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This thread will be used to discuss food, cooking, and other related topics.

hdv please delete spam


File: 1663717957379.jpg 105.28 KB, 900x493, 1663550233751667.jpg

The world health organization classifies processed meat as a type 1 carcinogen. That's the same as smoking tobacco.

You don't eat this crap do you?


I classify my cock as something they should be sucking


The WHO is not a reputable organization.


eating salt state of the art preservatives soy palmoil goop with fine ground "meat" flavored waste subproducts blended together and filled inside a "food safe" plastic condom at a boiling temperature served from a store refrigerator weeks or months later probably aint that good for not getting le heckin cancerinos


File: 1663791748359-0.jpg 117.13 KB, 594x706, nyt-hunger.jpg

File: 1663791748359-1.jpg 77.6 KB, 469x631, goyslop.jpg


I'm gonna poast what I ate today soonish


love frying up some sliced rookworst with eggs


File: 1663834858598.png 1.92 MB, 1305x626, Screenshot_3.png

Chicken teriyaki, beef teriyaki wraps, tenders, chili mayo. Doesn't look at that good tbh, nice tho.


I thought that was shit before I enlarged the image


Maybe it still is.


foods that make me feel good, digest well, dont make me feel sluggish, gives energy:

quality steak
blueberries (ngl got into it because of smileys blueberrywizard name or whatever it was. but blueberries do improve cognitive and other things according to studies)

basically anything bears eat is probably the best diet imo lol

also I find it interesting that when you're somewhat physically active (running, workout out, etc.) you tend to gravitate to craving higher quality food

also a random pro tip i've heard from professional fighters:
onion increases testosterone
lots of fighters eat a fuck ton of onions

i also find ginger is powerful

omnivore mediterranean is probably best diet
the only good vegetarian fighter I know of that is really good is nate diaz, he must just be built different to be a veggiebro at high level fighting
even george st pierre is mostly carnivore these days, it helped his gut health and he is pretty much #1 mma fighter of all time so it most show credence towards the carnivore diet


File: 1663863948631.jpg 108.15 KB, 900x900, terry-davis.jpg

vaccine mousepad


Xd it's just a good mousepad


Recommend me some takeaway food niggers, I might try it. Been having too much Indian lately. Started having honey chicken, tried samba fish it was okay, the rest of the Chinese I've seen didn't seem that interesting.


Hey avid how about your take yourself away from life and wrap your neck around a noose you fucking faggot



File: 1664745488467.jpg 10.29 KB, 259x194, kaval-processed-cheese-340g….jpg


just bought honey, is based, tastes buttery and shit




File: 1664759441290.jpeg 49.25 KB, 500x500, R (18).jpeg

Had one of these nibbers for the first time. The ink tastes like ocean but not overwhelmingly so. It also has a muddy/sandy consistency which could definitly be off-putting to some. If you can get past that texture its really good.


a cuttlefish? didn't know people ate those.


Meds eat them. Chinks probably do too

Cows are smart too but I doubt you have a problem with eating beef



gooning to this rn


File: 1664792214562.jpg 72.99 KB, 640x427, 1-42.jpg

Been eating a lot of honey chicken.


File: 1664829755173.jpg 948.21 KB, 1078x1270, Screenshot_20221003-214228_….jpg

alexa make a salad


Looks delicious. Do you make it or buy it at a resteraunt?


File: 1665489300192.webm 2.87 MB, 320x240, 1665461878626606.webm

What's the last meal you cooked that made people react like this


File: 1666541444088.jpg 1.18 MB, 1568x2352, butternut-squash.jpg

Why did no one tell me how delicious these are? So simple to make too:
Slice in half, season with salt, pepper, olive oil, throw in oven 45mins@400F and enjoy


File: 1666612908695.jpg 86.39 KB, 1200x800, 1666542800471493.jpg

I am priced out of meat. Somebody needs to pay for this


But goy, soy granules are so much healthier bwahaha


Its an image off google. I've tried a few things at a local-ish Chinese place and honey chicken is the only thing I like, everything else sucks (satay chicken, lemongrass chicken, samba fish is okay).


And I always order everything without rice or noodles because thats absolutely cucked.


Sesame chicken is the best though

Ah yes, tomato soup, also known as hot ketchup. A true delicacy.


File: 1667848428354.jpg 180.85 KB, 661x802, Screenshot_20221107-191314_….jpg

what the piss?


>Through Wednesday, customers who buy a Chicken Sandwich Combo can get an extra sandwich for free. But there’s a caveat: the special is only available on the restaurant’s website or through its app.


