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So uh…my uh….my friend got this thing a short time ago like I said. It's a device that is supposedly able to reduce plaque in the veins of the penis that can constrict blood flow and compromise the ability to have uh…normal function. I-..my friend has suffered intimacy issues his entire life and I… he did a lot of secondhand research on acoustic wave therapy for male intimacy issues which has existed for a decade or so, by now. However, because healthcare in the US is in a bad way for wagies these days it wasn't realistic to pursue this treatment. This device is comparable to those used in clinics, just with some safety features to prevent laypeople from injuring themselves.

I've…my friend only used it once so far because despite the fact that he'd bought it back in late December today was the first day my-my friend's parents were both away.

My friend informed me that it was loud and scary at first but an ultimately painless and simple process. He's looking forward to seeing if his results mimic those of the many totally-not-paid testimonials on the website. Thank you for reading this story about my friend's unfortunate problem, he was hoping to start a family some day and he thinks this might be his only shot


I'm glad your friends penis may get the treatment he deserves. Tbh I think I might have had the same problem growing up that he did, the wrong method of mastirbating he has mentioned here before, when I didn't know better.

I am not overly concerned as it is not too likely I will change my ways / be able to keep a relationship anyway having grown up on the loners path, but the few times I had sex it hurt kinda bad depending on the position


drink more water, watch your blood sugar and dont, absolutely do not fap on a full stomach


File: 1644536147097.jpeg 273.87 KB, 782x618, 7858A320-E109-4EE2-8CF0-45….jpeg

Thanks for the advice, I'm changing my diet around, no more snacks at work (I would often have a single 1oz bag of chips or cookies at work but I will eschew even that frivolity). I won't be eating fast food with my parents anymore either (my diet up to this point was basically intermittent fasting-but eating fast food shit when I got home from work). Even if the portions were never excessive it's gotta be messing with my macros bruh. I am also exercising like a madman to counter the fact that I am an aging creepy incel with terrible optics that almost seem tailor-made for femoid rejection. I am going to live these next 6 months or so as if my…friend's success with the above device is an absolute certainty even though nothing could be further from the truth. I'm doing all this because uh, I've got to be my friend's wingman at the club right? ha ha


Not bad angle...for my friend to take...


a hot gay mouth can do this job just as well, love


My friend has only been using it half as often as directed because his mommy doesn't leave the house often and he's too embarrassed/cowardly to talk to his parents about it and use it when his parents are home. He did mention having a solid morning wood incident for the first time in a long while recently but that's been largely the extent of it so far...So he says


what would happen if a guy with a normal functioning penis used it? would he develop penile superpowers?


Judging by how it supposedly works it could perhaps function as a preventative, keeping you from becoming the kind of sad person who would pay $1000 for a weird plastic rocket ship that supposedly makes you able to do what normal people can already do without thinking about it.


Why are you people so fucking gay holy shit.




Leave that person whom is certainly not now nor has ever been me alone...


if you're here you must also be gay


snake oil dick dildo spaceship, kikes are winning because fags like you consider buying this shite


Does this thing also help prophylactically with Peyronie's disease? Because that's caused by plaques accumulating over time as well, so it'd be interesting if it were applied to studies about that too.


File: 1647528376822.jpeg 163.62 KB, 1200x1199, 230CF6B6-AAA4-4A06-998D-37….jpeg

It does claim to; in the instructions it tells you to go across the inner curve of your afflicted banana twice rather than going on the top "1 o'clcok" position.


File: 1647529150424.jpeg 72.98 KB, 749x876, B79D9116-FEBF-4EE9-95AD-04….jpeg

It's based on "shockwave therapy" which is a treatment that has been researched over the past couple decades and, supposedly, has proven benefiicial for the majority of those receiving it.


>Wang and colleagues [Wang et al. 2003]



FoKy is the spammer

cool numberes btw


lOL BRUH is there really anything wrong with u tho? were u on psych drugs or eat the paper on the preserved straz meat?

If its just "premature ejaculation" there are other females and AFAB people who finnish way too early too.


File: 1649265713663.jpg 10.57 KB, 183x275, 40 Year Old Incel.jpg

Nah I jerked my wiener wrong when I was younger (Look into "prone masturbation" if you have absolutely nothing better to do), I'm legitimately injured from that I think. I mean…MY FRIEND IS!


>prone masturbation
well why not just rub dick on external parts of the person then? why is penetration the only goal of u ppl, if i cant do it by trying on ur own, those phoenix scams that also require 20 minutes of cock pumping a day totally are not gonna work cuz iu need practice, not some fake shitty scam combinations.

Like i had a weird masturbation style, and as i lost my virginity, after years of practice with no outside help, only me, no objects, i could learn to finish eventhough i had no emotions/arousal from for ed psych drugging and the sex was horrible a s i wanted to die all the time(still wanna die, but its not as bad now cuz i dont have to fuck my evil horrible gross deformed husband cuz he just cheated on me with whores while married eventhoufh i gave penetration every single day)


fill this out >>5711


I got repulsed when it asked me my "favorite band", thas normie shit


Just omit the stuff you don't feel like answering


what do you mean by album tho?


File: 1650223792797.jpg 9.79 KB, 225x225, images.jpg

i have a better suggestion. use toned tan, it fits thematically as well.


I love my toned tan sketchpads. They're too nice though so I don't use them. H-…heh!


