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I'm just curious that's all


Sup nigga



They exist, yes.


not a single one

you can post literally anything




"IS" THERE? Did you really say "IS THERE ANY JANNIES"??? Are you TROLLING me or is this the way you normally speak?


OP is black


hi nigger


the only threads that they delete are the dragon dildo threads


anyone can be a mod

all you have to do is post bellend


groomsaga trying to get people to post their genitals because they are a fat fucking goblin that nobody wants to touch let alone send a pic of their genitals to

goblinsaga you are disgustingly ugly



this cunt will never be a mod


rage more skitzogoblin


nice dubs

now you have to post double bellend


lmao youre lonely and desperate arent you


less talky, more bellendy


I find the lack of bellend in this thread disturbing


seething hamplanet

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