Niggers don’t read news headlines and hence would be completely unaware




File: 1668092944546.jpeg 98.14 KB, 720x644, 3F086562-7732-4BA4-A3AC-83….jpeg

Time to settle this


steak cut or nothing nigga all my homies rock dem steak cut nigga


Curly for me


god tier


meh unless with sauce


basically for children and school cafeteria food tier

>tater tots

for children



>sweet potato

for fitness health people

>steak cut

god tier



>home fries

kind of its own separate thing
obviously its good


ok if from mcdonalds


a good typical chip
good ratio of crisp to fluff


nice and crispy without being too dry

all the rest are garbage


Excuse you? Curly is second only to steak cut, fug u


>ok if mcdonalds
Fatass detected

Not a chance in hell curly is second to steak fries, tastelet detected


Curly is great, fug u :---DDDD


File: 1668234011426.png 185.25 KB, 450x416, b18df7bb8ed17b88a51d53e0402….png



Curly is not just great, it is the greatest. Curly is second to none.


does anyone else eat straight lard?


noodle dish {
4 tbsp poultry seasoning
4 tbsp garlic powder
4 tbsp onion powder
4 chicken-flavored bouillon cubes/powder (must not contain msg)
2 tsp black pepper
1/3 tsp salt

2 tsp vinegar
2 tsp sesame seeds
2 minced garlic (>1 tsp)
4 tbsp heated cooking oil

cooked vermicelli rice noodles (1+1/3 cups / ~400g)
2 tbsp cooked carrot peels
2 soft boiled eggs
6-8 tbsp chives

lima beans {
3 cups water
1 cup dried lima beans (~200g)
1 tbsp italian seasoning (dried basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary)
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
1/3 tsp salt
1 tsp black pepper
1 tbsp carrot peels

basmati rice {
1/2 cup basmati rice
1 cup water
1/4 tsp salt
1 tbsp cooking oil or butter


>egg fried rice - korean street food


>Taiwanese Egg Fried Rice / 台式蛋炒飯 - Wok Skills in Taiwan


>3 Hours of SLEEP for this Ramen Yatai Owner


File: 1670468198403.jpg 324.42 KB, 1280x914, pork-tonkatsu-with-shiso.jpg



Just ate

Was good, feel full, not macdonalds full


Wife is making non-binary gingerbread people




redpill on water


Im calling bullshit


File: 1672367038604.jpg 3.33 MB, 4000x2992, IMG_20221228_194310.jpg

I am a prolific cook, so I make a lot of stuff. My camera roll is often filled with it. I can share more.

Here's some ramen I made two days ago, for example.


y would u ruin that with the syrup jew
post ur fave recipes


Lookz gud M8!


Looks good but please use chopsticks.




In that pic he's using chop sticks?


I thought it was a spoon because I am schizophrenic.



I thought it was silverware @ 1st -2!


File: 1672405564584.jpeg 664.41 KB, 960x1280, 55095124-5C5C-4E8B-8C12-F1….jpeg

Looks good man and Yeah do post more. I’m not a prolific cook but I like to make nice things on occasion so I’ll try to post more too. Here’s a charcuterie made the other day, definitely not my best work but it’s the only good pic I have on me now




Thats fucking mad haha


File: 1673045706207.jpeg 3.37 MB, 4032x3024, 71C6F1EA-24CD-457B-B69E-4D….jpeg

made bruschetta
was tasty




Dats wat she sed


File: 1673050552333.png 427.9 KB, 640x979, vxudu4BqVnLK3pQHE60tUxIoHUm….png


This actually works for a lot of executive jobs though. Most people just can't believe their own bullshit enough to keep up the act.


In every job people bullshit one degree or another. The place you can't bullshit too much is when lives on the line. But even in for example construction or electrical services, corners are cut all the time for profit maximization or things are still installed incorrectly causing a housefire due to plain ignorance.


Going to water fast today wish me luck guys


Based ganbare anon
How long? Make sure you go for walks and don’t just sit around all day or you’ll feel worse


File: 1673096644639.jpg 53.72 KB, 600x600, 38d.jpg



>and then anon died



crinkle has more surface area so more seasoning/condiments can stick to it, which makes the individual fry taste more intense.


I'll take your word for it!


You know what i oven cooked for 10 minutes from preheat then oven fry for 8 mins the rest and it was great


Steak cut chips user btw


File: 1674499170776.jpg 177.13 KB, 1040x780, 1674444676859.jpg


File: 1674499186584.jpg 210.43 KB, 1040x780, 1674453425209.jpg




Chef Gordon Ramsay swoons!


It's a family recipe passed down from generation to generation. God it is smelling beautiful now!


File: 1674533801008.png 2.47 MB, 1440x1370, Screenshot_20230123-144042.png



Would you like a bite?



File: 1674585188606.png 1.25 MB, 1440x2619, Screenshot_20230124-123246.png


File: 1674585262330.png 1.2 MB, 718x961, Screenshot_20230124-123400.png


File: 1675257785172.png 1.24 MB, 1080x1074, Screenshot_20230201_132217_….png

Look at this baked bean lol




File: 1677885815892.jpg 68.76 KB, 563x641, FqI-v3cWYAMZZAR.jpg

>red meat bad

Hong Kong has the highest red meat consumption in the world at 1.5 lbs per person per day and the longest average lifespan at 85 years.

