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This thread will be used to discuss food, cooking, and other related topics.

hdv please delete spam
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Looks like bhang


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What is that anyway


vegetable juice


Ate this earlier, had some crisps and a bowl of dry cereal (ate with hands)


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smoking is bad for you avid


I know


no wonder sperm counts and IQs especially in amerilardia are going down


>Smithfield Foods representatives said they wouldn’t comment on personnel decisions, but that the company, which is headquartered in Virginia and owned by the Chinese corporation WH Group, does manufacture some of its feed from unused bread and baked good products (think hot dog buns and loaves of bread) that often arrive wrapped in plastic.

>However, Smithfield officials insist their production process adequately removes this plastic from the final feed.

>“What you don't see in that video are vacuums that remove the packaging, the plastic,” said Jim Monroe, a vice president of corporate affairs at Smithfield Foods. “We've got specialized equipment that does that. It removes the plastics and other packaging from the baked goods.”

>Monroe summarized the TikToks as "misleading." Asked if the vacuums catch all the plastic materials, Emmanuel Moore responded via Facebook messenger: “No lol the vacs do not get all the trash and particles out. They are lying. I fixed them daily and unclogged the lines daily.”

>With no independent governmental agency checking feed for plastics, it’s difficult to definitively settle who is correct.


Yeah but what is it really


I heard about that, have had less pork because of it.


Stop making those CP threads


Dunno what you mean so that probably aint me


vegetable juice. it's not as healthy as a vegetable smoothie (basically a thick soup) though which retains the fiber. same goes for fruit juice vs. fruit smoothie, the former of which is even worse because of excessive amounts of fruit sugars (enjoy your type 2 diabetes).


>enjoy your type 2 diabetes

I read thats a myth but I can't remember where it actually come from. Maybe sneed oils


File: 1683130996715.jpg (166.85 KB, 750x1125, https___hypebeast.com_imag….jpg)

Craving one of these little motherfuckers tbh like



>nearest pizza hut is 8.5 miles
>I don't drive



Imagine not driving

Lol. This place is a huge joke.


I can't drive and don't have a license.


>being vin diesel mode


File: 1683132868510.jpeg (6.81 KB, 474x266, download (1).jpeg)


I guess I should apologize about being insensitive to your mental or physical illness/disability.


Motorcycle also endorsement and single engine private aircraft as well BTW. I just never could imagine why someone would not at least get those certifications even if you don't plan on using them much. Blows my mind, but I think it's just a difference in I being a millennial and many of the people I talk to on imageboards being Gen z.


No you don't have to apologise at all, its my fault, I'm sorry x.


File: 1694651682345.mp4 (4.84 MB, 576x1024, sugar in fast food chains.mp4)

Why do normies not care about their own health?


No wonder d-word and doggystyle are so fat


bet you im a lot healthier than you, enginefag


because normies are scripted to

>eat trash

>be unhappy
>be weak
>die early


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File: 1694659857311.mp4 (716.31 KB, 408x720, ⛓️🔗🎀😏.mp4)



File: 1694660250650.webp (47.76 KB, 1440x1173, Screenshot_20230910-19590….webp)


File: 1694661394720.webp (58.65 KB, 1080x1292, Screenshot_20230914_03392….webp)


you have sex with men


File: 1695114992376-0.jpg (327.43 KB, 1079x895, Screenshot_20230919_101442….jpg)

File: 1695114992376-1.jpeg (11.94 KB, 208x243, download.jpeg)

come get your totally not pre governmentally tampered goyslop shitburgers goys!

theyre cheap!!

you know you want to! heh


File: 1695140519737.webp (100.74 KB, 1440x1000, Screenshot_20230919-11211….webp)

>Those prices
Wtf it's real


to add: this doesnt run for just a day it ends on the 22nd

what is going on? infected meat? contamination? government planning?


File: 1696020953498.png (803.52 KB, 811x1010, 169602055758759031.png)


I missed it. Would have copped the slop.


SAME tbqh


After seeing the lines at McDonald's I have changed my mind. I bet it was a total disaster when this sale was going on.


I pay 7 dollars for bread, because it's the only bread I can find that doesn't have a text-wall of ingredients and uses butter instead of seed oils.


In terms of compromises thats a good one, I try to avoid bread altogether, I just have it when I crave a burger or Mex food. But most Mex food in Sydney is overpriced with the exception of Taco Bell which is pretty sloppy, though nice...


Today I nabbed some rice and eggs, I may just fry the egg in the rice. I gotta get into cooking more things.

I feel like onions and garlic and spices just have to be great nutrition, and taste great but sometines make me feel really sick after having them, esp garlic for some reason. Never known anyone else with that reaction


I need my sandwiches and I'm not too concerned about macros right now.
>I feel like onions and garlic and spices just have to be great nutrition, and taste great but sometines make me feel really sick after having them, esp garlic for some reason. Never known anyone else with that reaction
Sounds like you got VAMPED this Halloween, buddy.


Fugg, I vant to have my blod sucked out till I'm just a nasty vampslut with no self respect


Seriously, you probably have GERD or an allergy though.


I've been cooking a shitload of rice, eggs and cheese this past month


like subscribe and comment if you want to see more cooking videos like this one


Airfryers are shit. Don't fall for the meme, and get a toaster oven instead. That's basically what people want their airfryer to be. They're not fryers for one thing. So you might think to yourself "well, a little convection oven doesn't sound so bad", but you would be wrong, because they don't even cook evenly, and you need to flip over whatever you're cooking. It works alright for some things, but it's an over-all pointless device.

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