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Any of you guys remember Mausland? Where my Castle Cat niggas at?


I'm glad that I at least got the chance to talk to him on and off over the years on Newgrounds and expressed how much I loved his flash games. First came across Stardust and absolutely loved the Frank's Adventure games. This is really heartbreaking news. Was there any further details about the cause of his death? I hadn't messaged him since I think around 2017 perhaps. He seemed in a kind of depressed state at that time. Told me there wasn't much he was doing as far as content if he ever decided to do anything new again as well as a lot going on in his personal life and he appreciated the kind words I had expressed throughout our conversations.


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I'm going to play all of the Frank Adventure games again in his memory.
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So it's either suicide or the vaxx, terrible either way. I wish I would have had the temerity to even message the guy once considering how much I enjoyed his games. Castle Cat, Frank's Adventure, Indian Outlaw and Sergeant Omelly (can't find this one anymore, it was pretty rudimentary but the way he yells the titular character's name in the intro with his thick German accent was iconic). I played Frank's Panic Puzzle just yesterday and noticed he'd replied to a comment as recently as a year ago.



https://wiesi.newgrounds.com/ Damn I guess he was pretty active as recently as this year. Latest post is from June. He mentions being in the hospital, could have been some cancer or chronic illness then I guess-or just an inconvenient coincidence.


Also holy sh*t what a throwback heh, I always wondered where the frick that loop was from.


He was very easy to get in touch with and didn't mind replying back and forth with me for the years we had conversations. I'd usually do it whenever I'd get a Newgrounds kick hanging around the website for a while. I used to talk to so many of my favorite flash animators and game creators on Newgrounds. Even Tom Fulp. I used to create content myself though none of of it was very good. I mostly posted in the audio portal as I wasn't much of an animator and didn't take the time to learn how to create a game even though now I look back with a lot of regret on that. I'll always be very fond of Newgrounds and happy that I randomly discovered it in late 2001. I'm still feeling sad over hearing about this, even though we weren't friends or knew each other personally it's still someone that affected my life in quite a number of ways as well as someone I had talked to on multiple occasions. I think I'll hop over on Newgrounds after this post as I didn't yesterday.

>Sergeant Omelly

Give me until Wednesday, I plan on doing some cleaning, and a routine back-up on my days off. I have a lot of his content archived and I'll check to see if I do in fact have it. I'll share it if so.

I ended up checking out his page before pressing reply. I wasn't even aware he did two new games. I'll have to check those out as well as if there's any other new content.

I always loved his choices in music for his games during that period. Main reason why I also ended up getting into Morning Musume in 2003 thanks to I Wish being used on the game Stardust. Ironically that was the first time he messaged a teenage me over my question on wondering what the music used was.


Never played any of that


Ah I found the game, I'm dumb as hell I hardly even looked. Thankfully all of his stuff does seem to be intact across his two accounts. Most of his games (especially his much older ones) outside of his "flagship" series were pretty simple and irreverent but they make a nice little time capsule of the culture of the day. Unfortunately some of the games, like Castle Cat, don't seem to work. Bravo, Ruffle.

Bit of a tangent but it's kind of a shame how Newgrounds hobbyist devs got cucked out of actual fortunes because they didn't have the foresight to port their games to the ios and android app stores, basically allowing imitators to do so themselves. I guess that kind of mirrors youtube's ascension too when, in the early years, I recall Fulp being pissed that users there were taking Newgrounds content and adding it youtube without giving credit to the source and he believed this ultimately forced users to migrate their content to the platform, themselves.


These games are awful but they have a certain charm.


That's good that you found it. As someone who's enjoying flash content you really should have a stand alone flash player I can appreciate Ruffle and what it's trying to be but it won't top an actual flash player. Adobe took the downloads off of their website but here's a download link from the internet archive.

I can't really comment other than it's true that they really could have made tons of profit expanding to a mobile market. I personally wouldn't have experienced them that way as I don't use phones. I do remember problems with YouTube and how upset a lot of people on the website were with stolen content, etc. Especially Tom Fulp on the matter. Speaking of Tom Fulp, I'd like to just say that in my time over the long years I've spent online that man truly does care about his website and the community over there. Genuinely has done so much for the people on Newgrounds to the extent of abilities. You can't say that too often with websites and their communities throughout the ages that have been more known/bigger, etc.


We had lower expectations back in the day and we enjoyed what we had, god damn it!


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Thought I posted this here. Yeah Fulp seems like a decent fella and he can certainly be forgiven for losing his edge over the years. I guess I just feel like he'd had several opportunities to poise Newgrounds as an alternative to Twitter and Instagram for content creators specifically and never really capitalized on it as well as he could have.

Keeping its homepage as-is, if Fulp would have modernized user page layout, the direct messages and content tagging features a little more it could have grown into the platform of choice once again for animators, artists, musicians and comic authors instead of one that a lot of people just maintain their accounts on out of a mixture of nostalgia and appreciation for Fulp's sincerity.

That said, some progress is being made in that regard. As of last year they'd released an improved image viewer that lets people upload multiple images at once (for properly formatting comics and the like) and has a bit more refined options for viewing the individual images themselves instead of going from thumbnail to raw



>and he can certainly be forgiven for losing his edge over the years.
Not as far as I'm concerned. All these old guys from Newgrounds need to stop sipping on whatever sissy juice they've been drinking over the last decade and a half.


Fulp is a based dude and his game company, behemoth, is actually fantastic. Newgrounds is a thing of the past but vidya is forever.


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Christ is King.



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I don't know this guy or his work even a little but wtf. Another 40-something year old NG guy died. "Heart Attack".


Flash (.swf) would've been a much better format for games and animations if Adobe added support for importing WebP textures. JPEG lacks transparency support and PNG lacks lossy compression. So when transparency is needed (e.g. 2D character textures) the devs have no choice but to use PNGs which bloats up the filesize exponentially.


webp format makes me fucking sick


This tbh fam


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