The <5% yes in actual African countries makes me lol heh


it makes sense since those are the non-black countries with the longest history of dealing with blacks


File: 1650255079234.jpg 101.62 KB, 540x380, DS-page1.jpg

The only reason I started using them was because of the dynamic sketching courses with peter han. It's such a nice background to work with, do you feel the same?


Yeah starting with a nice midtone like that really is a game changer, but for people who just started to draw I usually recommend using as cheap-shit materials as possible. Where he recommends toned paper and Staedtler fineliner felt-tip pens I say office paper on a clipboard and a mechanical pencil is sufficient to get similar results. However, as you get a little better and you actually start "drawing" in earnest the toned paper is great.


yo hiv what kind of business were u musing on starting


File: 1652033644795.jpg 120.91 KB, 640x514, DAMAGED.jpg

I like how you chose this of all threads to ask me that! If u email me I will tell u heh


we're gonna need to have a meeting if u ask people to email you on this service again



sent ;)


bumping this thread to shamefully admit the device has remained unused more or less because my mom never leaves the house and I'm too cowardly to speak truth to (penile) power.



File: 1653876145876.jpeg 110.59 KB, 659x519, B275EDF0-3FE2-4111-B812-DF….jpeg

Yeah you're right, I'll tell her tomorrow. I'm officially closer to 40 than 30 now, I don't have much time left to be a coward


>deleting your post about the n-word v-logger


Just play loud music while you use it to cover up the noise


I wonder if thad made any friends in prison


>>old enough to be impotent yet
>>still living at home.


>>never growing up and being cucked by your mom and day every day
>>pretending you prefer this


It is funny and pathetic so I can't blame you for laughing, but for the record I was impotent in my early 20s tbh. I'd have likely been married with children by now with my first serious gf if that wasn't the case. I've been fucked for a while, man.


It depends, having some independence is good, man. I spend almost as much money on my parents through groceries and other stuff as I would on an apartment, if my dad had any intention of paying the house off this wouldn't be upsetting at all, instead whatever I spend on the family just goes down a black hole of increased spending. Boomers, man.


Pretty much this, if you have introverted parents that respect your privacy and who are themselves independent, living with your parents is probably fine. That's uh...not what I have. I'm a 40 year old man that sleeps on a couch in his parents' living room while being constantly bothered with boomer nonsense. I still love them despite their MANY faults but at the end of the day this is no way for somebody to live ngl tbh


Go educate and get educated with a lobotomy at school.


sorry mang. (about the wiener issue) have you seen a doctor? what happened?

that sounds like hell. of course you love your parents but that's not the point. I love my parents and I left for college and never came back, except for visits. there is a reason that when we become teenagers the shit our parents do drives us nuts and the shit we do drives our parents nuts. it has nothing to do with love/hate it is evolutionary.

this would be better than nothing. a first step at least. really though go get an apartment.. roommates if you have to. move states if it costs too much where you live. don't give up.


>>there is a reason that when we become teenagers the shit our parents do drives us nuts and the shit we do drives our parents nuts. it has nothing to do with love/hate it is evolutionary.
>so asians and italians are less evolved than anglos and nords?
how about tax exempt amerimutts?


azns and wops experience this also but come from a very different culture than america. but yes they are also subhumans.

living with roommates teaches you valuable adult skills you'll never learn in the parent-child paradigm. I didn't say it was always fun. I hated my roommates mostly but it inspired me to work to afford a place of my own.

having a mortgage with someone you aren't married to is insanity. sounds like you couldn't afford to buy so made a costly mistake.


The doctor I saw tried to get me hooked on anti-depressants and I count it as a formative experience in my hesitance to ever trust them for anything. No joke, I didn't say shit about being depressed or anything like that either (even though I was-but for a very specific, non-chemical-imbalance reason of course. LOL). This was over a decade ago and I've been watching and waiting for the technology supposedly in use in the device in the OP to mature for quite a few years now.


>hows that any better than living with his parents
I did move out for a few years with a couple friends and on God it wasn't much better than living with my folks. I mean, it was better and even kind of fun at times, but when you have roommates their problems become your problems in a similar way. My one roommate was "depressed" so he never did any of the chores-or much of anything-and both of them would go out late at night and come home drunk af on what were my work days and be rowdy while I was trying to sleep. I saw the humor in it for the most part though and we're still friends to this day. The worst part probably was that neither of them had a car so they were often begging me for rides to the grocery store and shit so they didn't have to spend $40 on an Uber or Lyft


Do tell. I don't think I'd like living with my brother much either even though we're on pretty good terms these days.


>waiting for the technology supposedly in use in the device in the OP to mature for quite a few years now
The root of your problems may lie elsewhere. You can fix your dick and still be a depressed man with no self confidence. Its kinda like how trans people are super depressed and they think getting sex reassignment surgery will magically fix all their problems but post operation theyre still depressed. Because there are other underlying issues. Idk I could be wrong since obviously don't know you personally but I just think not being able to get hard shouldn't be enough for you to put your whole life on pause for so long.


post your cock so we can compliment it and make you feel better




Moving out isn't an option for now but I would probably be a lot better off with some distance from my family situation.

I can physically feel the tension in my body when I am at home with my parents and just having to be around my mom makes my skin crawl sometimes even though we get along okay nowadays. When I went away for school I got a lot more done and when I qould come home I was besieged by asthma and sluggishness


File: 1654037062454.jpg 119.58 KB, 911x911, Profile_-_Jack_Skellington.jpg


is he a drug user/abuser?