Literally everything is carcinogenic. Sunlight is carcinogenic. Deal with it.


i love a nice rare/medium rare steak


File: 1678055207320.jpg 129.46 KB, 1183x467, hotdog.jpg

The Costco $1.50 hotdog, in its completed entirety of leavened soft wheat bun, 100% beef hotdog, processed tomato ketchup, deli-style coarse ground mustard, delightfully sour relish, freshly diced raw onion, and absolutely NO LESS, is a manifestation of quintessential American values. It is emblematic of the cumulative caliber this nation has achieved over the past 200 years. Bathe for a moment, in the miracle that is your freedom; At your discretion, you may simply walk into Costco, and for the pocket change of one dollar and fifty cents purchase nothing less than an adequately enjoyable serving of a dish so classically American, it is recognized as one of the symbols of America throughout every perceivable corner of this Earth. It is the soul of the American people, and the foundation of this country. The phenomenon of the $1.50 hotdog cannot be described as anything other than freedom. It is not diabolical to state that the $1.50 hotdog is, in itself, freedom. The $1.50 hotdog means to America as what Jesus Christ is to God.

Consequently, the degradation of the $1.50 hotdog runs parallel to the degradation of the American supreme. The removal of the onions and deli-mustard is an abject affront to your freedom, and spits in the face of the collective nation of America. Such an action is equatable to a stripping of your rights, an unacceptable corruption to the core of this nation. It signifies the dawn of degeneration, when malignant influences have seized the operating principles of America, and coerced you into accepting sub-parness. It is a ‘test of water’ to gauge your eagerness to endure, in docility, the debasement they have prepared. We must not accept this. All contemporary problems that America is experiencing are fundamentally rendered through the tarnishment of the $1.50 hotdog and the people’s indifference to an insult of this rank. As satirical as it sounds, the very future of America lies on bringing back the onions and deli-mustard.


>I suffer under communism


Mmmmm I love how that sausage fills out that bun.


Avid plz



Lol hahaha


File: 1678082437313.gif 1.88 MB, 261x200, 056b664b780e508a623258d0918….gif

>ctrl+F goyslop
>only one result
4chon, you're alright sometimes


File: 1678485915563.png 1.76 MB, 1080x1276, Screenshot_20230310_220445_….png

Made this, the brown stuff is beef flavoured Gravy


That's an imposter. I only consume cum.


classic avid diet


ALWAYS 24/7!


File: 1680028626026.png 1.67 MB, 1080x1397, Screenshot_20230328_193658_….png

Rate me meal


I'll detail
>salt and vinegar chips (very nice and strong)
>chicken bits (basically based cant fuck up tier)
>Heinz bbq sowse

Highly recommend 👌


File: 1681503128569.webp 177.43 KB, 1440x1022, Screenshot_20230414-150950.webp

Another successful melt-in-your-mouth leg of NZ spring lamb.


Stop eating children you freak.


File: 1681536002757.webp 49.03 KB, 1440x441, Screenshot_20230415-001933.webp


Looks good, i hope you uttered a prayer for the animal before eating


I wonder if it melted in smileys mouth.


Low hanging kike fruit, one of the flaws of the Hannibal series alongside the fourth movie and the book's insistence that Clarice would fuck Hannibal. As always, le ebin heckin nazirinos getting blamed for what the Communists did.


File: 1682350638759.mp4 12.09 MB, 538x960, 1350583002423407_5178826388….mp4


Looks like bhang


File: 1682363933002-0.jpg 137.65 KB, 1200x1200, 0_EMR_HMB_1501_bestkebabs_0….jpg

File: 1682363933002-1.jpeg 7.42 KB, 225x225, download.jpeg


What is that anyway


vegetable juice


Ate this earlier, had some crisps and a bowl of dry cereal (ate with hands)


File: 1682544215921.webp 86.45 KB, 1079x1074, Screenshot_20230426_222225….webp




smoking is bad for you avid


I know


no wonder sperm counts and IQs especially in amerilardia are going down


>Smithfield Foods representatives said they wouldn’t comment on personnel decisions, but that the company, which is headquartered in Virginia and owned by the Chinese corporation WH Group, does manufacture some of its feed from unused bread and baked good products (think hot dog buns and loaves of bread) that often arrive wrapped in plastic.

>However, Smithfield officials insist their production process adequately removes this plastic from the final feed.

>“What you don't see in that video are vacuums that remove the packaging, the plastic,” said Jim Monroe, a vice president of corporate affairs at Smithfield Foods. “We've got specialized equipment that does that. It removes the plastics and other packaging from the baked goods.”

>Monroe summarized the TikToks as "misleading." Asked if the vacuums catch all the plastic materials, Emmanuel Moore responded via Facebook messenger: “No lol the vacs do not get all the trash and particles out. They are lying. I fixed them daily and unclogged the lines daily.”

>With no independent governmental agency checking feed for plastics, it’s difficult to definitively settle who is correct.


Yeah but what is it really


I heard about that, have had less pork because of it.


Stop making those CP threads


Dunno what you mean so that probably aint me


vegetable juice. it's not as healthy as a vegetable smoothie (basically a thick soup) though which retains the fiber. same goes for fruit juice vs. fruit smoothie, the former of which is even worse because of excessive amounts of fruit sugars (enjoy your type 2 diabetes).


