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File: 1712792440743.jpg 2.7 MB, 4032x3024, 1000008857.jpg


whats your bed look like, how many pillows, what kind, what weight blanket, mattress, duvet?

im having shit sleep lately so im rethinking it all


have you tried quitting meth?


what? I don't do drugs wtf


I hate these new smartphones camera's, fish eye is for skate montages, now without a digital camera my photos all look like fun house mirror shitters


I sleep on a futon.


File: 1712827235825.jpg 2.25 MB, 3264x2448, IMG20240411211625.jpg

10mm felted wool mat, wool fleece/quilt topper
french linen covers
500gsm wool duvet
memory foam pillow from kmart

firm would be an understatement


Clean your room



>clean your room


It's obvious you cropped out a disorganized mess


so fuck, my room is messy, sue me


See you in court, pal.


See you in court, pal.


Guys I bought 3 new pillows, a double pack of 'medium' firmness pillows (although i'd argue that they are infact quite soft, although thats not really an issue) and a memory foam pillow, well not full memory foam, its a regular pillow in terms of stuffing but it is contained between a memory foam case, its excellent, im very pleased with it, it seems to be just the right height and firmness, miles better than my feather pillow as that one ended up hurting my ears and made it feel like i was being suffocated as i sunk into the middle of it.


File: 1714101926605.jpg 94.77 KB, 1290x1255, comfy.jpg

have a good sleep, anon.


my sleep has been great these past 3 days that ive had the new pillows, i hope ive cracked it, in the past i paid zero attention to the importance of a comfortable bed, i regret not doing so but thats in the past and i now know just how important it is that i have good quality sleep


Thin meme foam mattress on a homemade wooden bedframe. Nice flat pillows. Very firm, but supportive. I can't stand soft beds they make my back hurt.

Lots of blankets. I like to sleep with all the windows open for fresh air so it gets chilly.


i go poopie in me bed hhahaha poopie!!!1


File: 1714135353662.jpg 31.67 KB, 640x480, 624172.jpg



Make your bed.


i was changing sheets


File: 1714379237464.webp 101.18 KB, 738x967, Screenshot_1.webp

Is that a double? This bit looks like it might come apart, which would make it uncomfy.

Looks too firm



Yeah I need to buy new bedding stuff. Pillows and pillow protectors. Will go for dark/black colours, cotton


based fellow L-shaped pillow enjoyer


its not an L shape its a V shape


you could put an onahole in there


shut up retard


perhaps you'd prefer an enormous black dildo, hmm?


File: 1714670872434.gif 1.47 MB, 480x480, 135096d2a52e67989e093083a8e….gif


File: 1714704396859.jpg 33.31 KB, 515x341, you_win_prize_downs.jpg

yes, you found a related image and posted it, well done


File: 1714746515465.webp 50.4 KB, 1439x1611, Screenshot_20240503-092807.webp



projection? how? explain retard


File: 1714864185718.webp 69.44 KB, 1440x1061, Screenshot_20240503-181645.webp

No U!


>cant answer because they know theyre wrong

fucking owned


File: 1714865483430.webp 108.96 KB, 1439x1651, Screenshot_20240504-183052.webp

Find a flag that's wine aunt tier. Uses it. There's not much to it. Get over yourself.


screenshot this(avid gore spam)


based HDV deleting nigger erections before anyone else has to look at them


it was gore


File: 1715049276278.jpg 356.16 KB, 1836x4080, IMG_20240503_214114797.jpg

I don't remember but here's a pic of my bed


timestamp or larp


I want to believe.


Painfully colorful




File: 1715531942063-0.png 1.78 MB, 720x965, Screenshot_4.png

File: 1715531942063-1.png 2.62 MB, 1293x964, Screenshot_8.png

File: 1715531942063-2.png 1.31 MB, 732x969, Screenshot_9.png

File: 1715531942063-3.png 1.78 MB, 720x965, Screenshot_4.png

Need to replace a lot of the bedding. I spoon with the 2 pillow as shown, every night, being doing that for like 15+ years since an gf/ex gf at 17. That brown pillow is from 2009, tried washing it once or twice. My brother and mother complain about a b.o. smell sometimes. I think it goes away after I wash.


Would this be allowed in an android nationalist soyciety?


File: 1715628132156.jpg 260.72 KB, 2048x2048, small-memory-foam-bamboo-co….jpg

bought this pillow today, intriguied as to the comfort of it



I don't think I can accept buying polyster anything, but I might go for bamboo. My head pillow is memory foam, the others aren't. Might take a bit of getting used to - I'd never buy a pillow without checking it out instore, but you might be able to get away with not doing that with sheets and covers etc


idk, seems alright, the shape is suited for side sleepers (which i am)

next i have to look at getting a new mattress and bedframe, im thinking pocket spring mattress and a bog standard wood bed frame, id get a metal one but they squeak like fuck


File: 1715649938117.webp 94.93 KB, 760x708, Screenshot_6.webp

U know h'what, maybe I should actually consider throwing that multipatterned monstrosity out (its actually 2 blankets, idk if theres a precise term, bound together by some shoelace in the edges where I cut into the material, and then also put a quilt cover on them) with this weighted blanket. 100% cotton. Not sure I like the look though. Also might not be that suitable for winter.

I actually don't really like shopping when I'm looking for specific hard-to-find things like this.



Though I also feel like a weighted blanket could be or might be like an onahole or a dildo for romance - the way it calms or whatever.


File: 1715939988389.jpg 2.71 MB, 4032x3024, 1000010253.jpg

got a new bed base for free this morning, neighbour threw it out so i snagged it, has drawers on it which is based and just a couple of marks on it, other than that its clean as fuck, the gap in the middle is also way smaller than the old one, wondering if this will make it more comfortable to sleep on, i somewhat doubt it though because i feel the mattress probably covered the gap enough for it to be not noticable, mattress is 2 inches too big lengthways though but it should be fine, not using the headboard yet until i can find 2 more bolts to secure it with

i just now need to look into getting a mattress but theres no rush with that because the one i have atm is relatively new

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