Yes, your Highness


Weedheads belong in prison!


fuck off rottentits




That's disgusting. I couldn't live with someone like that.


The noise is too loud and embarrassing and my parents never leave so I guess I'm going to have to rent out a walk-in outdoor storage unit to use this thingy in. That way the only people who could catch me are unrelated boomers and they'd probably just think I'm working on my car or something h-heh


Just play music when you use it


And then end up on the sex offender registry lol


I dont have whatever money for this alien dildo shit, could I not just put my dick on a speaker or some shit?


File: 1654707599957.gif 2.58 MB, 416x307, all me btw.gif

Not a bad idea, would save me money in the long run but in truth I kind of need a storage unit anyway for my growing inventory. If I can use it as a place where I jerk my wiener off for medical purposes I guess that's just a bonus but admittedly I haven't worked the logistics out. I used to have a storage unit that was basically a garage for $100 and I tried to use it as an office; I'll probably do something similar again heh.

5-/60hz 0.8A

24V 1200mA

Also I'm not sure where I could park where I wouldn't be at risk of having a run in with drug dealers or people just driving around, you know? Ultimately it's probably the best play for my current living arrangement even though it's a tremendous waste of money thinking of it logically.

I don't mind the car idea but it is loud (as much or more as a vacuum I think) and it's actually quite a large device so it's not something you could conceal without blocking out the windows or something, somehow. A treatment session takes a good half hour straight so you gotta be somewhere you know is safe in a way.

>could I not just put my dick on a speaker or some shit?
I doubt it, something about the device making contact is important I'm sure. Also there's some specific areas you don't want to treat with it, particularly the very bottom of your benis because it will shrek your urethra, so I don't think resting your junk on a high powered sub woofer will accomplish the same goals.


>storage unit with electricity is $170 a month


Thanks man. Not a bad idea. It really is loud though, I think it's closer to a power tool than a vacuum. I just don't think I can make it work in public either way without some kind of real cover. IT'S OVER.


Yes, Master.


I'm not surprised even a little, this "side effect" has likely been known for as long as the practice has existed. The (((doctors))) tried to get my mom to abort me apparently so the fact they relented to simply slicing half my cock off to effectively sterilize me and maybe get me to kill myself instead doesn't register as unusual.



the feel when man


Post webm of you using this device


Yes, my Lord


Y-...yes, your Highness...


Take meds skitzo.


I think this thing made my flaccid pingas bigger


fake avid leech cunt


I think it's working ngl
>t. had solid "morning wood" this morning for the first time in what seems like a long time

I wonder if I have Peyronie's tho

>t. in a semi-chub state yesterday while I was using the device my d*ck had sort of an accordion shape for a moment smgdh!


Add christianity flag since you already have jew flag and Muslim flag


looks like things are on the up and up for you, thats good to hear


I'm moving out soon. One week from now if all goes according to plan. I'm kind of anxious though because I think this retarded fucking thing is so loud my neighbors will hear it and I might still have to rely on my parents going away to use it without being worried about what people think I'm doing heh. l-...lol!



your neighbors won't know what it is and you won't be obligated to explain it to them


pee pee space ship


Imagine a group of flaccid men doing an exotic tribal dance around the pee pee space ship, praying for erections.


I'm drooling at the thought


hey hiv check ur protonmail i hav a favor to ask


I could probably do that, I'll email you back when I get the opportunity heh


thx, ill raise it to $30 for initial pay, ill have a lot more later of course if it works out


also theres a very high chance you'll never get called anyway because ill refuse to give any #s until i have an offer at the end (ill let u know prior if i get that far), and even with a manager's referral (tho from a different department) im very doubtful ill get an offer


You don't have to give me anything, it's enough that you'd taken care of this place as long as you have, no worries.


>HDV selling the site to Mossad for 30 dollars, alluding to Judas and his 30 pieces of silver
It's like poetry, it rhymes.


That's not h'what's happening but I lol'd none the h'less


Poor Family Sanctions


The entire goddamn place is just allowed to be as smart as a goddamn prison.


i'll need your confirmation by tomorrow if you're up for it, the deadline i'm given to submit it is tomorrow night


Sent u my info h-heh. I'll try and make it convincing


hiv selling the site to the feds confirmed
knew this place was a honeyp*t


HDVPP update: Some decent morning h'wood today heh. I still haven't invested in the iodine salt or vitamins though because I lost my debit card and am still waiting for a new one to arrive smdh. I found my black walnut tincture and will be taking some of that as well soon, as I haven't been dreaming as regularly or as vividly.


I've deigned to use the device at my parents' home regardless of whether they're around or not. I wanted to spare them the annoyance of the comically loud thing and myself the shame but it's simply too much to expect either of them to leave the house for 20 minutes at a time for my sake a few times a week.


do the vibrations not make you coom?


File: 1664469362524.jpeg 135.97 KB, 490x960, F219DBB7-E2F8-41D6-A6C0-D8….jpeg

It doesn't feel sexual at all, it's more a general discomforting feeling. Its supposed purpose is to create micro-traumas in the uh...member that breaks up existing plaques and increases vascularity/forms alternate routes for the blood to travel heh

After nearly a year of owning this goofy thing I will finally be using it as-recommended so I'm interested to see if things improve a bit.