>enjoy your type 2 diabetes

I read thats a myth but I can't remember where it actually come from. Maybe sneed oils


File: 1683130996715.jpg 166.85 KB, 750x1125, https___hypebeast.com_image….jpg

Craving one of these little motherfuckers tbh like



>nearest pizza hut is 8.5 miles
>I don't drive



Imagine not driving

Lol. This place is a huge joke.


I can't drive and don't have a license.


>being vin diesel mode


File: 1683132868510.jpeg 6.81 KB, 474x266, download (1).jpeg


I guess I should apologize about being insensitive to your mental or physical illness/disability.


Motorcycle also endorsement and single engine private aircraft as well BTW. I just never could imagine why someone would not at least get those certifications even if you don't plan on using them much. Blows my mind, but I think it's just a difference in I being a millennial and many of the people I talk to on imageboards being Gen z.


No you don't have to apologise at all, its my fault, I'm sorry x.


File: 1694651682345.mp4 4.84 MB, 576x1024, sugar in fast food chains.mp4

Why do normies not care about their own health?


No wonder d-word and doggystyle are so fat


bet you im a lot healthier than you, enginefag


because normies are scripted to

>eat trash

>be unhappy
>be weak
>die early


File: 1694658424164.webp 454.87 KB, 1042x8043, 1691008624564.webp






File: 1694659857311.mp4 716.31 KB, 408x720, ⛓️🔗🎀😏.mp4



File: 1694660250650.webp 47.76 KB, 1440x1173, Screenshot_20230910-195900.webp


File: 1694661394720.webp 58.65 KB, 1080x1292, Screenshot_20230914_033924….webp


you have sex with men


File: 1695114992376-0.jpg 327.43 KB, 1079x895, Screenshot_20230919_101442_….jpg

File: 1695114992376-1.jpeg 11.94 KB, 208x243, download.jpeg

come get your totally not pre governmentally tampered goyslop shitburgers goys!

theyre cheap!!

you know you want to! heh


File: 1695140519737.webp 100.74 KB, 1440x1000, Screenshot_20230919-112117.webp

>Those prices
Wtf it's real


to add: this doesnt run for just a day it ends on the 22nd

what is going on? infected meat? contamination? government planning?


File: 1696020953498.png 803.52 KB, 811x1010, 169602055758759031.png


I missed it. Would have copped the slop.


SAME tbqh


After seeing the lines at McDonald's I have changed my mind. I bet it was a total disaster when this sale was going on.


I pay 7 dollars for bread, because it's the only bread I can find that doesn't have a text-wall of ingredients and uses butter instead of seed oils.


In terms of compromises thats a good one, I try to avoid bread altogether, I just have it when I crave a burger or Mex food. But most Mex food in Sydney is overpriced with the exception of Taco Bell which is pretty sloppy, though nice...


Today I nabbed some rice and eggs, I may just fry the egg in the rice. I gotta get into cooking more things.

I feel like onions and garlic and spices just have to be great nutrition, and taste great but sometines make me feel really sick after having them, esp garlic for some reason. Never known anyone else with that reaction


I need my sandwiches and I'm not too concerned about macros right now.
>I feel like onions and garlic and spices just have to be great nutrition, and taste great but sometines make me feel really sick after having them, esp garlic for some reason. Never known anyone else with that reaction
Sounds like you got VAMPED this Halloween, buddy.


Fugg, I vant to have my blod sucked out till I'm just a nasty vampslut with no self respect


Seriously, you probably have GERD or an allergy though.


I've been cooking a shitload of rice, eggs and cheese this past month


like subscribe and comment if you want to see more cooking videos like this one


Airfryers are shit. Don't fall for the meme, and get a toaster oven instead. That's basically what people want their airfryer to be. They're not fryers for one thing. So you might think to yourself "well, a little convection oven doesn't sound so bad", but you would be wrong, because they don't even cook evenly, and you need to flip over whatever you're cooking. It works alright for some things, but it's an over-all pointless device.


I hate mayonnaise so god damn much! Why are so many sauces mayo-based, and why do so many people put this on sandwiches by default thinking I would actually enjoy eating it? I'm getting tired of this sick mayo world. It has never made anything taste better, not a single time.


File: 1704417476313.jpg 52.36 KB, 666x666, deviled-eggs.jpg


They'd have to substitute the mayo with something else to make deviled eggs that they would enjoy. It can be done.


>ruining perfectly good eggs with an inferior egg-based sauce.
Epic, simply epic. You see, the actual problem with mayo is the mustard they put in it, which I is a flavor I am very sensitive to apparently. A lot of people don't even know mayonnaise has mustard in it. I don't understand how that can be.


