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This thread will be used to discuss food, cooking, and other related topics.

hdv please delete spam
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Is that gf grilling eggs in the shell?



i didnt say burgers were the right way to eat minced meat, i was saying fast food burgers arent as good as backyard BBQ burgers


Would local butchers, if I asked instore, cut beef patties for me from ground meat? I'll ask next time I see one anyway. Tired and annoyed of how mcdonalds is the only place I've found where I can get 100% beef patties, though what I get from them is pretty tasty honestly, but probs kinda expensive


File: 1715236832559-0.png 3.18 MB, 1298x965, Screenshot_3.png

File: 1715236832559-1.png 2.72 MB, 1284x955, Screenshot_4.png

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File: 1715236832559-3.png 3.09 MB, 1303x960, Screenshot_7.png

Twice in a row I've ordered "grand big mac"s with no buns and 5 patties instead of 2, and I end up getting 3 patties (instead of 5 like I ordered). I wonder if its just maccas tards or uber drivers are eating my food lel. Refunds are simple enough to process but still. And as far as slop goes its honestly very tasty. I'll try reproduce it at home if I can, like I alluded to above


looks disgusting


if youre on keto mcdonalds cheese is not keto just a heads up


Holy fuck, you let goblins touch and cook your food? With ingredients from who the fuck knows where? Have some goddamn dignity man


That looks absolutely horrible and the camera flash does nothing to help.

What the fuck dude.


>mummy i can't eat a burger without a bun! i'm scawwed of eating something that looks different from what i'm used to!

how so?

>Holy fuck, you let goblins touch and cook your food?
builds your immune system


File: 1715308370247.webp 38.38 KB, 1080x370, Screenshot_20240510_033231….webp



keto diet means low carbs not zero carbs.

if both the fat and protein exceed the carbohydrates as a ratio, which is the case for all types of cheese, it is not colloquially considered a "carbohydrate" meal. bread, rice or potatoes are majority carbohydrate in composition, therefore they are colloquially "carbohydrate" meals.

i don't advocate a keto diet btw, because wikipedia defines it as "high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate" which is not the best ratio IMO. you want high-protein (more than 50g), adequate-fat (minimum 50g) and low-carbohydrate (less than 50g, not including dietary fiber however because fiber has no measurable effect on blood glucose levels). that means almost all meats are good since they're majority-protein but you want to limit bacon and pork ribs (i.e. don't eat them every day as your primary meal) because for these types of meat their fat exceeds protein, you can look it up. this caveat shouldn't need to be said but that doesn't mean you should go to an extreme and be an idiot and consume whey protein (or any other protein or amino-acid supplement like protein powder or creatine) because protein overdose/toxicity is a real thing, smiley chugged that shit like a fucking moron and overdosed on that that once apparently.


>hurrr durrr u must be scared not to eat pink goop patties from mcdonalds!!!11
>t. shitskin fat fuck retard


>not including dietary fiber however because fiber has no measurable effect on blood glucose levels

what do you mean by this? no limits on fibre when on keto?


smiley is a funny nigger, what is his life consisting of lately?


Smoking weed continuously.


damn that sounds awful


Ppl have always said fiber carbs don't count as carbs on keto, that's why we speak of net carbs not total.


>Ppl have always said fiber carbs don't count as carbs on keto



File: 1715351033870.jpeg 649.46 KB, 982x1920, 76f46d62-6252-4988-a5da-fc….jpeg

Chicken katsu I made.
Adding olive oil to the egg mixture was a godsend.


Looks nice except for the soda


wheres the protein?


looks very good


That looks amazing.


You did a great job, but ditch that aspartame soda.


File: 1715624849265.mp4 284.84 KB, 360x826, ezgif-7-e5dc0ef1f2.mp4


File: 1715697874490.jpg 2.03 MB, 4032x3024, 1000010168.jpg

chopped hazlenuts
smooth peanut butter
1tsp xylitol
cinnamon powder
soya milk

inb4 >soya milk, it was on sale and i somewhat enjoy the flavour of it


I might do something like that but instead ~

Cashew butter
Maybe some chopped nuts
Yoghurt, flavoured or unflavoured

I eat a lot of yoghurt, basically use it to supplement my main meat/animal product meals


ive never had cashew butter, had almond butter though its alright, yoghurt has too much sugar, i usually use coconut milk


File: 1715744012531.webp 193.14 KB, 1440x2358, Screenshot_20240514-223244.webp

Had to look up the backstory.


File: 1715744381835.png 85.88 KB, 480x480, lolli-and-pops-novelty-harr….png

Tbqh. I was hoping that it was a chocolate frog with a chocolate bug.


I had a frog in my toilet in my holiday house. I sat down, urinated, flushed, then noticed something inside the rim, something sticking out, which looked like rubber. It was the frog limbs but I didn't know it at first. Kept flushing and the frog fell into the hole thing. Freaky and disturbing knowing that thing was there when I was pissing, so close to my privates.