>now I just have to figure out how to cope with the fact my circumcision has robbed me of any and all sexual pleasure I might have otherwise felt


Imma hide this weirdass thread now


I run/jog/walk 4 miles a day and stand/intentionally pace at work for 10 and a half hours. Admittedly I don't do too much intense cardio though so maybe that could be something to think about.


kill yourself you disgusting nonce faggot



so did it work


suck my cock.


Not sure yet, I've only just begun treatment as-recommended. Going to take a few months for a real final review unfortunately smdh. I've also purchased generic viagra online aha


I thought viagra was banned or something


Be careful, if you take too much a blue dot will appear in the center of your vision.
t. Knower


Why don't you just diet and exercise? That will keep your cock plaque plenty low enough and someone might actually want to fuck you with the physique you get from it.


File: 1664820192586.jpg 314.82 KB, 1026x1055, Screenshot_20221003-190306_….jpg

i pooped and farted and shit myself


Thanks for the suggestions, I'm in very good shape though. I haven't met my "genetic potential" entirely I'm sure but I have lots of muscle definition throughout my body and am at a healthy weight. While I'm using this treatment assuming some kind of plaque interference, I also think my c*ck suffered some sort of physical trauma when I was younger, I masturbated wrong (prone masturbation) and I'm circumcised to hell and back. Even if I do fix the mechanical process there's still lots of psychological damage not only from failed attempts in the past but the lack of gratification I personally get out of it. I'm just documenting my attempts at unfucking myself I guess, knowing in advance it's a long shot.

I'm terrified I'll get with a girl I really like and not be able to perform l-...lol!


le rebbit


Week 2(?) of using the device as recommended. Dinger still dead for the most part with minimal signs of life. There is an optional Line of Treatment as they call it where you use the device on your fupa essentially instead of going up and down the 1 o clock position which is supposed to help treat "intravenous leakage"-a condition which seems to match my symptoms somewhat-so if I don't see success with the default treatment in a few months I will defer to this alternate methodology.




File: 1669004125089.jpg 64.72 KB, 526x870, 297852552_1526568161109008_….jpg

The device was broken some weeks ago in a comically embarrassing way that I will refrain from mentioning at this time. I think it's been over a month so it's back to square one I suppose.

I can't afford a new one yet. I keep forgetting to buy multi-vitamins too smh

I bought some generic viagra from the hims.com website and I tried it out. It seems to work okay but I'm unsure of whether or not it works "well enough" if you know what I mean lol heh

With these things weighing in the back of my mind at all hours in one form or another, I'm not sure if I can break out of this negative feedback loop. I have been alone for about 16 years now and I'm worried my brain is too fried from isolation to ever truly recover. l...lol!


jacked off seven times over friday/saturday
have you tried actually becoming fucking aroused


How did it break?


It’s called nofap


I can j*ck off without maintaining a bronner rigid enough for s*x tbh. Isn't that uh...interesting?


Try Nofap


>The device was broken some weeks ago in a comically embarrassing
Tell us


i wonder if your retarded way of communicating is a result


don't forget checking your hormones for $180+tax:


File: 1669059492984-0.jpg 43.17 KB, 581x635, 1669045689273.jpg

File: 1669059492984-1.jpg 50.2 KB, 750x670, EoDaBk8VoAAptw6.jpg


Another Pee Pee Space Ship has been purchased, lads


File: 1669754926390.gif 791.61 KB, 640x640, 166964696184972136 (2).gif

Find some female with a small-penis erectile-disfunction fetish, fam!


File: 1669755439730.png 194.67 KB, 722x301, 166964696184972136 (5).png

>That shrimp photo.

Shrimp-dick deals WITH SMELL, Not length or girth. Think of dudes talking about girls with UTI's(infection) who's unhealthy pussys smell like ..tuna fish stank or whatever.


File: 1669755696474.jpg 121.12 KB, 720x960, 1669688423369719.jpg

After a nasty fap session... y'all dudes rooms smell like hot uncooked shrimp that's gone south on a summer day sitting out in the sun. Nasty. Y'all jizz smells too+sweat. Yuck.


what the fuck is this thread even


File: 1669756189598.png 376.96 KB, 2550x1650, a6d.png

>ACCIDENTALLY opening a door when a dudes fapping: THE MOST NASTY WAFT OF NASTY SHRIMP!

...if I wanted to smell shrimp, I'd buy a shrimp cocktail.



Bunch of complainers.


My penis is actually of a good size, my perceptions of what that is have been warped by passive consumption of weaponized pornography on imageboards, but in measuring it recently I am considerably above average. Not that it does me any good heh


File: 1669758726366.jpg 373.44 KB, 1280x1601, M2F5EEB4ZNC33FWW2M4Y432PIE.jpg



File: 1669760423196.jpg 85.83 KB, 640x920, 05122595f52d7f516351cac2497….jpg


File: 1670957579762.jpeg 38.62 KB, 2048x140, 8BF80209-2055-4B19-917A-E3….jpeg

Several weeks prior to placing my order, le Pee Pee Spaceship 2 is en route heh


you mama wait for my BWC schwong and she got it XD


I meant later



File: 1670961181085.webm 1.92 MB, 576x1024, 1670959812126231.webm

Have a (you).




Every single nigger and nigger lover deserves to die.


File: 1670974547542.mp4 2.91 MB, 720x1280, 1670929115205812 (online-vi….mp4

Have a (you).