I feel pretty similarly. The airfryer thing was really oversold to me, so when I first had something from it I was just like: "T-this is pretty g-good! h-heh"


Thanks for the air fryer warnings. Air fryers are constantly being over hyped and advertised a lot. People are trying to make them a thing but they're going to be just another passing fad.


buying an (((air fryer))) is a total nigggot move

patricians deep fat fry


Easy Cumin Chicken 孜然鸡

Kool, except:
1. I wouldn't trim off the fat. I don't know what they teach in China but there's nothing wrong with eating fat (except trans fat).
2. I'd skip the potato/corn starch for tenderizing the meat, and the rice, I don't want to get diabetes. I try to avoid sugar and starchy carbohydrates.
3. I don't own a wok, I'm not enough of a weeaboo to own one, I'd just use a stainless steel pan. On another note I refuse to use non-stick pans like Phagtasm, I refuse to eat bits of Teflon even if The Powers That Be now claim it's Safe & Effective™.


Do not cum in the chicken!


yea, we have lots of nasty cumsluts here on the chon that will eat your cum straight from your cock


File: 1705802904558.mp4 1.66 MB, 336x672, received_722963839429244.mp4

I made Hokkaido milk bread using the Tangzhong method from scratch


Looks great.


I don't think I'll ever eat Dominos again. It bloats me too badly. Was procrastinating, for lack of a better word, on using a free pizza voucher I got sent (which they give when they deliver pizza too late) and used it today and ended up hurling it


Will still eat burgahs tho. Ogalo has been serving up some noice ones


I might as well face it I'm addicted to spuds


>hurling it
You mean you barfed?


How do you like to cook them?


Yes. I keep forgetting to take photos of my vomit in the toilet. I inspect it a bit, I learn about digestion from it. E.g. meat is pretty much fully digested after about 2 hours it seems (i.e. I never see any meat-vomit in the toilet). Recently I hurled up a bit of eggs (maybe this was when I had the pizza, idk) and that was after 5-6 hours, so that tells me eggs don't digest as fast as meat (seems to make sense).


Imagine all this grain slop in your GI system. Grooosss


Foid "food" always looks disgusting.


File: 1706141446739.jpg 53.71 KB, 720x960, 1706141007061408.jpg


forg elov icceream


Is that a chocolate shaped like a frog?


No its a hula hoop made of earwax


I have crafted a degenerate delicacy, what niggers might refer to has "soul food", a chicken sandwich with mashed potatoes on top, loaded with cheese, bacon, and chives. 2 of these a day is probably enough to sustain me.


Sounds delicious dude.


Brb using imagination since no pics

I don't really like bacon tho


too many carbs mate


True, but the macros shouldn't matter if you don't eat enough food for it to matter in the first place. I estimate it's slightly under 700 calories and maybe 60ish carbs per sandwhich. I used 2 russets potatoes for the whole batch, so at most the carbohydrate contents of the mash is going to be around 120g. I still have a lot left over. 2 slices of bread are about 25-30g, the rest of the ingredients should have negligible amounts, if any. As long as I don't eat anything else I'm good.


>I don't really like bacon tho
It is good in mashed potatoes, but I will not encourage you to eat meats with nitrates in them.
Why does my post look automated?


File: 1708234873981.webp 218.57 KB, 874x960, s-l960 (1).webp

>pic related one 128g bag is £11.08
>the shipping is £37.38

what the actual fuck m8


File: 1708234908637.jpg 21.84 KB, 1080x212, Screenshot_20240218_053953_….jpg

this is fucking ridiculous


Another billion dollar scam that never intended to make a practical product.



have had something similar
taste like shit, texture is shit
basically food for birds



Vonderplanitz and maybe Campbell-McBride liked raw honey. It had some uses for them. I can only get it from specific stores in Syd


File: 1711378014836-0.png 3.02 MB, 1288x932, Screenshot_4.png

File: 1711378014836-1.png 1.56 MB, 1236x627, Screenshot_5.png

You are a genuine weeb lmfao

I think this thread half-died because I stopped posting stuff. It felt a bit gratuitous. I got this Tamagoyaki thing from Sushi Hub. I bought one, it was nice, then the next time bought 3, and when I had the 3 at once it felt like too much. Too much sauce really - whatever it was.


It's just a weird looking keish?



it's spelled quiche retard


Relax there, Quin Quhan Quon. I am not a homosexual from the San Francisco bay area, nor an ethnic. I cannot reasonably be expected to replace Ks with Qu like some kind of fruit.


It's like a thick sorta sweet omelette. I like it. Seemed low carb.


File: 1711433927820.png 224.21 KB, 472x415, ugly fuck_scrubbed.png

>being able to spell means you're gay

you're a fucking worthless smoothbrained cunt lol, you're always fucking up your spelling because you're a stupid little fucking retard with an ugly bulbous nose, weird pushed in shitty fucked up little eyes and one of the cringest fucking weeb loser personalities I've ever witnessed, you think you're smart and deep and cultured but you're about as entry fucking level as it gets


No English word starts with qu and makes a "K(EE)" sound. Not a single one. Ethnics aren't going to lecture me about how English works.


shut up you illiterate swine


File: 1711460503228.jpg 157.76 KB, 1200x628, 1711169397135900.jpg


That's some quality slop right there. I might have to cop one of these days heh


I'd rather have some jizza than some chizza.


it's just a couple tendies with sauce, cheese and 'ronis

p dece tho ngl

on god we gon get you sum


fake avid


This chink mongoloid would have you believe queen = keen, quick = kick, and quiz = kiz. Are you really gonna let these insectoids take your grammar away from you, White man?


