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File: 1709328444692.jpeg (1.22 MB, 971x2160, IMG_4515.jpeg)


Piggie wants someone to pay her to get fucked


Even whores are very entitled these days.


Dog is a man. A tranny pretending to be a woman.


Oh how the mighty have fallen.


Re ur last message: I don't think it would be more sexy, but it would make more sense.


File: 1709350981661.webp (100.37 KB, 977x1398, Screenshot_20240301-214145.webp)


>having standards when you look like that



File: 1709435506728.webp (82.41 KB, 1440x2636, Screenshot_20240302-210904.webp)

Is this cum guzzling meth smoking dumpster diving compulsive liar troll serious?


Let the man experiment. Do you not believe in soyence?



File: 1709474327895.webp (11.75 KB, 1440x422, Screenshot_20240303-075752.webp)


Modern soyence in a nutshell.


File: 1709482187553.jpg (121.4 KB, 992x784, 20240229_214444.jpg)

true 100% 💯 on god no cap agreed this what he said seconding


we need to fly avid out to her NOW



actually you'd be more of an AEL in this case (dogi is an abo)



File: 1709684298933.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 151.43 KB, 1280x1078, IMG_4527.jpeg)

Piggie thinks men would pay to have sex with this sow bitch(Original source for liability: https://twitter.com/uncledogi/status/1764977164259360926 . Dogisaga may ask to have this removed when/if she's out of her manic episode in the future.)


she should start an onlyfans

fat tits = $$$$


Man, I'm so happy I didn't see the full image. That is gruesome.


File: 1709688638076.png (689.06 KB, 800x800, 170968854990943566.png)


File: 1709693015690.jpg (31.23 KB, 600x569, f6e611067cc5c2a9257024f5a66….jpg)

I think I'll stick to big fat willies...


What the actual fuck.

Naw man, I want to believe but my heart knows that's a fucking copout. This is a woman, or was at one point.

Once human, but human no longer.


only a fag would pass on an opportunity to fuck and suck those epic funbags


Put your trip back on dog.


it's so obvious that the goblin is samefagging posting about themselves to try and groom people into finding it attractive, will never happen, goblinsaga is just an ugly cunt, full stop

goblinsaga you're ugly as fuck, nobody here is ever going to fuck you nor will ever want to, not avid not HDV not smiley not phantasm not rhed not moody, just FUCK OFF AND DONT COME BACK

honestly the goblin is so unaware of how fucking retarded they are





Mitch probably has PTSD from fucking this sow


Why did he do it? Does he have zero self respect?



He’s a krautchanner who married an obeast abbo. You do the math,


Dog use to be a catch. Maybe he thought he could save her and help her become the woman she use to be. In the end it was too steep of a mountain to climb.


>Dog use to be a catch.

That's quite a stretch. She used to be less fat but she was always ugly, and she's a BSR tier retard.



>[ - ]


Goblinsaga, look in a mirror lmao.


File: 1709780495334.webp (18.86 KB, 583x714, Screenshot_20240219-114032.webp)

>Dog use to be a catch.
I didn't know that you liked biological male tranny's that dress as women. I didn't know you swung that way.


those tits belong to a biological woman, my dude



Responding to [redacted]orf, the 60 iq human spambot


File: 1709863826800.webp (454.87 KB, 1042x8043, 1691008624564.webp)



kys queers


Has no one ever told you in high school that repeating a joke doesn't make it as funny?


Dog is literally a biological man. It's not a joke.



it wasn’t a manic episode im not deleting any of the titpics, but i may possibly not post anymore cuz im in a monogamous relationship again with the same guy who is my ex husband


Good, the sooner you leave this fucking site the better




i meant posting titpics


hiding this goblin thread now


Avid's jealous cuz as a male prostitute he views you as competition, whenever he posts his dick and balls no one cares and tells him to go away but when you posted your udders once a part of the internet went on a chimpout.


you mean just here on 4chon chimped out?


Kohlchan, lolcow.farm (dwarf posts about you all the time there), and whatever other followers you have in your telegram/twitter cult


kohlchans website doesn’t work for me, fuck them if they cared they would have been on my telegram, idk if im gonna post more titpics anymore cuz im in a monogamous friendship with my exhusband. Lolcow actually talks about me? i cant deal with stupid rumours, im just gonna avoid all that crap and stay in my spaces(4chon is one of my spaces)


telegram AND twitter i mean


kohlchan is some pedo shit anyway. fat incel faggots whining all day about how society is mean for not letting them rape kids.


File: 1711999662628.webp (454.87 KB, 1042x8043, 1691008624564.webp)



File: 1712011397574.jpg (66.43 KB, 686x686, 1711919635737089.jpg)

I would fuck her ONLY for the meme value, IF she wasn't a vaxxoid zombie


Dogstrailia literally is a biological man and tranny with a cock and balls. Do you really want that?


Sounds like baseless slander from some of the impish rascals we have around here


im not vaxxed u dumbass, and u cant do anything to me cuz im in a monogamous relationship


It's amazing your husband hasn't killed you.


juicy funbags and a big fat cock? she could make millions on OF!


File: 1712068159413.jpg (87.97 KB, 1012x1024, 1705234036535185m.jpg)

Nope. You're a zombie. I remember quite clearly. Don't spread your clots to innocent humans


You're confusing her with the other 4chon groupie >>77972


ex husband, who became my monogamous friend after boob postings


That's possible. Nevertheless Australians did get rounded up into concentration camps and fried with police microwave weapons. I doubt she resisted, no foid could without a strong man guiding her

Chon foids are vaxxoids. There's nothing to gain by making this gamble. Why play Russian Roulette with 5 bullets for a wet hole?


The abbos of Australia are like cockroaches and survive off of the liquid fluid called petrol. No microwave can kill them. They can live on the moon.


nobody wants to fuck dogisaga because they are very ugly and fat

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