File: 1670974855395.png 124.59 KB, 392x389, 1670974719276.png

Swastika anon, is levakama. You're a slav. You aren't even white


File: 1670974907999.jpg 70.26 KB, 909x421, 1670911271713851.jpg

Have a (you).




I had a hard time searching using the right terms but it seems I may have what's called a Circumferential Penile Narrowing. It's something I didn't think much of because I only see it when I'm holding in a piss, but it's a rare-and I'm getting the impression essentially untreatable-form of Peyronie's Disease


I diagnose you with webmd derived hypochondria.


You telling me your dinger looks like an accordion/hourglass with a pinch in the center when you have to piss too? Never seemed normal to me but I just figured it was some benign thing.


Pee Pee Space Ship 2 just arrived lads. Wish me and my plaque and circumcision-ravaged benis luck.

>we're going to need it


The instruction manual says it's used best in conjunction with a 🅱️enis 🅱️ump so, despite putting it off this long, I finally bought one. This is all so incredibly cringe and degenerate I can hardly frickin' stand it but I have to try.


File: 1671323091845.jpg 679.69 KB, 1254x837, 1671309392278582.jpg

I'm glad you that U & ur cock 'n ballz R okay, brah!


Thanks D, I'm hopeful this indignity will be a distant memory six months from now heh


File: 1671331321614.jpg 423.09 KB, 1920x1920, 1671308222877218.jpg



File: 1671331397355.jpg 86.44 KB, 800x800, 1671307064209556.jpg



The pee pee spaceship's instructions mentioned procuring a penis pump device which will supposedly increase its effectiveness. I have now done so. It looks disgusting and I feel totally defeated and ashamed(Our daddy taught us not to be ashamed of our dicks.)


didnt u say ur drunk? havent u heard of whiskey dick


File: 1671949671700.png 142.61 KB, 364x367, Screenshot_20221223-225527.png

Whiskey dick is real.


I have yet to use the penis pump in conjunction with le pee pee spaceship because I think it'd be inappropriate behavior for the holiday season. However I have begun taking vitamin gummies-though they are conspicuously absent of iron and iodine; I could not find any in the store with either.


Have you tried simply fixing diet and performing regular exercise? most cases of erectile dysfunction are the result of eating too much garbage or watching porn


File: 1672064213911.jpeg 133.11 KB, 1080x1232, E81E3B3C-72BD-45AC-81C6-0A….jpeg

I walk more than a 5k every morning (at least when it's not -[x]f temperature out) and am in exceptional physical condition; visible abdominals and obliques etc.-I work out a lot.

I don't disagree with what you're saying and I'm sure this is the case most of the time, but in my position I believe my winger-dinger was injured at some point in my youth (not counting my circumcision which is a terrible injury in and of itself). Physical injury of the sort I'd sustained through various means leads to a buildup of internal plaques that-supposedly-can be relieved somewhat by acoustic wave therapy, or so it's said.


I'm going to get that test done within a week or two as you'd suggested-I'm sure being nearly 40 that my hormones are all kinds of messed up. I'm probably too DAMAGED psychologically from 15 years of being alone to have much hope here as well but this all is just my last attempt before accepting my fate and framing what remains of my life around the result one way or another.


>I have begun taking vitamin gummies-though they are conspicuously absent of iron and iodine
which brand & product is it
>I could not find any in the store with either.
could've ordered on amazon


Don't mind me, just rubbing my wiener down with my $800 spaceship machine in my parents' freezing cold basement while tearing up a bit. A perfectly normal way for me to spend my days off from work these days heh


File: 1672266758347.jpeg 223.4 KB, 1125x1097, 9CAA1FF3-BF05-42EA-B6F0-3A….jpeg

Nature Made Multi Gummies


File: 1672274010652.png 515.82 KB, 750x750, NatureMade-Multivitamin-Gum….png

what exactly is your diet? do you eat any nuts? all i remember you typing was eggs, milk, cheese, whey protein and sandwiches, none of which have any palpable amount of minerals unless your sandwiches use multigrain bread. this is a bad diet if that's all you eat. lack of magnesium while significantly increasing vitamin d may be harmful. if i'm looking at the same product that you bought, i don't see any magnesium. the enzymes in your liver and your kidneys use magnesium to metabolize vitamin d to its active form. deplete all your magnesium over the next couple months and you end up with hypomagnesemia and hypercalcemia and some of its nasty symptoms. think of it like an engine running without oil. it's stupid that these specific multivitamins don't come with any magnesium.


if you think you may be low on magnesium, your options are to either also buy magnesium supplements or to cease eating your whey protein and replace it with a food relatively high in magnesium like peanut butter, and use that on your sandwiches and elsewhere. peanut butter is super cheap (cheaper than peanuts or other raw nuts) in north america for the amount of fat, protein and calories it gives. you'd take a minimum of 6 tbsps of peanut butter per day which will give you roughly 150mg of magnesium (you'd want 400mg/day ideally) and 2mg of iron (you want 8mg/day ideally). that's a lot of peanut butter, don't try to eat it all in one meal.


I have used the device in the recommended duration (every other day over the past three days) and awoke with a minor case of morning h'wood that lasted a fair while today.