Real avid.


File: 1711489148440-0.png 224.21 KB, 472x415, ugly fuck_scrubbed.png

File: 1711489148440-1.png 175.33 KB, 625x775, 1679705365544.png

File: 1711489148440-2.jpg 57.23 KB, 430x318, Screenshot_20240318_021911_….jpg

File: 1711489148440-3.jpg 256.76 KB, 656x1134, Screenshot_20240121_145402_….jpg

how does it feel to be this rent free?


Fuck off goblinsaga, even avid has higher standards than you.


>even Avid
nigger I'm probably the most attractive poster here the fuck you on about


Avid is the most attractive person here and there is no way he would fuck the disgusting goblinsaga.


avid uses his beautiful face to earn lots of money as a gay prostitute, he's the sasha gray of 4chon.me/lounge/


File: 1712262029757.jpg 93.38 KB, 797x1000, 619Uc6owhiL._AC_UF1000,1000….jpg

is there a more based snack?


i sometimes wonder if the packaged brand name cat or dog food contains higher quality meat and would be overall healthier for humans to eat than the processed mass production meat products on display for the human consumption

here at least for humens you often get basically the same pink slime full of soy and animal byproducts pressed into different shapes such as hotdog sausages and nuggets and german meatloaf and doctors sausage soaked in fake smokey flavoring or the water-and-preservatives-infused (to increase the mass) barely-hot-smoked meats full of the same artificial flavoring that smell like staleness and chemicals so much & that they don't even begin to sizzle on pan for 10 minutes


The ingredients are listed on the side, or online.

But no, cat food is usually poor quality.


Pet food is made from all the nasty cuts humans wouldn't want to eat.


I'd eat anything from an animal, anything less and its an insult to it, back when we were cavemen I doubt we were as picky


File: 1712943926237.jpg 2.54 MB, 4032x3024, 1000008889.jpg

red onions and 20% beef mince with a sprinkle of mayonnaise is my weakness lately, its based as fuck imo


You can have the testicles and ass-holes then. Leave the rest to me.


shut up mong


Don't worry. We know you want to eat the bull dongs, avid.


shut up 5head



File: 1712977683146.jpg 123.1 KB, 800x533, chicken-bologna.jpg

Why do (((wypipo))) pronounce it "baloney"?? It's spelled bologna yet illiterate wypipo managed to totally butcher the pronunciation.


(bout being shot in the head in a car w a slug)


File: 1714619839516.jpg 56.85 KB, 800x800, 220455.jpg

these instant coffee sachets are unfathomably based, i add 3 sweetener tablets and a teaspoon of xylitol with a bit of almond milk and its honestly the best coffee ive ever had, i highly recommend them


File: 1714773459159-0.png 278.93 KB, 1030x568, Screenshot_2.png

File: 1714773459159-1.jpg 32.63 KB, 362x366, bueno.jpg

God these are nice, LOL! From Woolworths. I got them last week, 3 packs, $6 each, ate them all in a day after some beef mince with some "mexican" salad and microwaved cheese on top. Pretty gluttonious... xd

Maybe I should make a WHAT I EAT IN A DAY vid for the lols


File: 1714773502158-0.png 62.1 KB, 247x177, Screenshot_3.png

Macros aren't THAT bad... It's keto... I swear... xd


Wtf thats 2820 cals in a day. No way? Didn't seem like it.


And they are named after my cashier oneitis


Samantha. :^)


Samantha is my favorite fictional character from that TV show. :^)


noone asked


I might be eating a "Sam" tonight if she comes over to my place after dinner :)))


Don't let your hormones control your well-being.


youre a freak stop posting about your stupid fucking oneitis nobody cares about the situation other than you and the goblin


File: 1715161422435-0.png 493.58 KB, 700x496, kamikaze-single-1.png

File: 1715161422435-1.png 438.1 KB, 700x496, crispychicken-single-1.png

Firefly burger. I want to try these. They'd be carby, but still


So many burgers don't have enough sauce imo, or cheese. So i end up asking for extra


nothing beats a backyard BBQ burger, these fast food chains dont have anything on them


File: 1715201310340-0.webp 52.08 KB, 625x399, chevapi.webp

File: 1715201310340-1.webp 155.29 KB, 1250x833, çöp şiş.webp

File: 1715201310340-2.webp 92.95 KB, 750x563, cevapi.webp

File: 1715201310340-3.webp 348.62 KB, 1961x1500, thai-vendor.webp

You don't need fuckin carbs, ketchup and mayonnaise to enjoy grilled minced meat

Ever wonder why southeast asians eat a lot of grilled meat but still stay thin?


