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How are the 4chon canadians holding up?


They never held up well in the first place.




dome killed himself a few months ago




I'm doing good. Smiley seems to be about the same as ever. Undido trooned out. Learningcode has schizophrenia and seems unable to cope with life.

Can't think of any others.


Learningcode is from america.



IDK who those people are.


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and you are????





Learningcode doesn't have schizophrenia. He has aspergers.




He suffers the anguish of being a cripplecock Jew.


Wow. Just like hot wheels.


Baby genital mutilation needs to be illegal tbqh.


Smilegrem posting here should be made illegal




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they were all eaten by bears and wolves


I wish.


you wish



I wish smileberg and lazare would meet this fate but dickspiders was cool


Lazare died a couple years ago newfag


cool! is learninchode dead yet?


are you not dead yet sperg


You guys should support the guy who got put in jail for writing dailystormer articles


if you cook on the toast afraid be to the rollercoasters


shut up you retarded faggot


where did the chute say that on the denim blast


I'm as full of life as avid is full of nigger cum


what the where and this building hate


I have no hate in my heart


the watch of the guitar strap being of all the bathtubs


Watch out for taking that plugged in toaster into the bathtub full of water.


watch out for the demons i have set upon you


I have uno card reversed them back onto you and am covered in a giant liquid mirror. I win.


fart off you gay shitcunt


You lost.


you are gay


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A compelling case for body building narratives.


Please let us help you! My name is ABDUL. This year is to be so exciting!
Welcome ;-)


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Maple syrup revenue represents 0.03% of Canada's GDP. Canada's economy is almost entirely based on investment in real estate.


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I'd take a cartoon picture from a trailer park boy's game very seriously, if I were you.


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Canada is Russia with Americans


>Canada's entire economy is based on Chinese real estate investment and the reason their healthcare practitioners "comically" offer euthanasia for minor healthcare issues is because the changs want to do anything in their power to hollow out as much of Canada's existing real estate and infrastructure as possible and they are directly influencing healthcare policy and professionals in the country in an attempt to do so
Now it all makes sense


Even though China gets criticized for the wrong things most of the time, this is a good dose of reality for chink simps who think they would have a good influence on western domestic policy.


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