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File: 1717968348476.png 470.62 KB, 540x1059, safe and effective depopula….png


Chon zombies hanging in there?


File: 1717970910661.webp 161.64 KB, 1440x2469, Screenshot_20240609-170804.webp




File: 1718026429650.png 2.33 MB, 1920x2500, 1717980487408201.png

This is exactly what they did to wipe out mosquito populations


ZOG is wiping out the nigger-cattle and completely obliterating their own wealth in the process? Based.


File: 1718120101867.jpg 195.22 KB, 1200x807, goku_meets_gohan_buus_feet.jpg

I'll be sure to include "imminent apocalypse" in my weekend plans.


Two more weeks and the vaxxed will start dropping


They already have been. It's doesn't have to be all at once like some dramatic scene from your capeshit movies, libtard.


No they haven’t an Im not a libtard you are


File: 1718479029043.png 24.01 KB, 645x495, graph.png

Excuse me, when does the depopulation happen?


Two more weeks, for real this time.


No you see, when the microchips activate everyone that took the vax will be sterilized and also die. Also uhhh this vaccine was clearly just a test for the real depopulation vax that is coming.


>random excess in deaths coinciding with mass vaccinations


File: 1718489352926.png 139.93 KB, 1473x792, Fertility_rate.png

You tone down your assertions when you're rightly called a retard, but "people died from the vax" is not the extent of the claims being made. Depopulation is being claimed, now see chart:
It would appear the "excess deaths" don't amount to a drop of piss in the ocean. Even if you added a zero to that it wouldn't. Not only isn't it "MUH THANOS SNAP", but the number of people on earth is in fact going up, Mr. Capeshit enthusiast, it's not even close. Not only that, but deaths went down in 2022 and 2023, so in what way is depopulation from MUH VAX on the horizon? Secondly, depopulation is not only GOOD, but it's inevitable and something everybody had on their mind decades ago. It's called having an aging population with a below replacment fertility rate. I'd argue it's a normal thing to have happen. A population isn't going to keep growing forever, however as we know, it's not an evenly distributed global decline. Look at this chart. This is the future you want, shoulder to shoulder with niggers. It's a good thing patriots are keeping the evil Bill Gates in check, so Mugabibi can shit out 6 kids. I sure am glad sub-90IQ tards are fighting the good fight against depopulation, and we can all ignore an actual problem looming on the horizon, even though it was at the forefront of alternative right-wing politics hardly a decade ago. This is the problem that's going to plague us in the not-to-distant future until it can't physically be maintained anymore, which probably won't happen until decades or centuries after our death. Being anti-depopulation in principle is the same as being pro-nigger.


Holy shit, you are a monumental retard. You typed all that shit out to heroically defeat a strawman when the only mention of a mass die-off was a facetious comment from me mocking libtards who think the implication is that some theatrical moment where vaxxcattle all drop dead at once will happen soon. I didn't "tone down my assertions". I'll spell it out for you in plain English: the vaccines are contributing to an excess in projected deaths. Try reading next time, nigger.

Nice tangential tantrum about depopulation. It's just too bad you pulled your soapbox out for no reason since I never said anything against depopulation. If I had my way, I'd kill 100% of all nonwhites except the Japanese (and maybe some other SEAmonkeys) and all race traitors.


As much as I want to believe that the vaccine is some heroic effort at culling the excess population and preventing the coming malthusian catastrophe, the evidence doesn't seem to point to it. I can't truly say what the reasons for the lockdown and the vaccination campaign were. It clearly wasn't to cure "covid-29" (the common flu). Was it all just a giant cash grab by big pharma, in the wake of the opioid crackdown? You almost want to believe that it's some grand conspiracy to kill everyone, because it would mean the people in charge are at least capable of some kind of long term planning.

>you pulled your soapbox out for no reason

Not for no reason. He showed that you're an imbecile. It might be impossible to win an argument against an idiot, but you can usually convince the audience members.


OP's post:
>safe and effective depopulation.png


Every one of your posts reads like a textbook example of sunk cost fallacy. I'm sorry you willingly injected an unknown substance into your arm created by malicious organizations


S-stop saying mean things!


>Backed into a corner, all exits blocked, all arguments countered, he tries his final gambit.
>heh, well, I bet you're a vaxxie!
And not only are you wrong, but even if I were one, it wouldn't have changed all of the true things I said.
I expect better from people here. If you're going to bullshit about politics, do it from the heart, instead of repeating /pol/ flavor of the month garbage.


I'm not OP nor am I >>82014, you supreme tard. Also, again, effective depopulation methods don't equal WAAAAUGH METEOR SMASH WAAAUGH VOLCANO BLAST WAAAAAAUGH CAPESHIT MOVIE SCENE. Feel free to keep arguing with a ghost, you fucking moron.


You really are a pretentious faggot lol. Fuck off back to reddit with your inane, insipid "erm, uhm, well this strawman is problematic you see..." shite.


File: 1718517841720.png 73.39 KB, 259x309, retard.png

>You really are a pretentious faggot lol. Fuck off back to reddit with your inane, insipid "erm, uhm, well this strawman is problematic you see..." shite.


I don't care nor know about your most recent, unrequited love regarding some literal who tranny, idiot.



See this post here >>81869, which was never addressed. GMO mosquitos were given a gene that causes ovarian cancer in future generations. This image is loaded with a ton of evidence that vaxxoids have had the exact same thing done to them (in addition to a wide variety of other horrible things)

Bill G*tes gave mosquitos a gene that causes ovarian cancer and he was a major player behind the current human mRNA poison

Why would you trust this man with your health when he openly advocates depopulation?


post sauce or larp


>I expect better from people here.


lmao even


how so?


I haven't expected coherent conversation on this board since it moved to the dot me domain.



>wrestles with strawmen
>thinks every detractor is the same person like he was born yesterday
>expects more of others


thats on you
lol owned


Then Bill Gates is the savior of the White race, but in all seriousness, just like how depopulation seems to hinge on AGI(LMAO!), it sounds like soyence-coomer fantasy to me. If they perfected gene editing things would probably be more hellish than we could possibly imagine.


>cant post sauce



Sauce was posted already you fucking retard




As someone familiar with clinical trials, I would like to point out that a lot of drugs put people at risk of causing birth defects or infertility. Where does it say anything about affecting future generations? The women who are vaxxed are the ones directly having miscarriages, how does that have anything to do with GMO mosquitos, who are bred to be fertile but cause infertility to their offspring?


>still no response to this post

never change 4chon


Look at the post right above yours. Also if you're still alleging it's a depopulation conspiracy why were you whining about "strawman arguments" earlier?


>retarded faggot STILL thinks all her detractors are the same person
Heh, I remember my first day on the internet.


Do you want to pretend you didn't make this thread >>64679 too, Avid?
When are you going to apologize for lying about billions dying by late 2023 BTW? I am owed.


not NELvid and didnt make that thread. only thing you are owed is a bag of lead paint chips.


a 4chon post is not a sauce
>strawman arguments
that wasnt me
i didnt make that thread


File: 1718746098355.jpg 59.26 KB, 800x790, 1718742588001536.jpg

All the wealthy people pushing so hard for the vaxx also share the belief that the world is massively overpopulated and we need to reduce population growth.
Pfizer also sells an injection for pigs to make them sterile, called Improvac, and it uses the immune system to do it. Albert Bourla (he's actually a veterinarian) was shilling Improvac long before the covid shots. The point of Improvac is to make male pig meat taste better by reducing male hormones in its body several months before slaughter. Bourla is the CEO of Pfizer btw if you didn't know


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