Probably not robust enough for benis in vagina s*x yet but it is encouraging as this sort of thing is so infrequent as to nearly be unheard of normally-though had occurred once in a while over the past year in which I'd been using the device with suboptimal scheduling. I'm hopeful that through proper application of this strange device in my parents' freezing cold basement like a schizo I will achieve the results necessary to confidently pursue an art ho gf at long last heh


Ah, actually I have been using peanuts as a snack lately. Basically my diet is 3 liters of filtered milk a day, a few handfuls of peanuts beyond that lately unfortunately this has been supplemented primarily with goy slop as I've been spending more time with my normoid parents.


File: 1672343661952.jpeg 74 KB, 500x500, 8583E13E-CB04-4EF0-992A-77….jpeg


HDV check your email.


>use the thingy
>leave it out without thinking somehow
>younger (adult) cousin comes over to my parents' house and uses the bathroom in the basement
>there's a dildo-shaped penis jackhammer and an open bottle of Astro-Glide sitting out in plain view

Oh god, now I'm going to have a talk with him and tell him the truth so he doesn't think I was shoving the thing up my ass-which is the conclusion I'd have if I were in his shoes.



File: 1673384856780.gif 2.44 MB, 498x280, oh-sure-john-candy.gif

>doesn't think I was
Oh. Yeah. Nobody thinks that.




File: 1673385916945.gif 234.65 KB, 537x327, 1371590090873.gif



I'm sorry, I'm not angry I thought your post was funny ngl


File: 1673390215441.jpg 160.4 KB, 1200x1089, 1673384257156186.jpg

Yyou too!


KEK just saw this post now, how did that convo go? Was your friend understanding of your plight?


Yo hdv yesterday my wife used her vibrator on my dick and while the orgasm felt super powerful the rest of the day my dick hurt pretty bad moral of the story is be careful with vibration your pp spaceship might damage your friend more than he already is


In 2014 a blood vessel in my penis burst leaving me w a similar problem...


Peepee spaceship lol


Pics and greentext. Now.


How'd that happen? Did you death grip your dong to hard?


Based wife-haver

I got an ad for something like that recently; some kind of vibrating c*ck ring lmoa. I don't know-I feel like something like that would work pretty well. I feel weird about putting anything on my heckin' dingerino though, like it's uncomfortable/a turnoff, but functionally a c*ck ring is known to provide aid for people with these kinds of problems.

tbh the device in the op-now that I'm using it 3 times a week as recommended rather than once a week tops (often less)-does seem to be having an appreciable affect (I get "morning wood" fairly regularly as opposed to essentially never). However, I'm naturally uncertain if it will go all the way until I get to that point in a natural setting. I still don't feel confident in that regard unfortunately, roughly a month and a half in and though it seems somewhat less completely dysfunctional it's still by all appearances not where I'd need it to be. The timeline for whatever total recovery this device is capable of is roughly 4 months so I still have two and a half to go, will report back.

Nonetheless, I would however attest with these preliminary results that it is definitely a revolutionary device and will probably help people who aren't as JUSTed as me regain function from an organically diminished state and maintain it into their later middle age.


It could've been due to high blood pressure

I didn't do anything unusual. Just masturbated. As I climaxed I felt a bubble up the left side of my penis. It wasn't painful but it was scary. I could tell something went wrong

I gave it a few hours & tested it to see how it worked. It was bent like a cutlass instead of being straight

I've gone through periods where it didn't work & periods where it felt like I was cumming razor blades.


I hope you get well soon dude, just be glad you have a cock and it didnt get cut off in some industrial lathe accident


File: 1675723830811.gif 2.09 MB, 728x408, XAGVi02.gif

because dang these things can all the fuck a (((persons))) shit up


I lost an inch & all sensation


Rip anon
Now I’m scared this will happen to me. Doc never told you what could cause this?


And this will help me with kids how?


H'what you mean?!


I will be going home tonight to scientifically slap my schlong around with the salami scepter heh. I have used ChatGPT, as it's proven itself to be far more efficient than any search engine, to investigate certain foods and supplements that may have a positive effect on my heart rate, blood pressure etc. in advance of getting my hormone levels checked and other (hopefully similarly inexpensive) medical tests performed. In truth I'm quite confident my issue is and always has been a product of prior physical injury-and is likely exacerbated psychologically by my historical inability to perform that's resulted from it.

Apart from that I tell myself, I have or believe I have finally come to accept a realization made some months ago (one I may or may not have expressed in this or another thread) that the daydreaming I'd done over a certain person I'd met is very unrealistic, and the comically intense feelings I have are at best mostly unrequited if not totally so. Even if in my pitiful swooning she was one of the major catalysts for my self improvement journey with fitness among other things, I have to face the fact that just because I work extremely hard at being the best expression of myself I can be I am still myself, for better and worse, and we live different lives in different places.

As sad and defeated as I truly feel, Going forward I will fight to the death to manifest myself as a dignified and functional person in all respects.


File: 1676509769792.jpg 56.03 KB, 720x644, 2eecd3da22d2b42570c4aa29fc4….jpg

Good luck.


have you looked into sildenafil (viagra but not the overpriced american brand)?


Yeah, in fact I have quite a few tablets of it because Hims deliberately makes it difficult to halt or delay shipments heh. It seems to work alright having tried it once, but unless I get someone to practice on like a pr*stitute I don't think I can know for sure. I think I will give the Schmeckle Shocker a month or two more and then see what happens.


Why's Viagra so god-damned expensive?


You can practice on a fleshlight.


