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>The komodo dragon
>Giant squid
>even Kangaroos

Which other cryptids are likely actual creatures that will be discovered?


>"will be"
we found everything tho


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File: 1718117666672.jpg 72.95 KB, 850x877, 206c6kd16gza1.jpg

Of course, because we totally mapped the entire ocean floor and every inch of the rainforest. Next on the agenda: finding the Loch Ness monster in my backyard pond :^)


idk about discoveries but I'd like to undiscover niggers


I hope you and all the rest of your little normalfag buddies fucking die for what you did to my home board. You should all get raped by demons for all eternity, fucking cancer. Fuck you


why do you hate phanny? he's a fun guy!


wave of outsiders killed muh board


which board? /tdm/?


File: 1718441019611.jpg 51.67 KB, 342x400, LongArmSquid.jpg

[This nigga has entered the chat]

We literally JUST found him


What in the fuck is that?


you know which one retard. burn in Hell


Bigfin squid; we don't know why he looks like that. The theory is that it T poses to dredge up prey from the bottom of the ocean, like an anchor.


Cool heh.


no, I really don't.....

phannip is cool and has a big white cock, I can only assume you must be a kike if you hate him


the only kike here is you


I still have no idea what crawled up your ass and died, FoKums


projecting much?


NELviding much?


you seem upset


its a cool occult site where we worship dogi's fat milkers


drop a link, duder

I wanna tribute my queen



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