Is that gf grilling eggs in the shell?



i didnt say burgers were the right way to eat minced meat, i was saying fast food burgers arent as good as backyard BBQ burgers


Would local butchers, if I asked instore, cut beef patties for me from ground meat? I'll ask next time I see one anyway. Tired and annoyed of how mcdonalds is the only place I've found where I can get 100% beef patties, though what I get from them is pretty tasty honestly, but probs kinda expensive


File: 1715236832559-0.png 3.18 MB, 1298x965, Screenshot_3.png

File: 1715236832559-1.png 2.72 MB, 1284x955, Screenshot_4.png

File: 1715236832559-2.png 2.6 MB, 1297x952, Screenshot_6.png

File: 1715236832559-3.png 3.09 MB, 1303x960, Screenshot_7.png

Twice in a row I've ordered "grand big mac"s with no buns and 5 patties instead of 2, and I end up getting 3 patties (instead of 5 like I ordered). I wonder if its just maccas tards or uber drivers are eating my food lel. Refunds are simple enough to process but still. And as far as slop goes its honestly very tasty. I'll try reproduce it at home if I can, like I alluded to above


looks disgusting


if youre on keto mcdonalds cheese is not keto just a heads up


Holy fuck, you let goblins touch and cook your food? With ingredients from who the fuck knows where? Have some goddamn dignity man


That looks absolutely horrible and the camera flash does nothing to help.

What the fuck dude.


>mummy i can't eat a burger without a bun! i'm scawwed of eating something that looks different from what i'm used to!

how so?

>Holy fuck, you let goblins touch and cook your food?
builds your immune system


File: 1715308370247.webp 38.38 KB, 1080x370, Screenshot_20240510_033231….webp



keto diet means low carbs not zero carbs.

if both the fat and protein exceed the carbohydrates as a ratio, which is the case for all types of cheese, it is not colloquially considered a "carbohydrate" meal. bread, rice or potatoes are majority carbohydrate in composition, therefore they are colloquially "carbohydrate" meals.

i don't advocate a keto diet btw, because wikipedia defines it as "high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate" which is not the best ratio IMO. you want high-protein (more than 50g), adequate-fat (minimum 50g) and low-carbohydrate (less than 50g, not including dietary fiber however because fiber has no measurable effect on blood glucose levels). that means almost all meats are good since they're majority-protein but you want to limit bacon and pork ribs (i.e. don't eat them every day as your primary meal) because for these types of meat their fat exceeds protein, you can look it up. this caveat shouldn't need to be said but that doesn't mean you should go to an extreme and be an idiot and consume whey protein (or any other protein or amino-acid supplement like protein powder or creatine) because protein overdose/toxicity is a real thing, smiley chugged that shit like a fucking moron and overdosed on that that once apparently.


>hurrr durrr u must be scared not to eat pink goop patties from mcdonalds!!!11
>t. shitskin fat fuck retard


>not including dietary fiber however because fiber has no measurable effect on blood glucose levels

what do you mean by this? no limits on fibre when on keto?


smiley is a funny nigger, what is his life consisting of lately?


Smoking weed continuously.


damn that sounds awful


Ppl have always said fiber carbs don't count as carbs on keto, that's why we speak of net carbs not total.


>Ppl have always said fiber carbs don't count as carbs on keto



File: 1715351033870.jpeg 649.46 KB, 982x1920, 76f46d62-6252-4988-a5da-fc….jpeg

Chicken katsu I made.
Adding olive oil to the egg mixture was a godsend.


Looks nice except for the soda


wheres the protein?


looks very good


That looks amazing.


You did a great job, but ditch that aspartame soda.


File: 1715624849265.mp4 284.84 KB, 360x826, ezgif-7-e5dc0ef1f2.mp4


File: 1715697874490.jpg 2.03 MB, 4032x3024, 1000010168.jpg

chopped hazlenuts
smooth peanut butter
1tsp xylitol
cinnamon powder
soya milk

inb4 >soya milk, it was on sale and i somewhat enjoy the flavour of it


I might do something like that but instead ~

Cashew butter
Maybe some chopped nuts
Yoghurt, flavoured or unflavoured

I eat a lot of yoghurt, basically use it to supplement my main meat/animal product meals


ive never had cashew butter, had almond butter though its alright, yoghurt has too much sugar, i usually use coconut milk


File: 1715744012531.webp 193.14 KB, 1440x2358, Screenshot_20240514-223244.webp

Had to look up the backstory.


File: 1715744381835.png 85.88 KB, 480x480, lolli-and-pops-novelty-harr….png

Tbqh. I was hoping that it was a chocolate frog with a chocolate bug.


I had a frog in my toilet in my holiday house. I sat down, urinated, flushed, then noticed something inside the rim, something sticking out, which looked like rubber. It was the frog limbs but I didn't know it at first. Kept flushing and the frog fell into the hole thing. Freaky and disturbing knowing that thing was there when I was pissing, so close to my privates.


File: 1715781403786.webp 79.86 KB, 581x2354, Screenshot_20240515-085512.webp


File: 1715781757109.mp4 4.47 MB, 720x1280, frogs.mp4


File: 1715789528098-0.webp 94.7 KB, 833x625, Frogs-Legs.webp

File: 1715789528098-1.webp 117.39 KB, 1500x1125, air-fried-frog-legs.webp

File: 1715789528098-2.webp 160.49 KB, 1200x1200, Air-Fryer-Frog-Legs.webp


i bought some cashew butter earlier, pretty expensive for the size of the tub it comes in


had some earlier, its alright i guess, i think i prefer almond or regular peanut butter though


Cashew butter is really delicious.