Orphan Drug Law. Now that their state-mandated monopoly is expired generics can be purchased for $6 a pill heh


Because reasons


found u an art hoe gf


Hey, she's pretty good


I need to mentally prepare for the potential revelation that whatever caused me to be this way is 100% irreversible. Despite this machine's apparent utility to a point, I may be too far gone either from physical injury or mentally from simply being isolated for as long as I have to hope for a reversal of fortune this late in my life. I am about halfway through the recommended treatment window and, though as I said there has been some gratifying appreciable effect, I must meditate on the idea that my life will probably continue on as it has because at this time that seems to be the most likely result of all this.


Thoughts on the kegel meme?


I think it works but I also happened upon the concept of jelqing around the same time which may be directly responsible for my ED and subsequent suicidal ideation so don't do that heh


File: 1677261201620.png 2.36 MB, 1064x1328, Screenshot_20230224-115254.png


Dont kys brothermans


There's people out in the h'world whomst will suck your flaccid cock. Don't give up! I believe in (you)!


Kegels are great. I use the Kegel Trainer Pro app. The PC muscle controls ejaculation so if you exhaust your PC muscle through normal and reverse kegels then you can last forever during sex. Great muscle to have control over


how much sildenafil are you going to take? does 20mg do anything for you? notice any side effects? it should be safe to cut the tablets in half too.


Didn't notice any side effects on my end. I think I'll try cutting them in half and see if it still works and to what extent.

As noted before I'm taking a multivitamin as well as eating some of the foods purportedly best for blood pressure I'd stumbled on earlier. Related to that, in the third quarter of last year I'd relapsed into consuming caffeine pretty regularly again, and while I wouldn't say it's ever been excessive (4 energy drinks a week, one or two cans of diet soda a day), after having done some research just today I've concluded that, apart from just generally being shitty for you, caffeinated beverages were possibly stunting any progress I was making in that regard.

So, starting tomorrow I'll be going back to drinking milk and water pretty much exclusively-apart from my infrequent consumption of alcohol. Cheers


Dear 4chon: My wiener still doesn't work well. It's not looking good!

Yours truly,

ps: I wonder what the best device to help with "edging" is. I feel like that might be a worthwhile investment as long as I'm continuing to throw time and resources into this hopeless fool's errand


HDV man what's wrong with your penis? Have you had your hormones checked? Have you seen a urologist? It can't be vascular in nature if Viagra isn't working.


I've been telling him for over a year now to get a test done that also checks your SHBG level. I don't want to be a bully, but balding from young age is also a sign of hormonal issues.


I said that stuff worked to a degree. Will it actually work well enough for penis in vagina intercourse? I don't know, that's partially why I'm inquiring about adult toys I can practice on. LOL

>vascular in nature

It's probably because of other things I mentioned:

>I engaged in prone masturbation and jelqing as a teen, and at least in the case of the former I didn't understand the harm until it was far too late

>I am circumcised and the lack of sensation I'd felt in early attempts at coupling was demoralizing even back then, it was like there was just a numbness

Apart from the fact my dinger was already busted up at that point that didn't help. It's a multifaceted issue for which there may be no recovery-but I'm working on it in different ways which is what this thread is about. I'll be okay though, for now. There are those far worse off in this world than I in pretty much every single respect and giving up on life entirely over that would be pretty pathetic and cowardly.

I'm sorry man, it's like I said I've been trying to change my dietary composition up a bit with the holistic stuff, I guess because I'd had this problem since I was young and was told at the time my hormone levels were fine it makes me apprehensive about following up with it. I'll call the Target clinic tomorrow afternoon and set something up for sometime next week.


I'll suck a limp dick... we'll call it soft serve. 😋


Tits or GTFO


File: 1679146861265.png 600.67 KB, 1440x2242, Screenshot_20230318-012547.png


I woke up this morning to this post just now and laughed hard. Thanks anon



>*call clinic up to schedule an appointment*
>your (((estimated))) wait time is 24 minutes
>*hangs up phone*
heh, nothin' personnel, endocrine system






Just relax and leave the phone on speaker until someone picks up.


yo hiv im going to be busy for a while, if cp spam gets out of hand (he'll be back, he's on vacation it seems), tell the red mage goy (98.49.⋯) to report one of his posts with his email address (verify reporter IP matches his) so u can email him mod/janny account to help delete cp, hes expressed interest


File: 1680124243831.mp4 833.62 KB, 720x1280, HDV gets bullied in highsch….mp4


File: 1680568168791.jpeg 101.11 KB, 1024x767, ACE6484B-A4B4-4D40-84DB-1A….jpeg


I will bump this


File: 1682537930649.jpg 155.94 KB, 750x1076, nu matcherino for HIVerino.jpg


If you want a relationship as a sub-8 male in the 2020's monogamy should be considered well and over, shouldn't it?


Never lose hope


literally touch grass, there are married betas everywhere in meatspace


It isn't over until the feds have riddled you with ammo.


I was going to offer some cope, but instead I'll say fuck you, nigger, because I don't think your comment is well-reasoned! Just because a guy is married or has a GF doesn't mean he has a good relationship. A lot men have invested and continue to invest way more into their woman than is reasonable, and as one might expect they're treated like shit for it. Touch ass, faggot, because a lot of these relationships are parasitical and disgusting, and there's a non-insignificant chance these "married betas" are literally getting cucked these days for their "polyamorous" princess.


then just kys


Shut up


triggered beta


I'm looking for a 3rd world GF instead.