File: 1715781403786.webp 79.86 KB, 581x2354, Screenshot_20240515-085512.webp


File: 1715781757109.mp4 4.47 MB, 720x1280, frogs.mp4


File: 1715789528098-0.webp 94.7 KB, 833x625, Frogs-Legs.webp

File: 1715789528098-1.webp 117.39 KB, 1500x1125, air-fried-frog-legs.webp

File: 1715789528098-2.webp 160.49 KB, 1200x1200, Air-Fryer-Frog-Legs.webp


i bought some cashew butter earlier, pretty expensive for the size of the tub it comes in


had some earlier, its alright i guess, i think i prefer almond or regular peanut butter though


Cashew butter is really delicious.


I just had some chicken drumsticks from the grocery store. They're pretty plain but that's ok heh


the chew-y sealeaf bits in south korean ramen with that orange furry cat avatar on it make me shart, and may stick in the gut for a good while upsetting the stomach & coming out in the same form as originally in the flavor packaging

satisfying ramen though, adding lobster flavor sprinkled baguette bits from the ukraine makes it whole



Satisfying ramen.

You bulimic?


File: 1716010027043-0.jpg 207.59 KB, 1200x1200, 232735.jpg

File: 1716010027043-1.png 244.79 KB, 1068x451, Screenshot_3.png

File: 1716010027043-2.png 2.44 MB, 1298x956, Screenshot_2.png

I am sometimes. I ate these pistachio ice cream things along with the caramel ones and threw some of the up the other day. I actually wonder if it would be healthier to throw them up rather than let them digest.

And damn those Maxibons are good. Delectable.

So I still eat stuff like this occasionally. My general strat to avoid doing so is, firstly I obviously shouldn't have them in the house, but perhaps more importantly (e.g. to prevent buying them at all or in the first place...) is to eat as much fat as I can so I don't get the carb cravings.

I'm fairly happy with my diet as it is but I would really improve it quite a bit once (or IF???!!!) I move out and had better/full kitchen access.


File: 1716032516260.jpeg 187.27 KB, 676x960, 5557b3de4f2d3.jpeg

2x100g spinach and green peas porridge patties, half the price before the expiration.
legit good/10 as a side dish for reheated pork and potatoes from 2 days ago, a lightly salted mixture with plenty of spinnach.

>"plant based", "100% vegan", "gmo free", "source of protein", "source of fibre", "lactose free", "we believe in sustainability", "great taste and texture", "vegan plant based burgers - with spinach"

probably should just advertise it as normal food around here, instead of pic related, maybe not worth the original price, but what is.


File: 1716042454944.webp 172.1 KB, 1440x1404, Screenshot_20240518-092547.webp


File: 1716514987416.png 639.8 KB, 678x658, 17165145938738605.png

Tteokbokki is one of my favourite things to eat, but the rice cakes are so sadly calorific. So I got an idea when someone mentioned using enoki mushrooms as noodles - good bulking for few calories and also I just fucking love enoki mushrooms. I didn't pull apart the enoki as much (i.e. to simulate individual strands of noodles) because I enjoy the munchiness of the bunches. Using only 1 boiled egg (used to do 2...) and fewer of the rice cakes also helps to reduce the calories per serving.


54g / 6 rice cakes (the cylindrical kind for tteokbokki) - 119 cals

87g enoki mushrooms - 32 cals

43g capsicum - 13 cals

65g /half an onion - 26 cals

1 large egg - 72 cals

1 tbsp soy sauce - 10 cals

30g / 1 tbsp gochujang paste - 90 cals (sob)

1 tbsp gochugaru - 30 cals

1 tbsp low-cal sweetener - 1 cal

Sprinkling of spring onion - 2 cals?


If using frozen tteok or rice cakes, soak them in boiling hot water to soften (just in the pan everything's going to be cooked in), for about half an hour or so. Add just enough water to be about 1.5 the height of the rice cakes. I will usually use the soaking water to do the cooking so don't want to add too much water (I think the starchiness helps with thickening the sauce).

Boil the egg(s) in a separate pot. (Tips for a perfect boiled egg - start with the water at room temp, add the egg (from fridge is fine) then cover and bring to a rolling boil. Turn off the heat immediately and wait 10 minutes for a hard-boiled egg, maybe 7-8 for a slightly gooey centre. Immediately shock the egg in cold water and then peel - you shouldn't get overdone eggs or the green ring of doom!).

Meanwhile prep the veg in whatever shape you like, I usually do strips (excluding enoki which you can just separate however you like).

Add the seasonings into the pot with the rice cakes - gochujang paste, gochugaru / chili powder, sugar / sweetener, and soy sauce.

Bring the pot to a low simmer and reduce the liquid until it thickens, stirring when it bubbles/froths up - sorry I don't know how to describe the ideal thickness of the liquid, it runs off the ladle more slowly, but it's not reaching the point where it's syrup. Almost like you've added cornstarch to a soup / stew.

Add the veg in order of cooking time required. E.g. if you're using carrots you'll likely want to add them as soon as the sauce starts to thicken. I added the onions first, then the capsicum, and finally the enoki just about a minute or so before I thought the sauce was done.

Plate and add the boiled egg (and other toppings like spring onion if using).


wheres the protein? your meal is 99% carbs


you might be retarded


Looks good nigga

The egg I guess




File: 1716668159380.gif 2.19 MB, 374x374, 1716667944555431.gif


Checking if this is bumplocked

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