I just had some chicken drumsticks from the grocery store. They're pretty plain but that's ok heh


the chew-y sealeaf bits in south korean ramen with that orange furry cat avatar on it make me shart, and may stick in the gut for a good while upsetting the stomach & coming out in the same form as originally in the flavor packaging

satisfying ramen though, adding lobster flavor sprinkled baguette bits from the ukraine makes it whole



Satisfying ramen.

You bulimic?


File: 1716010027043-0.jpg 207.59 KB, 1200x1200, 232735.jpg

File: 1716010027043-1.png 244.79 KB, 1068x451, Screenshot_3.png

File: 1716010027043-2.png 2.44 MB, 1298x956, Screenshot_2.png

I am sometimes. I ate these pistachio ice cream things along with the caramel ones and threw some of the up the other day. I actually wonder if it would be healthier to throw them up rather than let them digest.

And damn those Maxibons are good. Delectable.

So I still eat stuff like this occasionally. My general strat to avoid doing so is, firstly I obviously shouldn't have them in the house, but perhaps more importantly (e.g. to prevent buying them at all or in the first place...) is to eat as much fat as I can so I don't get the carb cravings.

I'm fairly happy with my diet as it is but I would really improve it quite a bit once (or IF???!!!) I move out and had better/full kitchen access.


File: 1716032516260.jpeg 187.27 KB, 676x960, 5557b3de4f2d3.jpeg

2x100g spinach and green peas porridge patties, half the price before the expiration.
legit good/10 as a side dish for reheated pork and potatoes from 2 days ago, a lightly salted mixture with plenty of spinnach.

>"plant based", "100% vegan", "gmo free", "source of protein", "source of fibre", "lactose free", "we believe in sustainability", "great taste and texture", "vegan plant based burgers - with spinach"

probably should just advertise it as normal food around here, instead of pic related, maybe not worth the original price, but what is.


File: 1716042454944.webp 172.1 KB, 1440x1404, Screenshot_20240518-092547.webp


File: 1716514987416.png 639.8 KB, 678x658, 17165145938738605.png

Tteokbokki is one of my favourite things to eat, but the rice cakes are so sadly calorific. So I got an idea when someone mentioned using enoki mushrooms as noodles - good bulking for few calories and also I just fucking love enoki mushrooms. I didn't pull apart the enoki as much (i.e. to simulate individual strands of noodles) because I enjoy the munchiness of the bunches. Using only 1 boiled egg (used to do 2...) and fewer of the rice cakes also helps to reduce the calories per serving.


54g / 6 rice cakes (the cylindrical kind for tteokbokki) - 119 cals

87g enoki mushrooms - 32 cals

43g capsicum - 13 cals

65g /half an onion - 26 cals

1 large egg - 72 cals

1 tbsp soy sauce - 10 cals

30g / 1 tbsp gochujang paste - 90 cals (sob)

1 tbsp gochugaru - 30 cals

1 tbsp low-cal sweetener - 1 cal

Sprinkling of spring onion - 2 cals?


If using frozen tteok or rice cakes, soak them in boiling hot water to soften (just in the pan everything's going to be cooked in), for about half an hour or so. Add just enough water to be about 1.5 the height of the rice cakes. I will usually use the soaking water to do the cooking so don't want to add too much water (I think the starchiness helps with thickening the sauce).

Boil the egg(s) in a separate pot. (Tips for a perfect boiled egg - start with the water at room temp, add the egg (from fridge is fine) then cover and bring to a rolling boil. Turn off the heat immediately and wait 10 minutes for a hard-boiled egg, maybe 7-8 for a slightly gooey centre. Immediately shock the egg in cold water and then peel - you shouldn't get overdone eggs or the green ring of doom!).

Meanwhile prep the veg in whatever shape you like, I usually do strips (excluding enoki which you can just separate however you like).

Add the seasonings into the pot with the rice cakes - gochujang paste, gochugaru / chili powder, sugar / sweetener, and soy sauce.

Bring the pot to a low simmer and reduce the liquid until it thickens, stirring when it bubbles/froths up - sorry I don't know how to describe the ideal thickness of the liquid, it runs off the ladle more slowly, but it's not reaching the point where it's syrup. Almost like you've added cornstarch to a soup / stew.

Add the veg in order of cooking time required. E.g. if you're using carrots you'll likely want to add them as soon as the sauce starts to thicken. I added the onions first, then the capsicum, and finally the enoki just about a minute or so before I thought the sauce was done.

Plate and add the boiled egg (and other toppings like spring onion if using).


wheres the protein? your meal is 99% carbs


you might be retarded


Looks good nigga

The egg I guess




File: 1716668159380.gif 2.19 MB, 374x374, 1716667944555431.gif


Checking if this is bumplocked

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