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How long has it been


10 years at least



File: 1707198000187.png (43.23 KB, 800x600, ten-years-at-least.png)



not long enough


How's it goin' cowboy?


He's up for release in 2 months. One of the greatest trolls ever


>lifelong supervision
Oof. Don't text about b*mbs to FBl agents, kids. We are a board of peace


Some Jews are shitstarters like that


Whats a Jew?


File: 1707434988882.jpeg (5.95 KB, 197x255, download (1).jpeg)

i am d jew


prove it by posting bellend


A particular kind of smart Arab people, often quite "intelligent" but can also be quite obtuse, boneheaded or stubborn in some matters or issues, I put intelligent in scare quotes because their intelligence centres on their ability to manipulate others, particularly racial others, to do their ends for them in a very underhanded way. However they do also appear to be quite skilled in the hard sciences of physics, perhaps maths and so on, and are otherwise a very academic people, and so they do have a particular form of intelligence but it is different from White ppl's intelligence which is far more focused on seeking to dominate the world in a much more direct way through violence, particularly large scale organized violence, but also our more pure (imo) intelligence which both can kind of separate ourselves from our environment when we think about stuff but also just seems to be better overall imo.


jump off a bridge faggot


Are you still playing harmonica?


write that on your bellend and I will


eat shit you fat nosed sunken eyed cunt


Have sex and you won't have to beg online for dick picks goblinsaga

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