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File: 1657595753911-0.jpg (147.06 KB, 1903x523, failure.jpg)

File: 1657595753911-1.jpg (54.51 KB, 976x850, pepe_doubt.jpg)


This is why I don't come to this site anymore.

HDV you failed bro, just close the shop it's over.


alright then i find u squat over a hole taking a shit and next time I'm gonna fuckin push u in it.


File: 1657596067175.webp (47.66 KB, 402x600, clowns-pie-victorian-scrap….webp)

ha ha


Shut this website down.




HDV, show raspberry



You will post on facebook and you vill be happy.

Close this site.


close your mouth


youre right OP, HDV is a shitty little faggot


delete yourself fag


What did I do smh


you didn't ban FoKy


You didn’t let me suck your willie


>doesnt ban redx
>makes, bumps and spams dailystormer fag links
>types like a retarded schoolgirl



noone cares fake avid kys


he's the real avid, you are FoKy



Gay thread by gay nigger OP


Also ( - ) lol


this was the last post avid made before he died


So spooky.


Really really spooky



File: 1681146225905.png (230.9 KB, 497x387, 41a-660128541.png)

HDV check pm real quick


File: 1681146768943.jpg (52.29 KB, 331x402, butthurt-faggot.jpg)


File: 1683524295462.gif (2.03 MB, 600x600, slapslap.gif)

HDfella check PM again

*thwacc thwacc*


File: 1684627112162.png (995.56 KB, 1280x720, 509-961797853.png)

check PM heh


File: 1684633580629.jpg (26.51 KB, 597x389, life of dwarf.jpg)


File: 1684633941890.jpg (408.26 KB, 828x785, 1684604019959005.jpg)

Spectacular OC!


>mfw foky is a scared lil wyte boi too much of a bitch to post here he needs to tattle to HIV privately lmao


Here that cat is proper scary eh gonna have to hide this picture like


The men should be uglier heh.


File: 1684774813498-0.jpg (81.55 KB, 1280x738, FwrqPQkWIAE4XpA.jpg)

File: 1684774813498-1.jpg (93.99 KB, 1280x772, FwrqOpbWAAM4dtU.jpg)

Imagine being on the same side as the lugenpresse CNN


H'what did she meen by dis?


File: 1684894619181.gif (345.13 KB, 500x386, 2c3-2556396622.gif)

check PM quick


Hbd please have sex with me. I am a hot young sexy biological woman.
[spoiler/]just kidding[spoiler/]


File: 1684898999486.jpg (40.7 KB, 1024x569, mbf0u7xtmwj41.jpg)



Kidding about the sex or being a hot young sexy biological woman?


ya'll = gayz0rds


Power rangers goes FAG



robots connected DICK2ASS


File: 1685017455160.jpeg (38.53 KB, 474x760, OIP.jpeg)

Nern sterp ferkin




alamy gawd


alamy aqbar





File: 1685634553158.jpg (46.64 KB, 900x695, nazi_germany_pony_by_the_sk….jpg)

h'check PM



File: 1685925979121.jpg (115.06 KB, 713x900, 1685890775530635.jpg)

Idk wat dis meen


The version of this with the horse and apu standing in line always makes me laff.




You got your safe space now foky >>>/new/


File: 1686638172444.jpg (77.78 KB, 636x800, hehh2.jpg)

Check PM


File: 1690394847250.jpg (85.8 KB, 1124x978, 1681883783229514.jpg)

Kinda fascinating how darfskitzo is allowed to shit up the whole catalog but back when we only had one bort a couple news articles being posted made the KIKE mod piss and shidd demselfs lol


File: 1690399438835.webp (663.45 KB, 1042x8043, 1687792175696.webp)


File: 1690399460812.webp (77.58 KB, 1440x2012, 1690058677410.webp)


File: 1690399485320.gif (1.82 MB, 321x339, 1669865979561.gif)


File: 1692685343884.png (222.03 KB, 500x600, 141789__safe_rainbow dash_h….png)

Check PM hdv


it's not my place to undo someone else's mod actions, you can email hiv to request for appeals, but i can move your anchored threads to /new/ unless you have any objection, i guess people would rather they be there, that might be the best compromise


File: 1692761245876.png (148.88 KB, 311x446, nazipone.PNG)


check PM


I am le czeching them heh


File: 1692778689154.webp (12.86 KB, 591x645, rop5tzg6seg91.webp)

>I am le czeching them


What did he mean by this?


File: 1692900715066.jpg (30.05 KB, 344x434, 2381310.jpg)



File: 1692921802827.mp4 (8.32 MB, 720x1280, 1692918521615.mp4)

Foky is being more histrionic than women. The two women on this board are acting more mature and easy-going than Foky. He's being a Karen demanding to speak to the manager over a nothingburger. Think about that.


who cares nigger cry more


rent free


File: 1692922976888.mp4 (6.83 MB, 544x848, jewish dating event.mp4)


fuck off KIKE


File: 1692942605148.png (142.93 KB, 848x1024, large-3799537389.png)

hdv check PM


circlejerking faggot, probably exchanging CP




bump so hdv can see


this behind the scenes faggotry is very disconcerting, i vet youre fucking grooming HDV to bend to your faggoted requests (ban dwarf/dog/avid/foky) etc

youre a fucking weird loser LOL


Each realized mortgage is actually an eradication commitment reserved for each white family house.


take your meds you skitzo faggot


Yeah, this gayops 'sent ;)' shit is legitimately cringe.


its probably troonpigsaga begging for mod

or smiley begging for a shitty gay /fringe/ board


leave this site you shrimp dicked manlet


File: 1693009632084.jpg (88.54 KB, 900x900, 74946588_7198_medium_large.jpg)

i found your mum on bumble and that's how we got along


you are a shrimp dicked manlet


let me clean the shit you have dripping down on your feet


let me break your fucking jaw for you


File: 1693014560446.webp (53.78 KB, 675x803, Screenshot_20230825-203541.webp)


File: 1693014608293.webp (41.63 KB, 1340x1019, Screenshot_20230825-204936.webp)


File: 1693048242424.png (287.96 KB, 599x340, 2bb-634668386.png)

HDV check your PM quick


This has been slid


File: 1693050100802.png (7.11 KB, 244x186, faggot cuck mod.PNG)

The rogue mod has now also bumplocked the redpilled anti-tranny thread rather than just moving it to /new/

When mod removal?


>Foky is too retarded to know that threads auto-sage after it hits a certain amount of replies.

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