college. My sister was a decent human being as a youngin', talked normally, no political leanings. Then she went to college and came out a leftist retard with the Cali voice. She was literally brainwashed.


Please tell me that picture isn't real.


teddy roosevelt?


Comedy or tragedy?


File: 1692301751966.png 23.07 KB, 1155x106, Screenshot_2023-08-17_15-47….png

Comedy or tragedy?


File: 1692308482017.jpg 123.49 KB, 1024x683, 1662348927268520.jpg


once the world moved to floating fiat currencies it was over.

Do this mental exercise

Ask your grandparents when they bought a house.

Check average wage in that year, check average house cost and check how many hours you need to buy a house

Here is a paper from 1971


>average cost of constructing single‐family dwelling last year was $18,500

Here is the us census of income data


>The 1971 median family income of $10,290

857,5 avg usd per month of income 21,5 months to buy a NEW house with average wages

>The median home sales price is $416,100 in 2023

This means that to buy a house in 21.5 months you would need an income of 19384 $ usd per month

but this is not accounting income taxes


you would pay 63413k usd per year of federal income tax

This means you would need to earn 324k usd per year on a state without state income tax
to make the average wage of 1971

Put it in other way the average wage of 1971 adjusted for inflation is 27k usd of today PER MONTH

In a state with income tax it would be around 35k usd per month.


I have special needs. I would work at McDonalds if I got a cute, smart White unvaxxed virgin


File: 1692316164076.webp 65.57 KB, 1215x927, Screenshot_20230817-184855.webp

Oh fuck. It's real.


>could you at least put a bit more detail into your OP


This is why people want to skin your face off.


>The 1971 median family income of $10,290
>price of gold in 1971 = $40/oz
>The 1971 median family income of $10,290 = 257.25 oz of gold
>current price of gold $1887/oz
>The 1971 median family income of $10,290 = $485,000 in current gold value


File: 1692436425048.jpg 35.04 KB, 400x246, butthurt fagget.jpg

>This is why people want to skin your face o-ACK!


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File: 1692438656214-2.jpg 76.98 KB, 1024x591, NEET kang.jpg

File: 1692438656214-3.png 485.01 KB, 635x779, 1691622489350634.png


File: 1692448216838.webp 367.79 KB, 600x1024, 1692686370525827433.webp


Both of these men will die, but who can we say has truly lived? I think the answer is clear


>attention whore foky posts his shitty news articles on a higher trafficked board so as to recieve his precious replies, his only human interaction


File: 1692510486374.jpg 75.45 KB, 760x696, 1692508775096937.jpg


File: 1692510514287.jpg 121.87 KB, 702x758, 1692508957919495.jpg


File: 1692562468320.png 973.05 KB, 800x1191, wageoid in cagie.png

White collar shit is cancer
>office politics
>HR roasties
>feminist boss queens
>bullshit make-work
>meetings, meetings, meetings
>promotions =/= asskissing
>fucking ZOOM calls, what I am I 12 and just discovered Omegle?
>occupation for soiboys and beta males

Meanwhile - Blue collar shit
>no office politics
>promotions based on output
>stay in shape
>pays more in general
>ample room to grow and start your own business
>union protected
>don't have to be a queer or answer to women

Shove your white collar shit up your ass. That make-work bullshit is pure cancer and destroys your soul.


>no office politics
Untrue. It's hardly even a different brand. Your boomer boss will expect ass-kissing, and he will micromanage you.
>promotions based on output
Mysteriously they will always claim you're a lazy fuck no matter how much time or effort you put in
>stay in shape
Get fucked-up health problems before your 40.
>pays more in general
You make a McDonald's wage for nearly half a decade as an apprentice.




You are right about white collar but wrong about blue collar
You are right about blue collar
All works sucks now because the entire country has gone to shit. The world has gone to shit.


cry more bitch nigger


You don't do finders keepers.


File: 1692911266269.mp4 2.06 MB, 1080x1920, 1691860671322.mp4


if I WORKED with SWEET LIL HONEYZ like dat I'd be TOO HORNEY 2o get anytihng doen

I'm jaking off 2 disss AWH YIS


File: 1693095099904.jpg 188.88 KB, 962x724, NPNW.jpg


File: 1693419461550.jpg 141.97 KB, 1024x1024, 1693412299499248.jpg


File: 1693419527046.jpg 386.52 KB, 1200x800, 1693415658104366.jpg


Same but unironically




Idk how men can work or study with women when you know there is a fresh vagina sitting right there. Literally just pull down there pants or bottoms and undies and the fresh delicious cunt is right there ready to be penetrated, dominated. Literally hard for me to comprehend.

Similar to how I spent years wondering why men work and especially in the 2000-2020s


I hope you don't study in the same room as your mom, Grandma, ect


File: 1694912018265.mp4 2.93 MB, 720x1280, your coworker.mp4


I'm not attracted to my siblings, though I am to women who look like them sometimes

Pretty old honestly...


