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You'll never get taken seriously with a face like this. Imagine getting mogged that hard by Shapiro - he looks like a hawk compared to him. He (first guy) looks like he'd get knocked out with a light punch. He needs to lie in some kind of face pulling contraption for a few week.


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H'what are you talking about, CHUD!
You forgot the side profiles


Still mogged.


I'm gay and I want to suck Ben Shapiro's cock


I dream of sucking Ben Shapiro’s willie. What a man 🤤


Literally whom?


Chonners would probably call him a "psued", some podcaster-journalist guy


is it necessary to care about knowing who it is?



we'd love to watch you suck it




Nothing about him is particularly interesting. I just made this thread about his weak face. BUT it does seem to go together with his pretty wishy-washy way of speaking


I'd love to watch you bleed to death


That’s not avid


yes it is


How do you know


because I am avid and that's me







imagine circlejerking




some women out there are probably into this look, not all women are the same and to suggest they are is just retarded


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File: 1716539082211-1.png 1.52 MB, 1188x673, Screenshot_6.png

We live in the attention economy

Social media is basically all face

Everything else can be worked on or figured out - the production, marketing strategies (e.g. how often to post, which platforms and how to use them), everything to do with the camera and angles and lighting. And (I have to assume a lot here obviously) once you get big enough you'll outsource all the little time consuming stuff like uploading, scheduling uploads, maybe even interacting with fans, maybe even the editing (which you'd normally think of as something the media person themselves does), or making some app thing to convert attention to sales.

Like this girl Sophie is just a pretty face, nothing in fitness is particularly new or has to be. She obviously got some guy or team to make a fitness app for her and made bank on it.

I'm guessing she affiliate marketed for Gymshark (clothing brand, absolutely awful style imo) until she got big enough to transfer her attention into a money-making app. Though the app does sound cool honestly. Mike Mew has done something similar.



So talent or skill doesn't matter so much it's all beauty. Same thing will apply to me of course if I try to push anything I've made or done.


bitch is mid


Most celebrities are pretty mid, there are a lot of beautiful women you might see on any given day who-given the same treatment-would look every bit as good if not better than the women that are bandied about by hollywood as the most attractive in the world.


pretty much


manlet supreme here
they got nothing on us manlets
i give them the dick you give them the 'ick




Today I had thoughts about my life as a double amputee in the event caused by my rampage shooting from hell. I could swing form the trees with my arms and feed trough the leaves in a gibbon-like way, with employment jobs still offered for my ability to climb from the electric company.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


Guy on left has better physiognomy. His choice of hair just looks goofy. Thing on right is dysgenic looking. I wouldn't want him anywhere near my genepool


Use Miley Cyrus card to pay for poor port




Op can buy himself flowers and write his name in the sand, talk to himself for hours, say things we can't understand, he can take himself dancing and he can hold his own hand and he can love himself better than we can. He can love him better baby. He can love him better baby. Paint his nails cherry red, forgot every word we said.


File: 1716780908323.png 286.98 KB, 590x500, Ceiling_Cat_edit-2.png

OP can



Pull open a cup of natural water.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


Mikey Cyrus flowers parody lyrics. Retard.


I'm down for that.


That's H'what those were.


I do feel it's cringe that Alex O'Connor takes on such big topics at a young age. Makes him seem/look like a pseud. Topics like god/religion/monarchy, maybe morality. I don't see how you could have well-formed opinions at 25 or under.



Never watched this guy before. Aside from shilling BTC, there were a lot of solid takes in this video.


he's a tate-esque scammer and internet troll


I still think he's correct about practically everything he said in that video. Aside from shilling BTC and filming himself on vacation, I don't see where the trolling is.





One of the points he made in the video posted earlier was that garnering attention and scamming retards is more lucrative than education or work. Looks like he was correct.


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File: 1717978440497-1.png 1.37 MB, 843x845, Screenshot_2.png

That's basically what I was saying in >>81070

To summarize, or in other words, it's fairly easy to monetize once you build an audience. It's been like this for a while. Longevity is a concern however (for how long can you make good content?) and authenticity is very relevant (people catch on and call influencers out for shilling garbage like protein powder or preworkout supps, rather than, say, giving an honest review with an affiliate link of/for a pair of headphones).

There are easy comparisons to make here to pornography (questions of whether we want to live fast and die young or invest in something worthwhile that will take time to pay off).

Also I was checking out this girl yesterday, apparently she's 16 or 17 and it looks like she's already set:


She's got the looks and probably well-socialized or well-connected parents so she brings a good quality product.


I think the switch from tv/radio(lel?) to Insta/TikTok (ofc YT too) and whatever is next is also relevant.


File: 1717978829166-0.jpg 423.74 KB, 730x940, _uploads_1540203439-gainsby….jpg

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File: 1717978829166-2.png 850.05 KB, 800x800, 3891719766.png

File: 1717978829166-3.jpg 119.65 KB, 900x900, channels4_profile.jpg

I was commenting on these girls' pages telling them not to use rap in their music, or e.g. I could have told them not to get tatts,so that they don't devalue their product (themselves, their face, their image, the lifestyle they present).


1st is Sophie who I linked above, 2nd is Diana Conforti, 3rd is Abigail White


They get butthurt when you tell them that. I remember some e-thot blocked me back in the day just because I told her she looked ideal as-is and it would be retarded to get facial surgery, and now she looks like an alien.


I guess she's getting high off attention and keeps seeking more. Like a DRUG ADDICT! A damn drug addict!


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