I have the feeling a 3rd World girlfriend is a kind of a groomer/upperhand style relationship


File: 1683151791916.webp 69.24 KB, 1440x1202, Screenshot_20230503-170925.webp

Third world gf.


You would have to be a fool to not leverage the advantages you have. Especially someone like me, who generally has to worker harder than others while getting less for my effort.


That niggers is spitting facts, probably.
Did he ever get around to doing that though?


4chon.me/mod now redirects to 4chon.me/mod.php for convenience. plz inform the mod
there's now a separate minimum time per ip for new threads longer than just the 8 secs for new replies to make it a little harder for future raids / spamflooding
rolled out the anti-cp-thread script which checks every 15 mins the newest thread and locks & redacts based on certain conditions, we'll see how effective it is


File: 1683581526630.jpg 139.53 KB, 974x1280, wife material for HDV.jpg


4chon should be now immune to thread flooding even if they're all unique VPN/botnet IP addresses since only a maximum of 1 index page worth of threads (i.e. 15 threads) can be made per hour. no need to do that cringe stickying you do during flooding



File: 1687145043213.jpeg 67.66 KB, 720x663, 43B50B58-0FBA-4A71-B3EF-14….jpeg

I think my injuries are too severe to be corrected by this device, however, I've seen signs of life I hadn't in years prior that suggest that it may be effective for someone suffering from normal, age related dysfunction. I will continue to use this machine for some time to come, but I'm pretty confident it's over.


what about the viagra


File: 1687182886442.webp 27.99 KB, 1191x469, Screenshot_20230619-085426.webp

You need to get the tranny benus-inflater-system put into your biological-manhood. All you'd have to do would be to squeeze a device thing in your sack and your benus would become hard and to deflate your benus you'd squeeze the device thing in your sack. I'm a genius. Why haven't the scientists and doctors done this?-That would be a real game changer for biological men.


Actually a good idea
>get tranny tube
>get the penis cartilage severed at the base of the shaft to add an extra inch of length
>inflate extra big penis
>never never never tell any woman about all this
>oh I had an accident and I just need to press this button now to get hard 😢


>>get the penis cartilage severed at the base of the shaft to add an extra inch of length
No. That sounds horrific. Wtf.
>never never never tell any woman
>oh I had an accident and I just need to press this button now to get hard 😢
Oh no. You ruined it. You said something.


You would never ever sever the "cartridge" EVER! Weiner stretching exists and that's how it would be medically altered "at the base". You chop off the base of the shaft and you have just chopped off a penis, retard.


File: 1687188659939.webp 46.35 KB, 1439x1490, Screenshot_20230619-103036.webp

Trips of truth!


You don't announce it. You'd just gently press it and it inflates. You could do that from your pants pocket or whatever. What kind of three ring circus FREAK SHOW do you think this is?!


I dunno, seems to somewhat work but I can't tell if well enough-and I probably am a Premature Ejaculator because of my inexperience as well anyway LOL. I will say that if it does work I can credit the Pee Pee Spaceship for getting me to that point. The internal debate though is whether I'm willing to get together with a NSA toad of a woman to practice on or dare to try with someone I am actually attracted to and risk ruining it right off the bat heh

Jesus Christ heh


All I know is that some guy with two penises (diphallic man?) got part of the shit inside of his dick severed and he gained around two inches of length on both of his penises from this

Now he has a fully functioning 9 inch penis directly next to a fully functioning 7 inch penis


Wow. I wonder what his sex life is like.


>part of his dick severed
... and they didn't reattach it?


We just need to get the woman with two vaginas and the man with two penises together. There's really someone for everyone.


I thought the pee pee spaceship was for your friend?


I read about him in a thread on reddit long ago. Somehow a deep rabbit hole led me to reddit and then some images and videos of a man with two large penises. It's shaped kinda like a V

He's basically a devotee of Slanesh


OH oh yes, YES. haha yes. His friend. It's me HDV's friend. I am just so thankful for him helping myself out out with his-I mean with MY erectile dysfunction. Friends always helping friends out. You know how it goes.


The double reddit rabbit glory holes. 🕳️ 🕳️ <- V


No problem friend, what are friends for, my friend? aha





Target audience: HDV







File: 1690420251111.webp 99.18 KB, 483x600, HDV's secret side hustle.webp


Peterstein's most shocking vulnerability.



stop impersonating me h-heh


I can't tell which one is the real HDVid!


I-i am h-heh...


File: 1691031913109.mp4 277.61 KB, 786x1080, HDV wet dream.mp4


who is HDVid?


is this a camel?


I'm not sure! that's the problem!




I will investigate in a few days


>I'm 6ft 9, My Husband's 5ft 4 - Now We've Had A Baby


>Virgin At 36 - Deal Breaker?


If everyone did the "love don't judge" thing, including the jewish billionaires that own the planet, then the world would actually be a pretty nice place


Probably not. Everybody would be a meek little homo, afraid to get others to actually do anything, or have any standards.


File: 1691998289813.jpg 92.14 KB, 850x1202, 1691882525317813.jpg

( - )


>thought I had ED and PE
>Turned out I just wasn't getting fully erect for years, because my cock wasn't get enough blood due to stimulant use
t.not HDV's friend. All drugs have their price.

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