Disgusting. I would feel extremely uncomfortable working around this hag. Having female coworkers is hell. They always cause drama and if they want to fuck, but you don't, they will absolutely make your working life hell


File: 1694959915377.png 484.38 KB, 791x800, fe1941c9ade0506ce7eceebf484….png

>that scarred stomach bulge


File: 1694960111148.png 15.4 KB, 428x58, Screenshot_20230917-091359~….png


File: 1694961551929.gif 3.3 MB, 640x480, 1694949324471654.gif

>your coworker. MP4
Gif related to the op of that post projecting.


The most disgusting part is her being this ancient and degrading herself by posting her sagging, bloated body on tiktok. She should be at home, modestly dressed surrounded by grandchildren


File: 1694961705027.webp 180.89 KB, 1440x1906, Screenshot_20230917-094101.webp



this makes americunts spontaneously combust


File: 1695066168163.webp 1.66 MB, 1920x13800, Untitled.webp

That's where babies are made. Even (You) were made in one of those. They're supposed to bulge out and wrinkle to be fit for their purpose. I don't get why everyone says they're ugly, it's like they deny their own humanity. After invading and taking over Europe, North America and Australia (I don't care about New Zealand, Moody can have it, he can run around naked and jerk off on that island by himself) under my caliphate I will make the "tummy tuck" (abdominoplasty) for women illegal except for the most extreme cases that actually impede mobility. Men will have to learn to enjoy their wives' mommy tummies; they're an acquired patrician's taste.


Lazy-ass women need to do some pilates so they don't turn into cottage cheese.


retarded people breeding like rabbits while not being black is pretty weird


File: 1695074146457-0.mp4 5.5 MB, 576x1024, miasomerville1_718535360920….mp4

File: 1695074146457-1.mp4 4.05 MB, 576x1024, miasomerville1_718717147521….mp4

This has nothing to do with laziness. Loose skin is (mostly) permanent, exercise cannot change that. Watch these videos. It is natural. It is not natural for men though, because men are not supposed to get fat to the point their bellies stretch out so much as if they're pregnant, so men who were formerly fat will be allowed to get tummy tucks in my caliphate. This elastic change has utility for the production of babies. It should be viewed as a sign of fertility and feminity, not your artificial Hollyweird view of the female body. By the way cottage cheese is yummy. And they should not get plastic surgery to "fix" it. I think it's extremely hot, it's a taste you can acquire over time when you understand it better instead of your current views shaped by ignorance and by malignant industries, and if and when you grow up you'll find it hot too. Same thing with pubic hair, long labias, etc. My tastes trump yours. I'm not being a politically correct simp btw because I'll call out boner-killers like tattoos, obesity, piercings (e.g. Dogisaga's septum ring), drawn eyebrows, lip fillers, botox, fake tits, etc. all of which are unnatural and extremely ugly.


File: 1695077006977.jpg 677.88 KB, 1338x1692, nope.jpg

In the 2nd video her condition has clearly improved. You'll notice that every other aspect of her body is back to normal, including her tits. The idea that this is "permanent" is feminist, anti-natalist propaganda.
She is freaking out in the videos because she is a stupidass white woman and like all white women in this society is conditioned to hate children from a young age. They are also constantly terrified of their looks going because of the well documented whoring and meaningless sex, so her belly skin is stretched for a few months and once again we must dismantle the patriarchy all over again and browbeat incels for their horrible, no good, very bad expectations.


The vast majority of abdominoplasties are done on women years postpartum or after weight loss so your theory that for those affected with loose skin only have it for a few months doesn't hold true.


No one cares, get a life


My life is better than a McDonald's wagecuck as a matter of fact.


Nope. You're wrong. I've seen the cottage cheese dealt with first hand. Do pilates.


all the women here >>66455 are both old and fat, if not obese. Sorry to break your cuck fetish.


Neighbours are STILL yelling fucking hell



File: 1695082375663.jpg 39.49 KB, 615x615, Screenshot_20230818_183513_….jpg

>first time I've had McDonald's in years
>tasted pretty decent
>literally 15 minutes later I get the infamous McDonald's stomach ache
>shit my guts out when I get home
Thats why I never eat there


File: 1695083223951.jpg 71.1 KB, 761x738, 75465445.jpg


Is this how God sees everyone except niggers?


File: 1695099108800.jpg 94.11 KB, 1080x1080, 1692501911164.jpg

got a doube quarter pounder medium combo on the way home
ate it while driving
feel fine, if not a little full


what a little cutie. would headpat


Lol dickhead.


File: 1695166521166.png 2.54 MB, 1306x801, Screenshot_3.png


I had Big Macs without the buns they were nice but not actually very cheap, apparantly they are 100% beef obviously I got it with cheese and onion etc. I prolly prefer to just eat fast food normally than try go ketard with it when I do want to eat it


File: 1695170716705-0.jpg 124.28 KB, 1080x323, 1695081377404-1.jpg

File: 1695170716705-1.jpg 116.57 KB, 1080x370, 1695081377404-0.jpg


weak faggot needs his pwecious carbs an sugers waaah

also sage because youre a fucking nonce


I'm not attracted to prepubescent girls, though they are cute


He's correct. You need to gracefully accept your age already


What a shitty looking sandwich.


I think young girls like me they're just hard to approach



I won't go into my fantasies but they're much more psychological


leave this site you nonce cunt

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